Light Up Your Life With Cello And Villiage Candles.

I’ve always loved candles, and scented candles have taken the world by storm over the last 7+ years.
There’s something so relaxing and yet perfectly pretty about watching a candle light dance about in it’s jar/ holder.

A scented candle can help create an atmosphere like no other; sea salt can create an atmosphere of tranquility and freshness, escorting you to your favourite beach in summer.
A mulled wine candle can create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and cosiness. Transporting you to a winters evening curled up on the sofa eating cheese and crackers.

Your sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses, evoking memories and moments in time. This is why scented candles have become so popular in the last decade.

Being a scented candle fan, I have always been curious to the lure of the wax melt candles.

I am very happy to report that i now have one of my very own with thanks to Village Candle UK! I have a white wax melt holder with a simple but contemporary oriental design with tactile markings.

Black wax melter with oriental design, with two books to the left and a love picture frame on the right. Creating a relaxed and contemporary vibe

When it arrived it came fully assembled, all I had to do was removed the protective seal, add the melt, and plug it in.

What’s different about wax melt candles is the design. The holder contains a bulb, that warms up and heats the dish to melt the wax candle, to give off your chosen scent.

From a blind person’s perspective I really love the design, one flick of your switch and the bulb does all the hard work for you.
I cannot tell you how many times I have burnt my finger/ hand trying to light a scented candle and having to put my hand into the jar, only to find out the flame wasn’t touching the wick, so my efforts were foiled and I had to repeat the process all over again!

Although i do have light perception, meaning I am able to see the light flickering from the candle, I feel safe knowing that I will not accidentally leave a lit candle burning through the night, potentially causing a house fire.

I chose 2 different scents for my wax melt; Fresh strawberry and Black bamboo. I tried Fresh Strawberries first, well it’s summer after all and who doesn’t love the scent of strawberries?

The wax melts came in a plastic box with individual cubes of the scented candle.
Again, from the perspective of a blind person, I thought this was very handy, I didn’t need to faff around trying to cut up the wax, because it was already done for me!

Turning on the wax melt I thought the scent was sweet and light, just like strawberries themselves.
After 20 minutes or so I was a little disappointed that the scent wasn’t potent,especially as the fragrance of the candle in it’s box was so strong. Everything I want in a scented candle.
That was until I realised I could add more than just one cube to the dish… After adding 2 cubes to the dish, I could really smell the scent of strawberries emanating around the room, which made me very happy indeed! 🙂

The Black Bamboo gave off a polar opposite scent in comparison to the Fresh Strawberries
It’s almost masculine in scent and heavy, without feeling like you r suffocating from it’s strength of fragrance.

Although I love both wax melts for their differences, I would say that in terms of creating an atmosphere, I would use Fresh Strawberries and curl up on the sofa reading a chick flick,, with Pimms in hand.

Whereas I would use the Black Bamboo after a long day to unwind and destress. I would soak in the bath listening to jazz.

Black wax Melter with oriental design on a table with black bamboo and fresh strawberries packs in front

Accessibility: 5/5
The website was easy and smooth to navigate with a screen reader, and each item had it’s own description so it gave me a visual representation of the product, and what to expect from the scent.

Quality of service: 5/5
Email and Twitter correspondence was very quick, friendly and efficient. I received my order just a few days after placing it.

Are you a scented candle fan? Have you got a wax melt candle? Would you try one?
I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Much Love,
Sassy x

*I was sent this beautiful wax melt holder. and the wax melt candles for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
*Photography courtesy of my Sister.

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2 comments on “Light Up Your Life With Cello And Village Candles”

  1. Cool set up! I was gifted one of these burners last Christmas and I LOVE IT! I like matching my scents to the seasons too. 😊

    • Thanks, I have a very creative sister 🙂
      They are great aren’t they? You sound like me, that’s the sort of thing I’d do, matching scents to the seasons 🙂
      Thanks for the comment xxx

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