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If you have arthritis, then you know it’s a condition that can come and go depending on various factors. When you’ve worked hard to get the pain under control, the last thing you want is for it to flare up again. Consequently, watch out for these things that will, unfortunately, do just that:

Certain Foods

Many people are unaware that the food you eat can help or trigger your arthritis. If you eat a lot of anti-inflammatory foods that help reduce inflammation, your arthritis can be kept under control. On the other hand, there are foods such as fast foods and fried foods that increase inflammation in your body and will aggravate your arthritis. Really sugary foods can also be a problem too as they cause issues in your body that lead to inflammation. Essentially, you need to try and follow as healthy a diet as possible. This will reduce inflammation and help keep your arthritic pain at bay.

Physical Injuries

Injuring the area of your body that’s affected by arthritis will undoubtedly cause it to flare up again. If you slip and fall over, you can put extreme trauma on the bones and muscles that you land on. In America so many personal injury attorneys deal with arthritis cases every year where people injure themselves and end up needing to pay for lots of medical treatment to relieve their arthritic pain. Don’t let this happen to you, it’s likely you’ve already worked hard to stave off the pain, try and avoid situations where you’re likely to get injured. Be careful when walking on icy pavements or wet floors, etc.


Feeling tired is also another trigger for an arthritis flare up. This is because tiredness causes your muscles to fatigue, which makes them sore. This can cause trigger points, which leads to inflammation, and you’ve got your pain once more. Tiredness comes in many forms, there’s mental tiredness and physical tiredness. If you’re constantly exerting force on your body and tiring it out, then your arthritis will keep coming back. Give yourself a rest, try and relax your muscles.


You can pretty much name any physical or mental health problem and stress will be on the list of things that trigger it. Stress affects us physically and can cause so much tension in our bodies. This directly leads to arthritis and will trigger your pain. Again, like I just said in the point above, try and relax your muscles and de-stress.


As it was mentioned right at the beginning of this post, arthritis is a condition that can come and go. I mean this in the sense that the pain can flare up for a few days/weeks/months, and go away for long periods too. If you want to learn more about arthritis I wrote an article explaining it in more detail, so feel free to check that out here; What is arthritis?


Other than that, if you suffer from any type of arthritis, it’s best to avoid any of these things if you want to help the pain aS reduced.


I will point out that these situations Are not always in our control, for example icy pavements or a stressful work environment… these actions, combined with daily gentle exercise and the correct medication will go a long way to reducing your pain and keeping severe flareups at bay.

Have you got arthritis? Do you notice when you are having a flareup, are they due to the things I’ve mentioned above?
What do you do to reduce your flareup? I’d love to know in the comments below 🙂

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