As you can probably guess from the title this is going to be a ranty post… Skip this if you don’t want a headache from the whiny blind girl 😉

1. Calling my cane a stick.
It is made from metal, and painted white, why on earth do people insist on calling it a stick?

2. Avoiding any vocabulary that involves using words such as see, watch, read or look.
Just because i’m blind doesn’t mean the language I talk has suddenly changed… “Can I have a look?
“Don’t you mean feel?”
And breathe Sassy*

3. Blind people who encourage this – I was listening to the TV last night…
You’re endorsing the overuse of being politically correct. Just stop it!

4. People tagging me in pictures on Facebook, and NOT telling me what the picture is…
It’s even worse when it’s a worded picture, and all VoiceOver says is “Image”

5. Leaving a room/ walking away and not telling me.
Yes I love the sound of my own voice, but that doesn’t mean I will get any feedback from the walls!

6. Moving things and not telling me.
I’ve always had OCD tendencies, everything has a place, so if you move something in my house without asking me first, you’ve just given me a good 10 minutes of searching!

7. Similarly, if i’ve made you a cup of tea, and you’ve finished it, please put your cup in the kitchen next to the sink, i’ll have forgotten about it and won’t remember until i’ve washed all the dishes and poured the water away that I made you tea 3 hours ago!

8. Walking into me head on…
I know you just have to send that “lol” text instantaneously because let’s face it, your friend won’t believe you found it funny if you send it more than a minute after you read it. But whilst you’re in phone land, i’m trying to keep in a straight line and get to my destination unscathed. Get your face out of your phone and pay attention to what’s around you!

9. Hand rails that don’t start/ stop at the beginning or end of the stairs.
I hold on to the handrail to let me follow the steps, but also to hold myself up, my balance is terrible, and when the handrail suddenly finishes but theres still 3 steps left… Total heart in mouth moment; I swear i’ve nearly broken my neck several times!

10. Stickers on fruit.
They are tiny, and mould to the shape of the fruit, i’ve eaten the sticker at least twice, but more often i’ve felt it in my mouth and removed it at the last second.It’s certainly not the end of the world, but I felt like an utter moron! So can we all agree to get rid of these little blighters?

If you hadn’t guessed already, I like a good moan, so i’ll stop here for now 😛

Any irritations or pet peeves that get on your nerves?

Leave me a comment below 🙂

Much love, Sassy x

37 comments on “10 Pet Peeves of Being Blind”

  1. Half of these irritate me too and I’m not blind, so they must be beyond annoying for you! I hate stickers on fruit (I hate stickers in general) and people not looking where they’re going while on their phone happens so often and is just unbelievably rude.

    • Hey,

      Oh it’s beyond annoying isn’t it? Especially the people with their face in their phones! If i end up tripping them with my cane because they weren’t paying attention, I have no sympathy! Looool i’m cruel 😉 xxx

  2. I can see why these things must drive you potty! I’m not blind but I could feel myself getting vexed and nodding along with you as I read! Pesky stickers in fruit! Grrr!

    Thanks for sharing lovely.

    Dawn xx

  3. Hi,

    I publish an Australian website on disability news and opinion at:

    and was wondering if it might be okay to republish this article and any other relevant ones on our website, with appropriate credit and a link back of course.

    It would help spread your work and gain a wider audience for you.

    Hope we can work together and I am quite happy to publish other articles you may have written that aren’t on your blog also.


    • Hey Dale,

      My apologies for such a delayed response!

      I would be honoured for you to feature my post on your website!
      I shall check out the website and get in touch, just encase you do not receive this reply.

      I look forward to working with you! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂


  4. I’m guilty of so many of these. I can see and have a few friends visually impaired but I never think. I’m better at not moving things, and helping to guide but so many foot in mouth when talking. Iv given directions by colour, told them just over there you can’t miss it (clearly they can) and asked the awkward questions oh my god did u see that? What colour was that thing? I’m so blessed my friends have a good sense of humour or Id have lost them a long time ago lol
    I do also describe any pictures I share now too. I’m learning. Only taken me a few years

    • Hey Claire,

      Thanks for sharing! I must admit I did chuckle reading this! I’m sure your friends love and appreciate you for who you are, and of course all the help you give!

      Don’t worry about foot in mouth comments, look/see/watch/ read, don’t really tend to phase VI/ blind people, it’s our vocabulary at the end of the day!

      Good for you for explaining pictures, you sound like a great friend! 🙂 xxx

  5. I am not VI, but I have a blind son (9). He is still fairly tolerant of how the seeing world reacts to him. However, as his father I find it increasingly annoying when other grown ups stop in the street, point at him and nudge the people they are with and say, out loud and very obviously, “look at him, he must be blind” (well done for spotting his cane!) or talking to him through me “does your little boy want ….” (He can speak, boy, can he speak, so why not talk to him yourself! ) or address him in a tone of pity – the “ah, bless him” approach.

    • Hey Allan,

      Unfortunately this happens far more often than I want to admit, over time, either you as a parent will learn to ignore it, or your Son will be responsive to these comments.

      Also, as a parent, don’t be afraid to speak up for your Son, when people are being deliberately ignorant or condescending. It’s better to educate these people, than allow them to continue in this way.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! 🙂 xxx

  6. My mum is blind and the worst thing is people saying “do you know who this is?” / “can you tell who I am from my voice?” really puts her on the spot and makes her feel so embarrassed

    • Hey Kim,

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Oh, peoples’ ignorance aggravates me! Your Mum may feel uncomfortable saying this at first, but I think if this happens again in future, she should politely remind the person that it puts her on the spot, and makes her feel uncomfortable! Maybe, just maybe, these people don’t realise how rude they are being, and how upsetting it is for your Mum!

      🙂 xxx

    • Hey Jacqueline,

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Yes there are, do you like this specific type of post?

      I can do more, i’m good at having a moan! 😉 xxx

    • Hey Maria,

      I’m glad you liked the post, and learned something along the way 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment, I really appreciate it 🙂 xx

    • Hey Karen,

      It’s cool, we can all learn from our mistakes as they say 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment! 🙂 xxx

    • Hey Dean,

      I’m glad to hear I make you smile, you saying that has made me smile!:)
      Thank you very much, that is very kind! I nominated you 🙂
      Fingers crossed for us both!

      Take care 🙂 xxx

  7. This takes me back to my very first VI Awareness/Sighted Guide training. I was wearing Sim Specs and my trainer deliberately took me to some stairs where the handrail didn’t reach the top. I had to lean forwards to reach it Sary or what?

  8. Could have sweared I’d commented on this already! Have definitely read before but maybe I only commented in my head?! Always reading your blog with a smile on my face! 🙂

    • Hey Danielle,

      I know the feeling! Especially when comment boxes aren’t accessible to me, I genuinely think i’ve left a comment!

      Thank you so much for your lovely words! I’m grinning from ear to ear! 🙂

      Take care 🙂 xxx

  9. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be blind.

    Anyone with this type of disability does have a hard time, but I know with one weakness, there are many strengths which can be gained.

    Thank you for sharing.

    John M

    • Hey Ana,

      Well i’m definitely good at having a good old moan! 😉

      Yep, It’s happened more times than I can poke a stick at, I either get extremely embarrassed or have a big bitch fit when they come back haha 😉 xxx

    • Hey,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment! Oh yes, Fb tagging is a right pain in the bum!!

      I’m lucky though because I live with my partner, so I can get him to read it out to me, but I think of all the blind people who live by themselves and don’t have sighted access like I do… xxx

  10. Some of these are super annoying and I can see so I can only imagine hue irritated these make you especially things getting moved! That’s a pet peeve of mine everything has its place! It’s good to rant new reader
    Cupcake Mumma

    • Hey Hannah,

      Thanks so much for leaving me a comment, and being a new reader! I really appreciate it!

      Yes I have OCD tendencies so everything needs to have a place anyway, so when it gets moved i’m in a scramble!

      I look forward to connecting with you 🙂 xxx

  11. I think it does us all good to let off a little steam every now and again and have a good rant! The one that stands out for me is the Facebook tagging – I mean surely people must ‘think’?! x

    • Hey,

      Oh you’d think wouldn’t you? Unfortunately not, and it’s my family who can be the worst haha! Oh well xxx

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