Booking Your Wedding Band with Headliner.

At a wedding the most important part of the party is the music. Well in my opinion anyway! Whether you are planning a lavish 5 star glamour party or a boho garden party, the music is going to play a large part in calculating your wedding funds.
The music is what keeps your wedding going into the early hours, well after the food and alcohol have dried up.
So it’s important to pick music that can keep your guests boogying all night.

Wedding band playing a chello with guests sitting down eating food

Not only is music an integral part of your special day, but you have to make the decision on whether you are going to hire a live band or DJ.

Spending hours on the internet researching who you want playing during your day only to come across the price-tag and realising the band of your dreams is out of your budget can be stressful and disheartning to say the least.

This is where Headliner comes in handy. Not only do they do all the leg work for you, sourcing bands, and DJ’s to suit your locality and budget, but you can contact the acts themselves through the platform.
After finding a act you like the look of, you can click onto their profile to learn more about them, as well as listen to music they have uploaded to the website. Prices are shown on each act’s profile,so you know upfront if the act you want can accommodate your budget,
talking with the act directly and confirming that they are the right fit for you and your big day, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your payment will be safe and secure.

Bride and Groom getting ready for their first dance

Headliner are an online platform connecting acts and the public that want to book. There is a selection of acts to suit all genres of music as well as the type of event you would like to host.

Gary and I have only been engaged a few months, so we still haven’t gotten around to deciding on a band or DJ, but I think we certainly like the thought of a live band being involved in getting our guests to the dance floor as well as entertaining them at the same time.

Website accessibility 4/5
As a screen reader user it was quite tricky to navigate, however when I switched to desktop mode and added the reader feature this made navigation much smoother.

Are you planning your wedding? Have you booked your music?
I would highly suggest taking a look at Headliner if you and your significant other haven’t come to a decision yet. 🙂

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