A day in Brighton.

Back in April myself and 2 friends visited Brighton for the day. I’v never been to Brighton before so it was a nice way to explore the famous sea side town.

It was raining for the majority of our train trip so we weren’t particularly looking forward to stumbling about in the rain… Lucky for us as we got off the train and walked through the station the rain stopped!

I popped to the disabled toilets in the station before we headed off, they were clean and smelt nice 🙂 The member of staff by the barrier was very friendly also! 🙂

We were going to walk down to the Marina but as the bus stop was just across the road from the station we decided to catch the bus. A local came over to us and started chatting to us until our bus arrived, he was very friendly. The bus driver could tell that we were not locals and gave us a few ideas of where to go.

We caught the bus down to the Marina, the bus journey itself wasn’t that long, but entertaining. Not only did my friend manage to insult another passenger by announcing that she couldn’t tell whether the passenger was a man or a woman (the passenger was a woman, she had her head shaved and said she gets it a lot).
But the most exciting part for me was that the bus itself was electric and a talking bus! Great for the environment and the blind! Talking buses announce each stop and tell you what stop is next! I fell in love with the town instantly!

Number 7 electric and talking bus

We got off the bus and had a walk around, snapping some pictures and enjoying being in each others company!

Mermaid Statue

Brighton Marina with docked boats

Stone Fountain spraying water into a large basin

We decided to go for lunch and Zee-Zee’s , I have been to the chain before and as we were out celebrating my birthday I was given the deciding vote 🙂

We were seated promptly and given menu’s and our drink order was taken.
I asked for a Braille menu and the waitress went and fetched one for me; another bonus to Brighton!
After Kathy explained we were out for my birthday I was given a complimentary glass of Pressecco!

After the drinks were brought over there was a swap of waitresses, and the new waitress Maddie took our order She was very friendly and bubbly.
I ordered King Prawn Linguini in a tomato sauce with courgette shavings.

King Prawn Linguini in a bowl with courgette

Lenny ordered spicy meatballs in a tomato sauce.

Spicy Meat balls in tomato sauce

Kathy ordered some vegetarian rubbish 😉

Goats cheese salad and bread

As we were placing our orders Lenny and I were trying to encourage Kathy to get a meat dish, and kept trying to tell Maddie our lovely waitress that she should bring her a giant plate of food with various meats, much to Kathy’s dismay!

I would like to point out that neither of us have any problem with people’s life choices and if Kathy were not such a great friend, we wouldn’t have wound her up! 😉

When Maddie returned baring gifts of delicious food she too joined in the banter exclaiming that there were extra prawns in Kathy’s lunch! Kathy just about freaked out and Lenny and I couldn’t contain the fits of giggles we burst into!
Not only was our lunch delicious but having such a bubbly waitress with a great sense of humour totally enhanced our experience at Zee-Zee’s Brighton!

We were far too full to order any desserts, although they were mouth watering, we may have had another Pressecco or two 😉 of course drinking all that Pressecco called for a bathroom stop.
Zee-Zee’s Brighton had very disabled friendly toilets, they were clean and smelt that way too! 🙂

After letting the last of our drinks go down and giving our tummy’s a rest we asked for the bill.
Lenny i’m sure was batting his eyelashes at the lovely Maddie!It was fun to not only chat to her but get to know her a little too!
She even gave us some money off our bill!

As we were gathering our things I mentioned to Maddie that I was a blogger, and I planned on doing a review for Brighton, and was going to do a special mention of Zee-Zee’s and their fantastic service!

She said she wanted to read it, then I suddenly got bashful! So Maddie if by some very slim pickings you do ever read my blog; thank you for making our trip to Brighton all the more enjoyable, it was lovely to meet you!

We left Zee-Zee’s and headed out towards the Marina to take a few pictures, and then we took an easy stroll along the sea front back towards the train station. There is a tram service which passed us but as it was really warm and sunny we wanted to take in the sea air and soak up the sun.

Brighton Beach with a calm sea and the peir in the distance

We popped into Pret- A Mange for a quick drink as the sun was beating down! :

We also dropped into a quirky music shop; there were so many cool instruments and they allowed you to pick them up and try them out! 🙂

Lenny Plucking the Chello

A wall of guitars

Our entire trip to Brighton was fantastic, we enjoyed our leisurely time there, and would happily go there again, especially to explore the pier and the more touristy bits!
The locals were extremely friendly and welcoming, the services they provide are accessible and accommodating to Visually Impaired people, I would definitely recommend visiting Brighton!

Have you ever visited Brighton? Do you have any recommendations?

16 comments on “A Day In Brighton”

  1. Aw Sassy you came to my hometown! It looks like you had a fabulous time and I love the food in Zeezee’s too 🙂 next time you come, give me a shout and I’ll take you to my favourite places! Lovely review 🙂 xxx

    • I had a fabulous time, your hometown is just lovely!

      Yes, the next time i’m in Brighton I shall definitely give you a shout!
      It would be lovely to spend time with you 🙂
      Big hugs xxx

  2. This sounds like a fun day. We are planning a return trip, and Brighton is a place we want to visit. Am I safe in assuming from your experience that is also relatively wheelchair friendly?
    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • Hey George,
      Oh wow you’re coming to the UK? How exciting!
      Yes I would say that it is wheelchair friendly! It is hilly but everywhere I went seemed to have sloping kerbs and/ or ramps for wheelchair access 🙂 xxx

    • Oh you really should! Having the sun shining and the locals being so friendly was the icing on the cake for me! 🙂
      You should definitely write a review if ever you do visit properly 🙂 xxx

  3. This was a great read! — I’ve never been to Brighton, is this the one in Michigan? I’m glad that you had such a great experience in a new place for your birthday celebration.

    I love that when you go to a new town; the locals are energetic, and are active in promoting the local things to do there!

    • Hey,
      Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂
      Haha no this is the Brighton in the UK :)Yes I totally agree, it’s so fab when the locals are so welcoming and point out places to go 🙂 xxx

  4. I’ve not been to Brighton in years! I love how enthusiastic you are by the buses, pretty cool that they are so modern and helpful. Tried not laugh about your friend upsetting the person on the bus!! I love strolling along seafronts in the sea air. Great review of zee zees 😀 #triballove x

    • Thank you lovely lady 🙂
      Haha yes we still laugh about it today 😉
      There’s something so calming about taking in the scenic views and enjoying the sea air 🙂 xxx

  5. Fab review of what sounds like a brilliant day out! Those meatballs look delicious. Is it wrong that I really fancy that right now and I’m sure it’s really breakfast time! I love Brighton but it’s great to walk it with you, I probably wouldn’t have even thought about how good the buses are. Xxx

    • Thank you very much 🙂
      Haha I know exactly what you mean 🙂 If I see something super tasty even if i’ve just eaten, i’ll still want to eat it 😉
      Yes, the buses were fab! I’ve only been on one bus in my localish area that makes announcements, otherwise you have to be London itself 🙂 xxx

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