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To my first, and forever love

A letter to my first and forever love.

I call myself a blogger and yet here I am at a loss of how to put pen to paper so-to-speak.

There is no-one quite like you; fiercely loyal, utterly stubborn and hungry for knowledge.

It’s you Harry Potter.

You have been in my life for 20 years now and I know we will be friends until my dying day. The story may be about you, but it’s your journey of friendship, family, faith and hope that i’ve fallen in love with.

I’ve been a reader my entire life but no other story can intrigue, enthral and enrage me quite like you.
I remember the day I was introduced to your world.
At first a world of loneliness and resentment, and gradually a world full of warmth, happiness and comfort.
There were dark and terrible times ahead, just like life itself, but through compassion, solidarity, kindness and courage you fought your way through and came out triumphant.
You have taught me to appreciate who I am, and to ignore the negativity that comes with staying true to yourself.
You’ve taught me that looks can be deceiving and to never judge a book by it’s cover.
You’ve taught me that being bookish and brainy is the new beautiful.

Harry potter books in Order from left to right

You’ve taught me that being courageous doesn’t always mean fighting the biggest battles sometimes it’s about standing up for what is right.
I’ve learned that making mistakes is apart of life, but we have to learn to forgive others as quickly as we forgive ourselves.
I’ve learned that true friendship is worth more than what money could ever buy.
I’ve learnt that heartbreak is torturous and that loss is inevitable. But what i’ve learned the most is that love will always prevail. There is room in our hearts to love as many as we can, yet that love will never be lost just because someone is gone.

Harry's Wand infront of two candles and a wax melter

Harry Potter, you’ve been a source of comfort in the lonely days, a place where I can escape to, and a gentle reminder that hope can always be found.

7 books, 8 films and 20 years of my life that i’ve learnt, grown, adapted and survived:with you by my side.
My first, and forever love.

“Even after all this time?”


Friendship, Relationship, Love

Gary and Sassy cuddling together on a bench. photo taken from behind with a lighthouse off to the left.

I never thought i’d end up with Gary, in fact, neither of us ever thought it would happen…

We met at University when he joined in 2012, both my Uni housemates met him on nights out during Freshers week, at separate times, and before long he joined our friendship group.

He and I clicked straight away, and it was nice to have another male within the group. Gary wasn’t like a lot of the other Freshers, he wasn’t the biggest party goer and was mature for his age, which I think is why our friendship blossomed and the group felt so relaxed around him.

We hung out, texted, stayed at each others houses and gave each other relationship/ dating advice, it was plutonic. Our friends all joked and said if we ever lived together, we would get together, but we laughed it off and ignored their comments; we didn’t see each other like that.

And this is where the story gets interesting…

It was my housemates’ last year at Uni (it would have been mine too, but that is for another story), our lease was due to run out and I was frantically searching for a place to live as a singular student that I could afford, with no luck whatsoever, Gary and 3 of my other Uni friends had all agreed I could stay at theirs until I found a place, it’ll only be about a week I said, so i’ll be out of your hair in no time!

Gary and Sassy both laughing. Sassy with her hands covering her face and Gary stood behind her grinning

3 months went by before I finally found somewhere ! Needless to say Gary and I grew closer, spending more time together: hanging out, eating together, and because of my sight loss he even helped me go shopping. Being blind and moving to a new area takes a lot of mobility and energy to get where you want to be. I was most grateful for his support, friendship and sense of humour at that time!

It literally came from nowhere, one night we were playing drinking games, and when the others had left the room he randomly just kissed me.
I was in total shock, but for the strangest reason it just felt right…

Gary and I moved in together as a couple after his student lease ran out, and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since.

He’s been my rock, confidant and my best friend for as long as i’ve known him, it’s just intensified since being together. He has been at my side through the toughest 5 years of my life, 3 of which has been as my partner.

We are a very happy family unit, spending the majority of our weekends rambling and chasing our gorgeous pup Ida!
Currently we are saving for our first house and plan to move where his family live, although, we have made a happy life four ourselves here.
I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our relationship and eventually be his Wife! ❤

sassy touching noes with Ida the guide dog

#GuideDogDiaries Day 1

Yesterday was the day I began my journey with my first guide dog Ida!
I put the picture of my gorgeous pup on Instagram at the weekend and got a beautiful response from lots and lots of people, so thank you to everyone who liked or commented!

I wrote a post recently about guide dogs, you can check it out here! 🙂

I Arrived at the hotel at 11:20 with thanks to a volunteer guide dogs’ driver called Jake.
I waited in the reception, where I met Adam, the other person on class. Before long our rooms were ready, we started unpacking, getting a custom to the very spacious room and had orientation around the hotel. This is not only to make you as a visually impaired person feel comfortable getting around the hotel, but necessary for knowing where you are, so you can give these instructions/commands to your dog.

A relaxed lunch and a run through of the week ensued before the real fun began…

My trainer, Mikyla, went to collect the 2 dogs, giving us enough time to get nervously excited for their arrival!

When Ida arrived, I ignored her. When she settled and Mikyla let her off the lead, she was allowed to run around. I stayed quiet and watched her investigate.
This is good practice for allowing your Guide Dog to become accustomed to the new environment: not to be overexcited or overstimulated by you, and most importantly it gives them a chance to explore the new sites and sounds around them which they have not encountered before.
It was cute watching her flit between exploring the hotel room, to her bone, and saying hello to me.
As there are two of us in class, the trainer takes it in turns to spend time with you working with a guide dog, everything from obedience training to going to the toilet.

I was then left alone with Ida and the trainer spent time with Adam and his new guide dog.
This was a chance for Ida and I to bond.
Ida wasn’t much interested in me, she was more sad that her friends were across the hall and she wasn’t getting to spend time with them!

A guy dog always has a good bond with their trainer, and this can make them anxious when The trainer leaves them in a strange place, with a strange person: that would be me.

So whining Occurred.
We were warned by Mikyla that separation anxiety could happen, you just have to be patient with the dog and tell them well done when they come to you or stop whining.

We had some cuddles and play, but things vastly improved when I put her gentle lead on, and later feeding her…
Ida loves wearing her gentle lead so much, she shoves her nose in it without prompting… She does this cute little wriggle to shimmy it up her face which then in turn makes her face go to the ground so you have to coax her back up to finish putting on the rest of the lead. This part clips towards the back of the head and the lead rests gently behind her ears… The lead is designed specifically to lay on top of the pressure points at her ears, when they are stimulated it releases in dauphins, making the dog happy and excited to be wearing it.

We started off with some general obedience walking up and down the corridor. A Guide Dog on a gentle lead is very different to a dog in harness.
A Guide Dog on harness knows that she is working and is guiding you. When the dog is wearing a gentle lead this is you walking alongside the dog and keep them from being distracted.

I learned a number of ways to keep her attention and obedience.
I gave her her dinner, under the supervision of Mikyla. Ida decided that she was too hungry to wait for me to give her the signal to eat. Luckily my trainer intervened, and gave me some tips on what to do if it happens again.
What a little guzzle chops she is! 😉

I took her to the toilet, then it was time for us to go eat dinner… She was very much well-behaved, impressively so considering her four-legged friend was sitting opposite her!

Overall, I would say it has been a good first day, The more time she and I spend working together, the more she understands my quirks, and I hers, And the progress we are beginning to make.
I can’t wait to see what The next two weeks will bring! 🙂

Things I learnt:
•Come put on: another way of saying forward when off harness.
•Off: to stop the dog jumping, licking, essentially discouraging that behavior.
•Wait: Makes her stop and wait until she gets the command to continue (come).
•Steady: saying this very slowly gets the dog to slowdown.
•Down: gets the dog to lie down.
•write up: gets the dog to move closer to the object.
•Leave it: encouraging the dog to not let her scratch or be distracted by something.
•Spending: means to go to the toilet.
•Saying busy encourages her to go to the toilet
•Benching: using the dogs lead to tie to the chair leg or similar object, making sure she cant move from under the table.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first day with my gorgeous girl! I also hope you learn something new 🙂
See you for the next update! 🙂

Much love, sassy x

Happy Diaries #13

Hello Diary,

I’ve had a very fluctuating week and the weather being bipolar wasn’t great either!

My cane tip arrived at the end of last week which meant i could actually leave my home, see friends and volunteer 🙂

I wrote a guest post for the lovely Lolly earlier in the week and it was called Are Mobile Phones Materialistic Or A Necessity 🙂

Spending time with friends was particularly good as I felt that it was truly needed.

My Sister has come to stay for a few days so it will be good to spend some quality time together and go shopping!

Gary, Francis and I went out to a Thai restaurant with a few friends and it was rather enjoyable; Francis particularly enjoyed her dessert – pistachio ice-cream with frozen strawberries and strawberry sauce!

Gratitude List

Having Gary around when i’ve been at my most vulnerable.
Getting a massage from my friend, it always releases my Arthritic tension 🙂
Seeing and spending quality time with my sister
Eating yummy food and enjoying brilliant company
it’’s only 6 sleeps until BritMums or five if you are going to the welcome drinks like me!
I am extremely excited for the week ahead!

Until next time!

Happy diaries #10

Hello Diary!

I am absolutely buzzing! I have so many great things to tell you!

I went to a meeting this week and was part of helping to make digital more inclusive for the blind and visually impaired! Especially for those who like me use screen readers!
I can’t tell you too much more at the moment but it’s being improved, and developing further.
But it certainly looks like there are positive things up on the horizon! 🙂

I only went and made the finals of the prestigious BritMums blogging awards!! Oh my I am so freaking excited!! I swear I didn’t think I was going to be made a finalist! There are too many amazing bloggers in my category and they really did deserve to be there! I woke up to lots of twitter and Whatsapp messages congratulating me!
I did scream just a little bit! 😉

I wrote my I’m Going To #BML16 post and have RSVP’d for the welcome drinks on Friday 24th, so if you’re going give me a shout!
I found out that I am on the 1st page of Google! If you type in Thinking Out Loud, you’ll see my little blog along side Ed Sheerans’ famous song; how incredible is that?!
It’s quite an honour really, especially as it is so hard to get onto Google as it is; nevermind the front page! He is one of my favourite artists!

Currently I’m at Gary’s family for the Bank Holiday weekend, it’s been absolutely lovely! I had my first ever Indian head massage; it was absolutely glorious!
We also went out for dinner and drinks with everyone which was also lovely.
We went to a food and drink festival type thing, where we tried a tornado potato; essentially its a thinly sliced potato wrapped round a stick and deep fried, it reminded me of crisps.Gary and I shared a white chocolate doughnut, pretty tasty, but I couldn’t eat a whole one.
And probably the best bit was going to the cheese stand and getting to taste random flavours; curry cheese being one of them. Still not sure what I think of it, it was certainly strange. We did buy Chilli Dutch Edam, very yummy! I was good and didn’t have any alcohol!

We also had a BBQ in the sun, it wasn’t as warm as the rest of the weekend but it was great. To spend it with the whole family 🙂

Gratitude List

I have to thank my fantastic readers, without them voting for me in the BiBs, I wouldn’t be so ecstatic and grinning like a loon all week 🙂
Family – again I am so grateful for your support, giving me support, feedback and encouragement with this blog, thank you again Francis for rallying for me, I love you so much!
* Gary – Where would I be without you my love? You encouraged me to set up this blog, give me something to focus on and drag me out of my depression, but more than that you have been my rock throughout this journey; my technical support, my devils advocate, and mocking me when I act like a loon for getting where I am with my little blog!
Friends – from home, Uni and online you have also supported me, not just on my blogging experience but in life in general. Big love to Life Of A Blind Girl, you are such a gem, and I look forward to finally meeting you face-to-face over the Summer!!

The amazingTribe! Ladies, I am so grateful to have found you; you’ve made my blogging journey all the more special, and even helped me find perspective when I couldn’t find it myself! The sad part is I can’t even thank you properly because you aren’t all coming to #BML which I am beyond gutted about! Lots of hugs, cake and alcohol shall be consumed!

Sunshine – you are my literal and metaphorical ray of light, when you come out to play life just seems brighter somehow!
* Music- you’ve helped me through when i’ve had my down moments this week But more often. When I’m in the best mood, music picks me up further and makes me feel like i’m on cloud 9

So that’s it my Diary!
I can say it’s probably been one of the best weeks of my life!

Let’s hope the positive mood keeps me going throughout next week! 🙁

Until next time!

Happy Diaries #9

Hello Diary,

This week has been tough, with my emotions,and feeling crappy, but this series is about finding the positive within the sadness. chaos/ depression.

So what has happened this week that I have enjoyed?

We had our Tribal Awards this week, and I was awarded the inspire award! I was extremely chuffed to say the least! The amusing bit, was probably where it was announced, and I had no clue, because my phone crashed! It suddenly went crazy, buzzing away violently! It took me a good few minutes just for my phone to stop playing dead, so I could actually read what was going on!
Encase none of this makes any sense; our Tribe hosts a Twitter live chat every Tuesday evening between 8-9PM, and this was when our awards were announced!
A massive thank you to Queen Katie for all the time and effort she put into making the badges, and creating the awards!
She has a golden soul this one!

Sunset/sunrise with inspire winner text

It was also Gary’s birthday this week, so we had a nice romantic meal, and some quality time together! 🙂

We have booked our holiday abroad! It just so happens to be where my best friend is getting married!!! 😉 I cannot wait!

Gary and I have also started going back to the gym, we both got a bit complacent, and as the gym is a great way of us letting off steam/ getting fit, it’s also nice to have a new something to focus on! My goal will be to get fitter and tone up, so I don’t look like a wobbly jelly at my best friends wedding in the Summer! 🙂

Gratitude List:

Doing kind things for friends, and seeing their joy, excitement and happiness is just priceless!
* Quality time with Gary, we only really spend about an hour together in the evenings, because we’d rather go online and talk to our friends instead! 😂
* The gym: Going there will not only keep me focused, but it will really keep my mood boosted!
* Blogging: encase that wasn’t obvious? 😉 i’m so grateful to all the help, support and encouragement i’ve been getting on my blogging journey. On top of that; I have made some wonderful friends, and I will get to meet them in the Summer!
* My Sister: she went out of her way to campaign and support me this week for the BiBs shortlisting! It doesn’t matter whether or not I become a finalist. I’m ecstatic that I am where I am already. But my gorgeous Sister made it all the more special by being such a fantastic support network! 😽❤️
• #TribalLove now seriously, where would I be without these fantastic women? They are all fantastic in their own way, and I am truly enjoying getting to know them all! The support we give each other is invaluable, and the love that shines through is just fantastic! Congratulations to those who won A Tribal award! And massive hugs to those of you that voted for me! 🍾😙
I’m sure I could waffle on for a lot longer, because I have so much to be grateful for, as well as things to be positive about.
But I don’t want to bore you or myself any longer!

Until next time,

Much love,
Sassy x

Tribal Love: My Tribe!

Meet The Tribe!

You’ve probably heard me banging on about My Tribe, Tribesters, or something along those lines.
So I guess you’re wondering what a Tribe is?

A Tribe is a group of likeminded individuals who support, share and engage with one another.

So here’s my Tribe story:

There I was, plodding along, scrolling through the Linky I was on,, when I came across this post: Personal Ad, Blogger Seeks Tribe.

It caught my attention so I gave it a read, I will admit I read the first few lines and thought huh? I haven’t heard of a Tribe on the Internet.
The only Tribes i’ve ever heard of is Aborigine and Indian Tribes… Anyway I carried on reading.
I enjoyed her sense of humour and found myself nodding enthusiastically along with everything she had to say. Especially the fruit/ nuts in food! Common what’s the need? you’re just spoiling a good piece of cake/ chocolate!

I got to the bottom and went to leave her a comment…
Nope sorry no comments allowed here! *Typical Screen Reader problems*

So I became a stalker, I asked the host of the Linky if she could tell me this Mummy In A Tutu’s Twitter handle, as I couldn’t find it.

And she did! 🙂 – Bloggers are ever so friendly you see 🙂

I couldn’t tell you our exact conversation, but I’m sure I moaned about not being able to comment on her blog, but that her post was funny, and a great idea. She mentioned a Twitter chat at some point, and I said yes.

And as they say the rest is history 🙂

This Twitter chat thing (another thing I wasn’t particularly savvy about) started one Tuesday at 7PM aptly named #TribalChat the first week was exciting to say the least, there was 12 of us answering Katie’s questions, and responding to each other. I felt like a young kid making new friends in the playground, it was fun and amusing to say the least.
Over 2 months on and we have a 50 strong hold of fantastic #Tribesters and it is growing weekly!

We help each other out with blogging problems/questions, I say we, I mean Katie, and a few others, and I sit there reading and absorbing all this new and exciting information!
We give each other moral support, and not just on the blogging front.
And there is a lot of talk about cake, wine, and breastfeeding! Not only do I enjoy joining in on the first 2, I have learnt so much about breast feeding, from these fantastic women and their stories 🙂

We really are a bunch of liquorice all sorts! Not even sure why i’ve used this phrase, I think liquorice is disgusting!
A lot of the blogs may be similar with what they write about, but each is unique and extremely interesting in their own way, oh and very funny of course… And I don’t just mean mine! 😉

It’s great to be part of such a big community of love and support, and it’s great to watch each other grow and making their own mini communities in the forms of Linkys and, co-hosting, and guess posting on each others’ blogs.

Last week our Tribe broke Twitter, we reached the allowed limit of being part of a Direct Message Group (DM). To the point we had to move platforms! Not many of us could get our heads around the lack of notifications, and different platforms, so a decision was made to move back… The group consensus was that of joy and happiness! Who knew we could all be so excited and relieved to be back on our old stomping ground! 😉

A few of us even natter away from the DM, with the DM chat moving so fast, and some being nocturnal,, maybe through no want of their own, having babies does that to you! it seems almost logical to have a place where these Mummies can share their sadness of their sleep deprivation!!

Katie has done a fantastic job of creating a supportive and loving Tribe, so much so, that I enjoy referring to her as Queen. She’s bashful about it, but hey, we’re all Queens in our own right, she’s just extra special!

If you haven’t heard, there’s this prestigious blogging thing going down, it’s called the blogging awards; BiBs and MADs to be exact!
And if you haven’t? That means you haven’t voted for me yet in the category of INSPIRE, you’ve got less than 24 hours left, so what are you waiting for? 😉 totally smooth right? 😉
Ever the fantastic nutter that she is, Katie has created our very own #TribalChat Awards, with the winners being announced live tonight! Although the voting has closed, you are welcome to check out the nominations here 🙂

They are going to be announced live tonight during our #TribalChat
* 8-9PM every Tuesday :)*

To say we’re excited, is an understatement, This is like a gold star for adults! Some have even resorted to bribery from what i’ve heard!


I can’t believe how fast our friendships have solidified, there’s even a few of us going to Brit Mums Live in June! I’m beyond excited to meet the women I have been chatting to since March, and people I actually call my friends!

Who knew that putting out an Ad asking for friends, would actually work?

I’m grateful to Katie for having the confidence to reach out, even if it was in jest… So many bloggers are in a similar place and mind frame, and it’s great that we’ve formed this not so small community of like minded-people, wanting to make friends, and support one another! 🙂

So thank you Katie, you and the other girls, are the reason i’m smiling everyday!

All hail Queen Katie!!

Big love, and hugs to you all!!

Good luck for tonight all 🙂 you are all winners to me! Except you Frank! You are banned!

Sassy x

❤️ If you enjoy my ramblings, and think for one crazy second, that somehow I deserve to become a finalist in the prestigious Brilliance In Blogging Awards (BiBs) I would love your vote!
Simply click this button below and it will take you straight there!
All you need to do is put:
Your Name
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Thinking Out Loud, in the category of INSPIRE
Please and thank you.
you wonderful human being! ❤️


Happy Diaries #8

Hello Diary,

I think things are slowly getting back on track, I can’t promise anything but looking into mindfulness and trying to think positively has definitely helped a lot this week!

I’ve just come back from a lovely weekend away in the East Midlands visiting Gary’s family. It was so lovely to see everyone again. I can’t believe how Big my niece is! And her speech is coming along fantastically!
It’s amazing how quickly a little one develops when you don’t see them for a couple of months! 🙂

Thankfully the weather stayed warm and dry for the whole weekend, so that put a smile on everyone’s faces 🙂

This weekend in general has been a much more positive one, and i’m glad it ended on an even happier note 🙂

Gratitude List:

Family: seeing Gary’s family is always full of love and laughter, and i’m so lucky to be part of such a gorgeous family
* Tribesters: They have supported me a lot this week, whether it be emotionally or on a blogging level! Massive shout out to the beautiful Mummy In A Tu Tu. Honestly, I don’t know how I, or my blog, survived before now!!
* Blogging friends: I’ve been making new, and better friends with more wonderful people within the blogging community! Again, they have supported me on a friendship level, but also to boost my blog, and I too return the favor (just putting that out there encase I was seen as a taker!).
Food: Gary’s Mum made a delicious curry on Friday night, I had a yummy pizza on Saturday and today we went out for a carvery… I love food, not sure if that is made abundantly clear in everyone o my Happy Diaries posts!! 😉
I’m thankful I have had a much better week, just keep swimming 😉
Until next week!

❤️ If you enjoy my ramblings, and think for one crazy second, that somehow I deserve to become a finalist in the prestigious Brilliance In Blogging Awards (BiBs) I would love your vote!
Simply click this button below and it will take you straight there!
All you need to do is put:
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Please and thank you.
you wonderful human being! ❤️


Who Loves Cake?

If you’re a 90’s kid like me you’ll probably have watched Keenan and Kel.

And if you haven’t Kel has a little phrase that crops up almost every episode. It goes a little something like this:

Who loves Orange Soda?
Kel loves Orange Soda!!!

*It’s very long and dramatic whenever he replies*

And that ladies and gentleman is like me; but with cake!
Just the word cake gets my ears pinned back, and my heart singing with joy!

And i’m excited to tell you that the lovely people at Baker Days have let me try one of their delicious letterbox cakes!

And oh my, they did not disappoint!

Baker Days have a brilliant website, that is completely accessible with screen readers, so I was already in a very happy mood before I even started looking at personalising my cake.

I placed my order of a vanilla sponge cake with Smiling face with heart shaped eyes, and waited not-so-patiently to arrive! I had a confirmation email telling me that my cake had been dispatched and it would be with me very soon.

They were right, it arrived the next morning!

I heard a thud and knew it was my lovely little cake coming to greet me!

I did have to wait until 6PM in the evening before I could open it though, because I wanted to tease Gary 😉

Even though it was addressed to me I really wanted to see his reaction to the cake…

He got excited thinking the cake was for him.

HAHAAH silly man, I am a cake fiend. you’ll be lucky if you get a crumb! 😉

Cake tin which says "just For You" in a white box with candles

As you can see above the box was dinky and came with complimentary candles and party blower.
Inside was also a leaflet of the service Baker Days provide as well a small blue card with 5 lit candles of varying colours. Inside the card it said “Enjoy your cake from BakerDays” which added a nice touch.

The cake tin itself was compact and pretty, also having little holes on the lid allowing the cake to breathe.

The cake itself came neatly secured in plastic wrapping, and without even unwrapping it,I was already salivating 😉

just for you tin lid and cake With a smiling face heart shaped eyes emoji in a plastic wrapper

The cake even had a little tab that said pull upwards gently to release the cake… I am a moron and managed to rip the tab off, so had to turn the cake upside down just to get it out of the tin!

Don’t fear, my little friend was not harmed in any way during this transition!

The cake smelt absolutely delicious, and was presented beautifully! The printed decoration was exactly what I ordered, and gave me a good chuckle, when I revealed the message was to me, from me, and not to him!
The icing covered every inch of the cardboard cake, and there was even tactile markings around the outer layer of the icing.

picture of cake saying: to the one i love have a wonderful day. With a smiling face heart shaped eyes emoji

But Sassy I hear you shouting at your screens what did it taste like?!

Well friends, it was utterly divine! Gary and I even did the cake test to see if it was perfect, because, you know, i’m a cake connoisseur;) and it was!
The sponge was light and fluffy , with that perfect moisture.And the icing was soft and tasty, Gary and I were both exceptionally pleased, because neither of us actually like icing, but this was the perfect amount!
On the bottom of the cake was a thin layer of buttercream which added to the perfection of the cake for me, buttercream is a massive love for me!

a side view of a slice of cake

Personally, there would be nothing that I would change about the cake!
You may ask, but why is it £14.99? Think of the quality of the service you are receiving as well as it being completely personalised and tailored to you, alongside the packaging and the added extras that are included within the price!
Certainly a lovely gift for someone, as well as it being a little different from the generic gifts!.

Onto the scoring.

Accessibility: 5/5
I was able to navigate, choose and place my order with ease on the Baker Days website. The explanations of each personalised picture you can choose from was also explained, and this made all the difference to me as a blind person ordering a product online.

Hospitality: 5/5
Although they are not a venue I visited, communication and punctuality of the Baker Days team was brilliant, I felt I was truly a valued customer. And as I mentioned above, sending me a confirmation email was also a great touch.

Quality of Service: 5/5
I was extremely pleased with the service I received. the cake was delicious, came packaged carefully and the prompt delivery is unbeatable.
If you order your cake before 2PM, it will arrive the next again day!

I would certainly be coming back for more cake in the future!


And here comes the best bit my lovely friends: you can get a chance to win your very own personalised Baker Days Letterbox Cake!Simply follow Myself and BakerDays on Twitter, and retweet the tweet I send out later on today with the hashtag ILoveCake and on Friday 6th May at 6PM I shall be randomly selecting a winner!

So get following and retweeting, and who knows you could be having your own Kel moment 🙂

*Open to UK and Ireland residents only*
You can find and contact Baker Days on the following:

Website: http://www.bakerdays.com/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Bakerdays/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakerdays

***Disclaimer*** I was sent this cake for review purposes, but all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.

Happy Diaries #6

Hello Diary!

I have had such a fantastic week, I got a lot more than I bargained for, and i’m pleased to say it was all positive!

I went bowling for the first time since losing my sight, and I’ve got to say it was pretty amusing. With my Arthritis being so prevalent in my right wrist, I have learned to be ambidextrous 🙂 however that doesn’t extend to bowling, because I failed miserably!
However I adapted this and went back to acting like a young child, swinging the bowling ball in between my legs and rolling it down the aisle with both hands! I even managed to get 2 spares, pretty impressive I felt!

I also hosted my first ever #TribalChat – this happens every Tuesday from 8-9PM live on Twitter 🙂 I have never typed/engaged so fast on my phone in my life. I really enjoyed being a host for the evening, and loved the peoples responses to my questions 🙂

I went to Brighton for the day with 2 good friends, I’ve never been there before, so it was nice to go to a new place for the day and explore: a review/ roundup of the day is soon to come!

I found out I was shortlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, in the category of Inspire! I am still in shock!! You can read my excitement here, and vote for me if you’d like to. Oh, you know you want to 😉
These are the UK’s biggest blogging awards, and I somehow managed to get myself on the prestigious list!!

The exciting thing I was leaving you hanging until now is: my first serious review! I’m so happy that Baker Days gave me this opportunity 🙂 keep your eyes peeled, because it will be going live tomorrow, and there may be a cheeky competition in there too 😉

Gratitude List:

Sunshine, even though it was sleeting as we arrived in Brighton, it stayed sunny and warm throughout the whole day!
* Cake! I can’t really go without saying this, especially as I got to eat some yummy vanilla cake this week!
* Friendships – being able to spend quality time with friends this week has really and truly kept me on the up. I’ve been able to reconnect with friends I haven’t spoken to in a while, as well as solidifying the friendships I am making with the fabulous #Tribesters and other bloggers like Hol 🙂
* #Tribesters – seriously these ladies have been amazing this week, sharing and commenting on my posts, being the ones to tell me i’d been shortlisted, AND most importantly gone out of their way to support me as a visually impaired person. Adding Alt Tags to their pictures! AND THEN creating a logo for my blog!!
* Carvery – Gary and I went out for a Carvery this evening, and my my was it yummy! It was almost as good as my own Mothers cooking, almost! I definitely need to get my butt bak there again soon!
So, i’m extremely thankful to say I’ve had an amazing week! And I don’t know what i’d do without Gary and the #Tribesters in my life!
Apologies for the gratitude list being a bit samey, I might be grateful for the same things, but they are all for different reasons!

Until next time!