Encase you haven’t heard me raving about it; a month today myself and the lovely Ellie are heading off to #BML2016
This is the UK’s biggest blogging conference and I’m beyond excited to be attending! Ellie is coming with me as my eyes, or carer, whatever you call it these days…

I have heard there will be cake and wine! So naturally I had to sign up 🙂
I’d been blogging a few months and heard a lot of talk about Brit Mums Live, and after checking it out, it sounded like a brilliant opportunity for me to meet the wonderful bloggers I’d been interacting with, and learn some new skills and ways to develop my blog.

I can’t wait to meet; CuddleFairy, Pink Pear Bear, This Mum’s Life., You Baby Me Mummy and Mr and Mrs T Plus Three I would like to give them all a big hug and a thank you for starting their own linkys/ groups and allowing me to be a part of it!
Through their Linkys I have read amazing blogs and gotten to know the fantastic people that I now class as friends!

I’m just gutted that not everyone I would love to meet can attend!

Words can’t explain how excited I am about meeting the Tribe in the flesh, is it weird that i’m not even nervous?
Also Helen,, I’m counting on you for this Champagne tent! 😉

AT the end of the conference there is the blog awards ceremony where we get to toast the shortlisted bloggers and congratulate the finalists for the BiBs and MADs Awards!
I’m really looking forward to it, even if I’m not a finalist, I’m going to be euphoric anyway!
I wish all shortlisted bloggers a thumbs up and good luck for the finalists on Friday! 🙂 🙂

BritMums have kindly created a linky for bloggers to introduce themselves, and hopefully get to know others attending, a little better beforehand. So here I am 🙂
My name:
My blog:
Find me on social media at:
How I look:
Well you’ll probably confuse me as one of your toddlers until you see the long white cane swinging about, and then you’ll be running away and fearing for your ankles! 😉

Is this my first blogging event?
Yes it is! I’m not nervous yet, but I bet the day before I’ll be realising what a weirdo I am, and wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea…

I will be wearing…
Either a dress or skirt/dressy top. It all depends on the weather really. Oh and how closely I resemble a jelly.

What I hope to gain from #BML16:
I’m really looking forward to meeting all these fabulous bloggers. Get inspiration from them and ow amazing they are. I would love to network with brands/PR about how to get them on board with supporting my campaigns 🙂

My tips for a great conference:
Seeing as I have never been to a conference before, let alone a blogging one, I wouldn’t know what to suggest practically.
I would however, ask that if you see me,(I’ll be about kneecap height), to come and say hello, and introduce yourself.
I’m in a sad situation; I can’t see any of your pretty faces, I will only know you by blog name. So it would be great if you could say “Hi Sassy, it’s…” that way I’ll know it’s me you are talking to.
I’m renowned for replying to other peoples’ conversations 😉 it’s all fun and games really! 🙂
Also, I really love hugs, cake and alcohol, so if you want to make your entrance with any of those, I will be your best friend!

8 comments on “I’m Going to #BML2016”

  1. Love it Sassy, your enthusiasm is infectious! I will make sure I look down and say Hello lovely Sassy it’s Lucy! I will then probably continue talking, give you my life history and you’ll think ‘I prefer her behind a screen’. Can’t wait to meet you lovely x

  2. Can’t wait to meet you, Sassy!
    I’m a short-arse too so stand near me and you won’t look so tiny 😉
    It’s going to be loads of fun, really looking forward to it!

  3. Oh Sassy you sound as excited as me – I can’t believe now that I was so unsure about going – I’m so excited now that I’m almost a bit giddy! Hmm no pressure for me on the champagne tent then!! I think it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn so much and meet everyone – 4 weeks to go – countdown! #triballove

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