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If your light bedtime reading is similar of that of Hermione’s, then be sure to read this blog 🙂

I’m Sassy, 25 and been totally blind for just over 2 years now. I hope to educate people on all disabilities, specifically physical disabilities and mental health illness.
I am friendly and chatty and would love to work with Charities and Brands supporting Disabilities and Mental health. 🙂
Step virtually into my shoes as I travel through life as a girl with a disability. Truth and tales will be told with a slice of humor along the way 🙂

Feel free to get in touch, I love meeting and getting to know people! 🙂

2 thoughts on “About This Blogger”

  1. My name is Shephali and as part of Heather March Casting, we are casting a TV advert for a leading beauty brand (Can’t say which one!) – we are looking for disabled women to feature, and I came across your blog during my research – we are looking for ‘real women’ – meaning no models or actors! It’s going to be a great campaign, and we’re actually looking for a group of women!

    There will be a casting (an opportunity for an informal meet!) held in London at the end of the month which we may ask you to attend, and if selected for the final campaign, it would be fully paid.

    Would love you to get in touch, feel free to call me on 020 3056 8862 or email beauty@heathermarchcasting.com

    Or you can apply using our form: hmc.typeform.com/to/pLvucc

    Hope to hear from you! Regards, Shephali

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