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Living with chronic and ongoing pain is not something that any of us would choose. But whether it’s through a pre-existing condition or disability or an injury, its something lots of people find themselves having to face. Leading a full and active life is still possible – but what works for one individual won’t necessarily work for another. The whole thing is complex and condition-specific, which doesn’t make it easier. But combined with prescribed medications, the below factors can be highly effective. It will be a trial and error approach, and always advise your healthcare professional of any complementary therapies you are trying, but here are some areas that can enhance your existing pain management routine.

Meditation and Mindfulness

It can sound far-fetched when you’re starting out on a pain management journey, but its a well known fact that stress has the power to make pain a lot worse. So a proactive approach can combine stress management techniques with medication to enhance the results. Learning about mindfulness is a journey, but there are lots of free mindfulness apps to help you get started, right on your phone. Deep breathing techniques can focus the mind and help muscles to relax which can really help to manage pain.


Conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, or anything where fatigue and muscle pain are part of the challenge, can benefit from this ancient therapeutic approach. As part of a managed treatment plan it can encourage muscle energy and manage the flow of energy. Ultra-slim needles are inserted at specific pressure points in the body to encourage relaxation and healing. Find out more at http://www.awaywithpain.co.uk/reflexology.


Herbal Supplements

Many chronic pain sufferers find that some herbal supplements can be highly effective, and may prefer them to heavy chemical alternatives. Although you should never come off a prescription medication without consulting your doctor, supplements can be safe to be combined with traditional pain relief in some cases. Fish oils can suppress pain causing prostaglandin, Curcumin supplements can help with inflammation and elements like https://canabidol.com/ can also help.

Learning Biofeedback

The techniques used for biofeedback may sound a little out there, but some good results have been reported with those trying it. It’s all about learning to listen to the rhythms of your body by using monitors in combination with cognitive therapy. An investigation into the techniques will let you see if this approach may help you.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Its fundamental to well being, but eating the right foods can also make you happier as well as healthier. Items like turkey raise your levels of serotonin, making you feel better in a bite, while fish oils can really help with joint pain and mobility. Eating the right foods can aid the digestion process, keep your weight under control and improve blood sugar levels, all of which can have a knock on beneficial effect on pain levels. So choose those whole grains, lean meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your all round plan.

Do you use any of these techniques to manage your pain? Would you consider using them? Do you have any more that I could add to this?

As always, I love hearing your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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