Happy diaries #10

Hello Diary!

I am absolutely buzzing! I have so many great things to tell you!

I went to a meeting this week and was part of helping to make digital more inclusive for the blind and visually impaired! Especially for those who like me use screen readers!
I can’t tell you too much more at the moment but it’s being improved, and developing further.
But it certainly looks like there are positive things up on the horizon! 🙂

I only went and made the finals of the prestigious BritMums blogging awards!! Oh my I am so freaking excited!! I swear I didn’t think I was going to be made a finalist! There are too many amazing bloggers in my category and they really did deserve to be there! I woke up to lots of twitter and Whatsapp messages congratulating me!
I did scream just a little bit! 😉

I wrote my I’m Going To #BML16 post and have RSVP’d for the welcome drinks on Friday 24th, so if you’re going give me a shout!
I found out that I am on the 1st page of Google! If you type in Thinking Out Loud, you’ll see my little blog along side Ed Sheerans’ famous song; how incredible is that?!
It’s quite an honour really, especially as it is so hard to get onto Google as it is; nevermind the front page! He is one of my favourite artists!

Currently I’m at Gary’s family for the Bank Holiday weekend, it’s been absolutely lovely! I had my first ever Indian head massage; it was absolutely glorious!
We also went out for dinner and drinks with everyone which was also lovely.
We went to a food and drink festival type thing, where we tried a tornado potato; essentially its a thinly sliced potato wrapped round a stick and deep fried, it reminded me of crisps.Gary and I shared a white chocolate doughnut, pretty tasty, but I couldn’t eat a whole one.
And probably the best bit was going to the cheese stand and getting to taste random flavours; curry cheese being one of them. Still not sure what I think of it, it was certainly strange. We did buy Chilli Dutch Edam, very yummy! I was good and didn’t have any alcohol!

We also had a BBQ in the sun, it wasn’t as warm as the rest of the weekend but it was great. To spend it with the whole family 🙂

Gratitude List

I have to thank my fantastic readers, without them voting for me in the BiBs, I wouldn’t be so ecstatic and grinning like a loon all week 🙂
Family – again I am so grateful for your support, giving me support, feedback and encouragement with this blog, thank you again Francis for rallying for me, I love you so much!
* Gary – Where would I be without you my love? You encouraged me to set up this blog, give me something to focus on and drag me out of my depression, but more than that you have been my rock throughout this journey; my technical support, my devils advocate, and mocking me when I act like a loon for getting where I am with my little blog!
Friends – from home, Uni and online you have also supported me, not just on my blogging experience but in life in general. Big love to Life Of A Blind Girl, you are such a gem, and I look forward to finally meeting you face-to-face over the Summer!!

The amazingTribe! Ladies, I am so grateful to have found you; you’ve made my blogging journey all the more special, and even helped me find perspective when I couldn’t find it myself! The sad part is I can’t even thank you properly because you aren’t all coming to #BML which I am beyond gutted about! Lots of hugs, cake and alcohol shall be consumed!

Sunshine – you are my literal and metaphorical ray of light, when you come out to play life just seems brighter somehow!
* Music- you’ve helped me through when i’ve had my down moments this week But more often. When I’m in the best mood, music picks me up further and makes me feel like i’m on cloud 9

So that’s it my Diary!
I can say it’s probably been one of the best weeks of my life!

Let’s hope the positive mood keeps me going throughout next week! 🙁

Until next time!

Orsolya’s Guest Post

Orsolya is a coach and enthusiastic journal writer, and through the power of witing she has discovered not only herself, but a way in which to help others achieve similar goals and hopes.
She lives in Budapest with her husband and 2 children.

I was given the opportunity to have her as a guest on my blog, both to share one of her fantastic journal entries with us, but to answer a few questions I asked her.
As a person who suffers with depression I find writing theraputic, being able to have my thoughts down in writing means I can read it back an analyse how i was at that time.
It has also helped me not only keep my thoughts more fluid and positive, but it has helped me steer away from writing negatively, as this would end up being a trigger to that particular time again in future when I read it back.

Orsolya seems to be in a very similar place with her writing, so I am extremely grateful to share her words and her story.

This is her story.
The concept of good enough

I learned this from Bruno Bettelheim who wrote the book “A good enough parent”. As a woman, a partner, a mother, a child and a worker I have many roles I perform and juggle with within a day. I try to excel in all of my roles–maybe it comes from my parents’ role models, or messages received as a small girl. It doesn’t really matter whether I know the real stem of where it all started. What I know is that it is damn hard to even try to be perfect as a woman, a partner, a mother, a child and a worker, let alone do it simultaneously. My pursuit of doing any of my jobs better the next day than today leaves me exhausted and dissatisfied all the time. And these are feelings I do not want to feed and nurture.

So I adopted the “good enough” mindset. How does it work for me? As a mother I love my children, pay attention to them, spend a lot of time with them–and still there are days when I am frustrated, tired or just want to be left alone. And children are well aware of those times and can give you even a harder time than usual. I end up yelling at them which I am not particularly proud of but it happens from time to time. Being a yelling parent is not an awfully good feeling even if I have apologized for my misbehavior. This could leave me in a state of feeling bad about myself–but do my children need a parent full of self-hatred and self-blame?

I looked at the instances where I lost my temper (from diary notes on conflicts with my children) and found that it happens roughly every two weeks. That leaves 344 days of being a “good” (loving, patient) parent and 21 days of a “not good” (yelling, impatient) parent. If I add up the two, I come up with “good enough” mother. Yes, there are times when I do not live up to my high expectations of myself as a mother (or as a partner, a child, a worker), but most of the time I manage.

My aspiration can (and is) still making that number, 365–but I don’t start a circle of self-blame when I can’t, rather I concentrate on my learning points: what are those moments and situations when I lose my temper? What are my methods of calming down? How can I communicate to my children what happened? I am sure they are hurt when I yell at them, but they also learn a lot from my struggle to overcome my temper and my ways of making up for it. I concentrate on talking about these situations frankly and listening to their side of the story as well. From this point of view, this is a communication skills training for both sides. I do not want to paint the situation pink, rather I would like to emphasize that everything I do will have a mark on my children: my yelling, my coping with my feelings, and my disappointment with myself.

Now it’s your turn. What are those areas of your life where you are, or can, or want, to be “good enough”? Write down a situation and look at it objectively.
• Where is my point of “good enough”?
• How can I keep striving for development yet at the same time feel content with where I already am?
• What are the key learning points of this exercise for myself?
Journaling about challenging situations, hardships and conflicts is beneficial from at least two aspects: first, the recording of events sharpens your attention for recognizing those times when it’s repeated. Second, your awareness and consciousness is enhanced about your behavior, feelings and habitual reactions. And becoming conscious of your life is the first step in making a change.


  1. What made you choose the career path of being a coach?

I participated at a training where I met a coach. I asked her for a coaching session and I enjoyed the immense attention and the deep questions I received. I was struck by the effect of the conversation, too–I have never thought that talking to someone can have such a profound influence on my life. This experience fuelled my interest in pursuing this career together with my curiosity of others and my questioning skills (both are highly recommended assets of being a coach).

  1. When have you been most satisfied with your life?

When I fell in love with my partner. We had incredible, intense months in the beginning of our relationship the memories of which I treasure very much.

  1. Who is your role model and why?

My role model is my mentor who helped me discover the depths of journaling. I have been writing journals for 10 years before we met but he taught me the power writing can have over my life and that I can direct and harness this power. He was the one who said: just change one thing in your life, and your life will change: start writing every day.

  1. What things do you not like to do?

I don’t like monotony, and with two children I need to do a lot of repetitive housework (grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, drying and folding clothes, etc.). I could be definitely better off without these.

I worked as an HR consultant and my main expertise was in recruitment. For a long time I enjoyed the interviews, getting to know so many people, but I burned out and I hope I don’t need to do any more for at least a while.

  1. Does journaling give you instant thoughts/ways of improving on yourself, or have you learned that through time?

I started journaling about past events, recording the happenings of the day. Then I had the opportunity to take part in powerful writing sessions given to me by teachers and mentors along the way of my life. These writing assignments proved me that journaling has a lot more benefits than keeping memories. But only as I started my blog in 2015, did I start to capture all the lessons and learning points I gained by journaling over 20 years.

Journaling creates consciousness for me which is a starting point of all change and efforts to improve myself. The act of writing makes me aware of my thoughts, my feelings, my behavior, my habitual reactions. I learned to identify them, put them into words that also greatly improved my communication skills. I also believe that words have great power over how I feel and my writing supported me in decreasing the usage of negative words.

By rereading my old journal entries, I also discovered patterns in my life that I wanted to avoid repeating. This also sharpened my memory and I became in charge of my own

Thank you Orsolya for your intresting thoughts.
If you would like to find out more about Orsolya or contact her about starting her journalling course you can visit her website below:
You can also buy her fantastic journals from here.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, don’t forget to check out her links! 🙂


I’m Going to #BML2016

Encase you haven’t heard me raving about it; a month today myself and the lovely Ellie are heading off to #BML2016
This is the UK’s biggest blogging conference and I’m beyond excited to be attending! Ellie is coming with me as my eyes, or carer, whatever you call it these days…

I have heard there will be cake and wine! So naturally I had to sign up 🙂
I’d been blogging a few months and heard a lot of talk about Brit Mums Live, and after checking it out, it sounded like a brilliant opportunity for me to meet the wonderful bloggers I’d been interacting with, and learn some new skills and ways to develop my blog.

I can’t wait to meet; CuddleFairy, Pink Pear Bear, This Mum’s Life., You Baby Me Mummy and Mr and Mrs T Plus Three I would like to give them all a big hug and a thank you for starting their own linkys/ groups and allowing me to be a part of it!
Through their Linkys I have read amazing blogs and gotten to know the fantastic people that I now class as friends!

I’m just gutted that not everyone I would love to meet can attend!

Words can’t explain how excited I am about meeting the Tribe in the flesh, is it weird that i’m not even nervous?
Also Helen,, I’m counting on you for this Champagne tent! 😉

AT the end of the conference there is the blog awards ceremony where we get to toast the shortlisted bloggers and congratulate the finalists for the BiBs and MADs Awards!
I’m really looking forward to it, even if I’m not a finalist, I’m going to be euphoric anyway!
I wish all shortlisted bloggers a thumbs up and good luck for the finalists on Friday! 🙂 🙂

BritMums have kindly created a linky for bloggers to introduce themselves, and hopefully get to know others attending, a little better beforehand. So here I am 🙂
My name:
My blog:
Find me on social media at:
How I look:
Well you’ll probably confuse me as one of your toddlers until you see the long white cane swinging about, and then you’ll be running away and fearing for your ankles! 😉

Is this my first blogging event?
Yes it is! I’m not nervous yet, but I bet the day before I’ll be realising what a weirdo I am, and wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea…

I will be wearing…
Either a dress or skirt/dressy top. It all depends on the weather really. Oh and how closely I resemble a jelly.

What I hope to gain from #BML16:
I’m really looking forward to meeting all these fabulous bloggers. Get inspiration from them and ow amazing they are. I would love to network with brands/PR about how to get them on board with supporting my campaigns 🙂

My tips for a great conference:
Seeing as I have never been to a conference before, let alone a blogging one, I wouldn’t know what to suggest practically.
I would however, ask that if you see me,(I’ll be about kneecap height), to come and say hello, and introduce yourself.
I’m in a sad situation; I can’t see any of your pretty faces, I will only know you by blog name. So it would be great if you could say “Hi Sassy, it’s…” that way I’ll know it’s me you are talking to.
I’m renowned for replying to other peoples’ conversations 😉 it’s all fun and games really! 🙂
Also, I really love hugs, cake and alcohol, so if you want to make your entrance with any of those, I will be your best friend!

What Is Arthritis?

So what is Arthritis?

Isn’t it that weird squeaky bone thing that old people get?
Unfortunately this is a misconception, Arthritis can occur at any age, some people are even born with it!
According to Arthritis Care there are 12000 children in the UK with Arthritis, and approximately 27000 people living with Arthritis under the age of 25.
I myself was diagnosed at the age of 8, and you can read my riveting life story here ; Against All Odds.
When I was diagnosed my Rheumatologist explained to me that everyone has Cancer cells and Arthritic cells in their bodies, and whether it’s through a   genetic disposition or an environmental factor such as  a freak accident it takes something to trigger it.
I would tell you what my trigger was, but that would be spoiling the exciting story you’ve yet to read! 😉
There are 2 common types of Arthritis:
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
But what is Arthritis?
Arthritis is an auto immune disease that causes inflammation in the joints, however it’s not localised to only joints, it can also affect the muscles and bones too.
It is not clear what causes Arthritis, and at present there is no cure.
Systemic Onset Juvenile idiopathic  Arthritis, (SJIA) is a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
This is what I was diagnosed with; Systemic,  relating system especially.  juvenile  , because I was diagnosed under the age of 16. Idiopathic, meaning the disease and it’s  cause is unknown. Arthritis,disease causing pain and stiffness within the joints.
There are 4 types of JIA, but most people with the disease refer to it as JIA, I know I certainly do!
How does Rheumatoid Arthritis affect the body?
*Taken from Arthritis Care*
Rheumatoid Arthritis  is an inflammatory disease mainly affecting joints and tendons. An inflamed joint looks swollen and red and appears warm to the touch.
The disease usually starts in the wrist, hands or feet  and spreads to other joints and other parts of the body.The main symptoms are joint pain and swelling.
Usually the inflammation is the bodies way of healing, in Arthritis however the immune system starts to attack the body instead of defending it.
The inflammation affects:
*The thin synovial membrane that lines the joint capsule
*The tendon sheath tubes in which the tendons move.
*The bursa  (sacs of fluid that allow the the muscles and tendons to move smoothly over each other).
The joints and inflamed  tissues then become stiff, painful and swollen.
So how has this affected me?
For the most part, my Arthritis was so severe I hobbled around everywhere like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! I was even offered a zimmerframe, my response went something along the lines of:
“I’m not walking round looking like a Granny”
So you can probably guess that my consultants loved me! ;
Actually I think they did, on more than one occasion I was congratulated for taking it all in my stride, and not freaking the hell out every time I had to have an injection… Pin cushion was my ghetto name, the homies called me pinky for short.
I really hope you laughed at that, and not currently searching for the psychiatric unit number on Google!
It sounded funny to me…
Anyway I suppose I just wanted to debunk some myths about Arthritis, and essentially tell you that it’s about as fun as knives under your nails.
I’m going to write a few more posts relating to my journey with the big A, so if you want to be bored to tears about treatments, medications, what it has taught me and the lighter side of Arthritis, then please stick around 🙂
You are more than welcome to sign up to my newsletter, if you so wish! 🙂
If you have any questions regarding Arthritis, or a specific post about my journey with it, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below, or find me on the following:

Much love, Sassy x

Happy Diaries #9

Hello Diary,

This week has been tough, with my emotions,and feeling crappy, but this series is about finding the positive within the sadness. chaos/ depression.

So what has happened this week that I have enjoyed?

We had our Tribal Awards this week, and I was awarded the inspire award! I was extremely chuffed to say the least! The amusing bit, was probably where it was announced, and I had no clue, because my phone crashed! It suddenly went crazy, buzzing away violently! It took me a good few minutes just for my phone to stop playing dead, so I could actually read what was going on!
Encase none of this makes any sense; our Tribe hosts a Twitter live chat every Tuesday evening between 8-9PM, and this was when our awards were announced!
A massive thank you to Queen Katie for all the time and effort she put into making the badges, and creating the awards!
She has a golden soul this one!

Sunset/sunrise with inspire winner text

It was also Gary’s birthday this week, so we had a nice romantic meal, and some quality time together! 🙂

We have booked our holiday abroad! It just so happens to be where my best friend is getting married!!! 😉 I cannot wait!

Gary and I have also started going back to the gym, we both got a bit complacent, and as the gym is a great way of us letting off steam/ getting fit, it’s also nice to have a new something to focus on! My goal will be to get fitter and tone up, so I don’t look like a wobbly jelly at my best friends wedding in the Summer! 🙂

Gratitude List:

Doing kind things for friends, and seeing their joy, excitement and happiness is just priceless!
* Quality time with Gary, we only really spend about an hour together in the evenings, because we’d rather go online and talk to our friends instead! 😂
* The gym: Going there will not only keep me focused, but it will really keep my mood boosted!
* Blogging: encase that wasn’t obvious? 😉 i’m so grateful to all the help, support and encouragement i’ve been getting on my blogging journey. On top of that; I have made some wonderful friends, and I will get to meet them in the Summer!
* My Sister: she went out of her way to campaign and support me this week for the BiBs shortlisting! It doesn’t matter whether or not I become a finalist. I’m ecstatic that I am where I am already. But my gorgeous Sister made it all the more special by being such a fantastic support network! 😽❤️
• #TribalLove now seriously, where would I be without these fantastic women? They are all fantastic in their own way, and I am truly enjoying getting to know them all! The support we give each other is invaluable, and the love that shines through is just fantastic! Congratulations to those who won A Tribal award! And massive hugs to those of you that voted for me! 🍾😙
I’m sure I could waffle on for a lot longer, because I have so much to be grateful for, as well as things to be positive about.
But I don’t want to bore you or myself any longer!

Until next time,

Much love,
Sassy x

Tribal Love: My Tribe!

Meet The Tribe!

You’ve probably heard me banging on about My Tribe, Tribesters, or something along those lines.
So I guess you’re wondering what a Tribe is?

A Tribe is a group of likeminded individuals who support, share and engage with one another.

So here’s my Tribe story:

There I was, plodding along, scrolling through the Linky I was on,, when I came across this post: Personal Ad, Blogger Seeks Tribe.

It caught my attention so I gave it a read, I will admit I read the first few lines and thought huh? I haven’t heard of a Tribe on the Internet.
The only Tribes i’ve ever heard of is Aborigine and Indian Tribes… Anyway I carried on reading.
I enjoyed her sense of humour and found myself nodding enthusiastically along with everything she had to say. Especially the fruit/ nuts in food! Common what’s the need? you’re just spoiling a good piece of cake/ chocolate!

I got to the bottom and went to leave her a comment…
Nope sorry no comments allowed here! *Typical Screen Reader problems*

So I became a stalker, I asked the host of the Linky if she could tell me this Mummy In A Tutu’s Twitter handle, as I couldn’t find it.

And she did! 🙂 – Bloggers are ever so friendly you see 🙂

I couldn’t tell you our exact conversation, but I’m sure I moaned about not being able to comment on her blog, but that her post was funny, and a great idea. She mentioned a Twitter chat at some point, and I said yes.

And as they say the rest is history 🙂

This Twitter chat thing (another thing I wasn’t particularly savvy about) started one Tuesday at 7PM aptly named #TribalChat the first week was exciting to say the least, there was 12 of us answering Katie’s questions, and responding to each other. I felt like a young kid making new friends in the playground, it was fun and amusing to say the least.
Over 2 months on and we have a 50 strong hold of fantastic #Tribesters and it is growing weekly!

We help each other out with blogging problems/questions, I say we, I mean Katie, and a few others, and I sit there reading and absorbing all this new and exciting information!
We give each other moral support, and not just on the blogging front.
And there is a lot of talk about cake, wine, and breastfeeding! Not only do I enjoy joining in on the first 2, I have learnt so much about breast feeding, from these fantastic women and their stories 🙂

We really are a bunch of liquorice all sorts! Not even sure why i’ve used this phrase, I think liquorice is disgusting!
A lot of the blogs may be similar with what they write about, but each is unique and extremely interesting in their own way, oh and very funny of course… And I don’t just mean mine! 😉

It’s great to be part of such a big community of love and support, and it’s great to watch each other grow and making their own mini communities in the forms of Linkys and, co-hosting, and guess posting on each others’ blogs.

Last week our Tribe broke Twitter, we reached the allowed limit of being part of a Direct Message Group (DM). To the point we had to move platforms! Not many of us could get our heads around the lack of notifications, and different platforms, so a decision was made to move back… The group consensus was that of joy and happiness! Who knew we could all be so excited and relieved to be back on our old stomping ground! 😉

A few of us even natter away from the DM, with the DM chat moving so fast, and some being nocturnal,, maybe through no want of their own, having babies does that to you! it seems almost logical to have a place where these Mummies can share their sadness of their sleep deprivation!!

Katie has done a fantastic job of creating a supportive and loving Tribe, so much so, that I enjoy referring to her as Queen. She’s bashful about it, but hey, we’re all Queens in our own right, she’s just extra special!

If you haven’t heard, there’s this prestigious blogging thing going down, it’s called the blogging awards; BiBs and MADs to be exact!
And if you haven’t? That means you haven’t voted for me yet in the category of INSPIRE, you’ve got less than 24 hours left, so what are you waiting for? 😉 totally smooth right? 😉
Ever the fantastic nutter that she is, Katie has created our very own #TribalChat Awards, with the winners being announced live tonight! Although the voting has closed, you are welcome to check out the nominations here 🙂

They are going to be announced live tonight during our #TribalChat
* 8-9PM every Tuesday :)*

To say we’re excited, is an understatement, This is like a gold star for adults! Some have even resorted to bribery from what i’ve heard!


I can’t believe how fast our friendships have solidified, there’s even a few of us going to Brit Mums Live in June! I’m beyond excited to meet the women I have been chatting to since March, and people I actually call my friends!

Who knew that putting out an Ad asking for friends, would actually work?

I’m grateful to Katie for having the confidence to reach out, even if it was in jest… So many bloggers are in a similar place and mind frame, and it’s great that we’ve formed this not so small community of like minded-people, wanting to make friends, and support one another! 🙂

So thank you Katie, you and the other girls, are the reason i’m smiling everyday!

All hail Queen Katie!!

Big love, and hugs to you all!!

Good luck for tonight all 🙂 you are all winners to me! Except you Frank! You are banned!

Sassy x

❤️ If you enjoy my ramblings, and think for one crazy second, that somehow I deserve to become a finalist in the prestigious Brilliance In Blogging Awards (BiBs) I would love your vote!
Simply click this button below and it will take you straight there!
All you need to do is put:
Your Name
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Thinking Out Loud, in the category of INSPIRE
Please and thank you.
you wonderful human being! ❤️


Disability Q&A #6

Today’s interview is brought to you by Liam, a lovely guy who liked my Fb page from the beginning of my blogging journey. His feedback, and support has been invaluable to me and i’m very grateful that he has given me his honesty, as well as agreeing to be part of this campaign! 🙂 🙂

Over to you Liam…

Tell me about yourself:
Hi, I’m Liam, I’m 21 and a second year foreign languages student living in Nottingham. My big passions include traveling, goal-ball and meeting new people.
Now we know the basics, can we learn a bit more about you?

What is the medical reason you have a disability?
Have you had your Visual impairment / disability from birth?

I have a very rare genetic condition called Alstrom Syndrome which affects around one in one million people. This means that I was born with some sight but lost it completely within the space of a couple of days around ten years ago. It also affects my hearing–I am moderately deaf in both ears and wear hearing aids–and also has the potential to cause more severe health conditions.
Which terminology do you prefer: Partially Sighted, Visually Impaired, Sight Impaired, Severely Sight Impaired or Blind?
Blind, as everyone knows what it means.

Do you have a cane, Guide Dog or neither?
I use a long cane which has red stripes to indicate my hearing impairment.
If you could extinguish your disability, would you? – If not, please explain why.
Yes I would because it makes certain aspects of life much more difficult, however there are benefits to it.
For those who do not know much about your VI what can you see?

How has your disability effected you?

My disability meant that I struggled to make friends as a child however I attended a specialist secondary school where I was a boarder which made a huge difference. It has led to periods of loneliness but also introduced me to a community which I would not have otherwise found. Physically it means some tasks, including simple ones like popping to the shop for a pint of milk or cooking dinner take longer and are more tiring.

Do you think your disability has made you who you are today?

Yes definitely. It has meant that I have met people who have become lifelong friends, it has introduced me to a new group of people, new activities and new opportunities which I could not imagine having had I been born without a disability.

Is there a particular question you get asked often because of your disability? If so, please explain below.
Two questions I get asked on an almost daily basis: “do you have a guide dog?” and “do you need to use the lift?”
Firstly I don’t have a guide dog because I am allergic to dogs and a little frightened of them, also as a confident cane user I don’t feel that having a guide dog would benefit me at all.
Secondly, No, I don’t need to use the lifts because, as I usually tell people, “it isn’t that part of my body which doesn’t work.” I find this especially irritating because I have a number of friends with limited mobility and they are never offered use of the lifts because they don’t “look disabled” even though they need them much more than I do.

What are the positives of having a disability?
That you are introduced to a community of people who you would not otherwise have met. That you potentially have a wealth of opportunities in front of you and that you never have to pay a bus fare!

What are the negatives of having a disability?
That some things take longer, are more difficult or tiring and that you have to learn to admit to yourself when you need help. I have always found it difficult to ask for help, preferring to try first and generally get myself in a terrible tangle. Whilst I’m not advocating getting everyone to do everything for you–far from it.

What would you say is a difficulty for you being VI /

That things which I think non-disabled/sighted people find simple are difficult and challenging. For a long time when I moved to university I couldn’t operate the washing machines but didn’t want to ask anyone because I felt stupid for not knowing something so straightforward…then after a few weeks someone asked me if I knew how it worked and we worked it out together.
As a person with a disability, what are the things you face on a daily / weekly basis that frustrate you?

One of the most frustrating things in the home is dropping things, or putting them down somewhere, and not being able to find them. If they have fallen into a corner or are in an unusual place you will most likely never find them without help from someone who can see.
Outside the home buses are one of life’s challenges. As so few buses have announcements telling you which stop you are approaching and as they don’t stop at each stop you have to rely on the driver or a fellow passenger telling you when you have reached your destination which is inconsistent and if you get off at the wrong stop you are almost certainly totally lost, hoping that someone will walk past who you can ask to help you out. Even if the drivers tell you when it is your stop it is still an uncomfortable experience because for the whole journey you are doubting whether they will remember or not.

Are there any tips or tricks you use in daily life you’d like to pass on to another VI/ disabled person?

It might sound a little obvious but the best trick is to have plans and routines. To put things back where you found them and don’t change things around too much. Whilst this is difficult to do, especially if you live with other people as most of us do, it could save you a lot of time searching for things and getting frustrated with yourself that you didn’t put them somewhere easier to find.

Do you use assisstive technology in your daily living?
I use a screen reader and braille strip for most of my work. In the home I use a liquid level indicator when making hot drinks. I also use certain apps such as TapTapSee–an app which takes a photograph and describes the picture to you–and the various colour detection apps of which I find ColourDetector to be the most accurate.
What piece of advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed? Or going through a deterioration in vision / or mobility?
It might be difficult to come to terms with at first but this is the start of a new adventure, one which will be exciting and full of surprises.
My second piece of advice would be, if you don’t have one already, get yourself a smartphone! They might be expensive but they will become invaluable because of the number of functions and apps which will make things so much easier.

Any advice you’d like to give to a person with sight / no disabilities?
Firstly, if you’re one of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who have helped me or another partially sighted person–whether as part of your work at a train station, hospital or supermarket–or as a member of the public, we are all truly grateful. Without your help life would be ten times harder.
In addition to that remember that we are just ordinary people, most of us anyway! I get called “inspirational” or “brave” several times a week and, whilst I know that you mean well, it does get a little tiring and embarrassing because I haven’t done anything to be “inspirational” other than lived my life the same as you have. Likewise people often say “I couldn’t cope if it happened to me” whereas in reality there is no other option, if it happens to you you have to cope.

Did you seek out any specialist services / charities to help you and your family deal with your situation?

I attended New College Worcester, a specialist secondary school for blind pupils, and also worked with Living Paintings, a charity which provides a free postal library service of tactile books and information packs for blind and partially sighted people. I have also used the specialist company Traveleyes, who provide holidays for blind and partially sighted people to realise some of my travel dreams.

Where can people find you out in the world?
Find me on twitter @liamgoalball94
On facebook at Liam Goalball Mackin
Or join my facebook group: Ask a Blindy

Thanks so much Liam for your very positive yet honest interview! I really enjoyed reading it, because you have put into words so many of my own thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to using buses! 🙂

Please don’t forget to follow his links, and why not share the love? Leave him a comment, we would both appreciate it!

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Happy Diaries #8

Hello Diary,

I think things are slowly getting back on track, I can’t promise anything but looking into mindfulness and trying to think positively has definitely helped a lot this week!

I’ve just come back from a lovely weekend away in the East Midlands visiting Gary’s family. It was so lovely to see everyone again. I can’t believe how Big my niece is! And her speech is coming along fantastically!
It’s amazing how quickly a little one develops when you don’t see them for a couple of months! 🙂

Thankfully the weather stayed warm and dry for the whole weekend, so that put a smile on everyone’s faces 🙂

This weekend in general has been a much more positive one, and i’m glad it ended on an even happier note 🙂

Gratitude List:

Family: seeing Gary’s family is always full of love and laughter, and i’m so lucky to be part of such a gorgeous family
* Tribesters: They have supported me a lot this week, whether it be emotionally or on a blogging level! Massive shout out to the beautiful Mummy In A Tu Tu. Honestly, I don’t know how I, or my blog, survived before now!!
* Blogging friends: I’ve been making new, and better friends with more wonderful people within the blogging community! Again, they have supported me on a friendship level, but also to boost my blog, and I too return the favor (just putting that out there encase I was seen as a taker!).
Food: Gary’s Mum made a delicious curry on Friday night, I had a yummy pizza on Saturday and today we went out for a carvery… I love food, not sure if that is made abundantly clear in everyone o my Happy Diaries posts!! 😉
I’m thankful I have had a much better week, just keep swimming 😉
Until next week!

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Anger Is The Sheild, Depression Is The Dagger

As depression rears it’s ugly head I am left with 2 choices; let it control me, or try my best to control it.
I’ve noticed patterns in my behaviour of late that used to smother me like the heat of a sauna. But this time i’m aware and ready to fight back.

I have one gigantic trigger: my sight loss.
That’s where it all began.
That’s where it all stems from.
But it’s slightly different this time. This time I think it’s a chemical imbalance. I have come off my anti depressants.
When I was put on them, I was given a 6 month course, but I kept cashing in more prescriptions as I didn’t feel ready.
But I decided that enough was enough, I wanted to at least try.
I couldn’t tell you the exact date I stopped taking them, because I didn’t want the placebo effect hitting me like a tonne of bricks, as well as the potential chemical imbalance I was going to be facing.

I’m not saying i’ve been perfect since coming off my anti depressants.I had a few down days, some of which lasted longer than others.

But the slap you in the face moment happened early morning last week.

I was sorting out breakfast for Gary and i; firstly I spilt the water all over the sides (actually not uncommon as we have a shite kettle!), and then I started putting away the dishes from the night before. and almost every dish I pulled out was dirty.

I lost my shit and started raging at Gary.

He came over to me.; told me to put the dishes down, and not to worry, it was only dirty dishes.

“Only dirty dishes?! I spent fucking ages washing those dishes, and yet they have shit all over them!!!
What’s the point of me washing them if they aren’t going to be clean?!”

At this point Gary enveloped me in a big hug, and rubbed my back soothingly.
” It’s just dishes Sassy, it’s OK.”

I wanted to shout again, but his calming presence soothed me. Right there and then I knew this was my not so friendly friend depression.

This is the point where I admitted to Gary I hadn’t taken my happy pills in a while, because I wanted to come off them.
He had his reservations about me just stopping them, but said he’d support me in whatever I chose.

I think he or I made a joke about the crazy train starting it’s journey again.
I have to point out here, that a lot of our relationship revolves around,lots of dark humour, which other people would find unnerving or offensive. But that is how we deal with things 🙂

When Gary had left for work, I got on the phone to the Tribal ladies and confessed my psycho bitch fit.

They too were also very supportive, giving me suggestions, virtual hugs and kind thoughts.
In all honesty I was truly embarrassed at my outburst, and sad that it had happened, and I knew in order to deal with it, I had to be honest with the people I care about, and not try and hide it/ palm it off like I used to.

That same morning, a new member of the family arrived into this world, and it instantly lifted my mood.

Being open and honest with Gary, my friends, and myself as well as hearing happy news gave me the oomph to realise I HAVE to focus on the positives, but be honest with myself and others if things are going downhill.

So, how am I going to try and keep my psycho bitch fits at bay?
*Try your best to realise when you are in the midst of an angry outburst or thoughts,. Feeling incredibly numb and withdrawn.

*Breathe deeply, and think only of what your breathing is doing.

*Go cuddle Gary. 🙂

*Talk to Gary, he’s bound to say something to cheer you up.

.*Read up on mindfulness, and try and put it into practise, when not in a low mood. It will get you better equipped for when you need to do it.

*Listen to music. Blasting out one of your happy songs, and squawking terribly along with it, always helps improve your mood.

*Distract yourself by making yourself focus on something trivial/ insignificant.

*Do exercise, I’ve almost forgotten how this word is spelt, never mind said… it’s been so long!

*Text/ call someone. Even if they aren’t free to talk at that moment,writing it down will help to clear your mind.

*Don’t use expletives or negativity when expressing these thoughts. That always gets you ramped up even more.

*Find a task that needs a lot of focus and thoughtfulness. Maybe like writing a blog post? 🙂

*Watch something funny. Stand Up always makes you laugh!

*Make some tea, and enjoy the 10 minutes to sit and drink it.

*Think of something positive. You know, like you’ve been shortlisted for the UK’s most prestigious blogging awards!

*Smile. Yep, forcing yourself to actively smile, actually lifts your mood.

*Allow emotions to be present. Cry, scream, shout, But not at anyone. Be present in acknowledging the feelings, but don’t let them take over.

*If all else fails, and you are at home: SLEEP. That will shut the stressy bitch up, and hopefully it’ll improve your looks! Beauty sleep and all that 😉

*Last, but no means least. Read this blog post, and remind yourself, the train to crazy town has already departed… No point trying to chase it now! 🙂


As you can probably guess, this is a list from me, to me. I now have something officially in writing to come back to if necessary.


Depression is an illness, a brutal thought process that truly can take over your body and mind. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
I chose to take myself off anti depressants, because I want to. And see where mindfulness and positive thinking will get me.
If I need counselling or to go back on them, I will.
Admitting you need help is never a weakness. actually it’s the complete opposite!

My way may not work for everyone, it might not even work for me. But as I feel that I truly am in the happiest place i’ve ever been in my life, I want to see if I can channel that positivity into my daily living, instead of relying on my happy pills.
I will know within myself if it’s an emotional anchor, and not a chemical imbalance anymore.


Since I began this blog I always said I would be truthful with myself, and give my readers that honesty.
Being able to talk openly about all disabilities candidly is my goal.
If I want people to accept disability as another entity, and not a thing that should be shunned or silenced, then I need to show my true colours. That way I feel I am doing the right thing.

If you are not in the best place right now, reach out to someone, or write down your feelings.

You are never truly alone, even if it feels like it.
Big hugs to you all 🙂

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Much love, Sassy x

Think of The Carers

Think of the carers.
We all know that carers are the unsung heroes of today society! They look after their loved ones with no thought of themselves, no rest bite, and very little recognition for all their hard work and effort.
Most people would say it’s all in a days work, especially if it is their child that they care for. But I believe they deserve recognition for what they do.
If you are a parent/carer of an unwell/ chronically ill/ sensory impaired or disabled person I would love to hear from you.

I would like to hear your side of the story; how the diagnosis made you feel, what it means for you as a person, and tasks you have to do on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis just to support a person you love
This guest series is about hearing disability from the carers perspective, and I hope to raise awareness and understanding of all that you do.
If you would like to participate, I would love to have you! Please contact me on the following:
FaceBook: https://m.facebook.com/Thinking-Out-Loud-Blog-525815087584791

Much love, Sassy X

❤️ If you enjoy my ramblings, and think for one crazy second, that somehow I deserve to become a finalist in the prestigious Brilliance In Blogging Awards (BiBs) I would love your vote!
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