Hello lovely people!

I’m’ sorry for my absence of late,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i’ve had a few things going on these past few weeks which has made it almost impossible for me to blog. The main reason being illness.

2 weeks ago I started to feel pretty under the weather, and if i’m honest it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Due to my medical conditions I actually have NO immune system, so things such as a common cold tends to stay with me for weeks at a time.

These past few weeks have been no exception but with the added bonus of losing my hearing to almost nothing.

I’m not going to lie; these 2 weeks have been extremely tough for me, it wasn’t just the loss of hearing that affected me but the pain and illness that came along with it. The week began with fever, headaches and pain in my ear. For the first few days I was bed bound, trying to sleep away the pain, but as the week progressed and the fever and headaches subsided the pain became unbearable, coinciding with a deterioration in hearing.
Being completely blind, I was constantly disorientated . I would walk into everything, bounce off walls and generally get confused as to where I was within my own home.
Each day with it brought a new challenge, not being able to hear my phone; I use speech software on my phone called VoiceOver to read whatever is on my phone to me, so I can navigate and communicate with the outside world. It became so bad that I could only hear my phone if it was on it’s loudest setting and right against my ear. Of course this came with more worry that I was damaging my hearing because I needed it so loud. I couldn’t hear my door buzzer go (which is usually extremely loud in my opinion), so I couldn’t hear people knocking at my door, I couldn’t hear the TV. I even tried turning it up to it’s loudest volume and could still only hear watery noise. And worst of all, I couldn’t hear Gary to have a conversation with him. He physically had to stand next to me and shout in my ear just for me to hear him.
The irony of the situation probably was at it’s peak when Gary took me to the Doctors about my illness, and he had to repeat everything the Doctor said, by shouting it into my ear.

I am slowly on the mend, my hearing isn’t back to normal yet, but has improved considerably; and this is why I am able to write this post!

As I said earlier I found these past 2 weeks extremely tough, and with each day that my hearing worsened / didn’t improve I became more and more sorry for myself.

I count my blessings though. Because even though I am still not 100% well, I have the upmost respect for anyone who is hard of hearing or has hearing problems of any kind.
All my life I have thought it would always be worse to have hearing loss, over most disabilities.

And for me, over these past few weeks, it has proven my theory correct.

Maybe because I already have no useable vision, but to me, i’ve always admired people who have any sot of hearing impairment. Not being able to watch TV, have a conversation with anyone, or even know that my buzzer was ringing and not being able to hear it was terrible for me. I’m a massive chatterbox, and adore music, and TV, if I couldn’t hear I think it would destroy me as a person.

Don’t get me wrong, being confined to a wheelchair, and not having sight, hasn’t been easy, but I’ve always counted my blessings. I could still interact with the people I loved, listen to my favourite song or even ask a stranger to confirm that my bus was next.

In my opinion if a person was totally deaf, they couldn’t communicate with people the way you or I can, they would have to learn sign language, or write everything down, to be able to interact with someone who did not know sign language. The ease in which a conversation between two people is generally fluid and quick, but for someone who has no hearing that is a barrier to communicating with peers.

I don’t feel sorry for people who have hearing impairments, the way I don’t want people to feel sorry for me just because I can’t see. But I have even more respect for people who are hard of hearing, and count my blessings for every day I am not in a permanent state of being constantly unwell.

I sincerely hope that no-one takes any offense to my thoughts on my experience with hearing loss and how I haven’t dealt with it. But I thought I would put my thoughts and feelings down on paper so-to-speak.

I’m grateful for Gary, my family, and my friends for all the support and positive vibes they’ve been throwing my way over these past few weeks. I’m counting my blessings to have such wonderful people in my life!

What are you counting your blessings for?
Leave me a comment below, i’d love to know 🙂

Much love, Sassy x

20 comments on “Counting My Blessings”

    • Hey Nat,

      It was tough, but I feel it’s always better to try and look for the positives in a negative situation, otherwise it will take us longer to get well/ get out of a funk.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it 🙂 xxx

  1. I can’t imagine! What a terrible experience. I lost my vision briefly once and it was terrifying to me. I am so grateful for people who let us know that disabilities like blindness do not have to be the end of the world, quite the opposite! I’m counting my blessings today, too. Thank you for the insightful reminder!

    • Hey 🙂

      Oh, i’m sorry to hear you had to go through that experience, it truly is scary! But i’m glad everything seems to be back on track now 🙂

      I agree, I look at people in the ParaOlympics and i’m just in awe, not only what some of them have had to go through just to get there, but they are ambassadors for their sport, and disability! It’s incredible! 🙂

      I hope you have a lovely day 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh Sassy you have dealt well with it because you’re able to pick yourself back up on and write so positively … counting your blessings is a wonderful way to view life. I have a very poorly sister so I have to spend a lot of my time counting blessings – it’s not always easy though. Really hope you’re feeling heaps better today #BloggerClubUK

    • Hey,

      Thank you for your lovely comment! 🙂 Oh, i’m sorry to hear your Sister is so unwell, sending lots of love and good vibes!

      Keep smiling, and keep your head up!
      Much love, xxx

  3. Wow, you are honestly one of the most inspirational people I know. The way that you manage to stay so positive, and maintain a sense of humour, and write brilliant blog posts, in the face of such difficulty, is really just incredible. I’m so sorry that you were so poorly, but relieved for you that you feel better now. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must’ve been for you to lose your hearing, as well as contending with your other difficulties. It makes me feel very humbled, and I feel ridiculous for worrying about things like my thighs being too wobbly, and the fact that my children have been having tantrums, because those aren’t problems at all compared to what some people are facing! I will count my blessings that today, I can see, and hear, and that is more than some people have. Thanks for making me have a re-evaluation of my problems, and thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    • Hey,

      Thank you so much for your very lovely comment, I am truly humbled!
      I find it easier to be silly about it and make jokes, rather than dwell, because I don’t think i’d come out of that funk if I didn’t. I’m also extremely lucky that I have a fantastic support network, who keep me smiling and finding the positives! 🙂

      I’m really glad you’ve counted your blessings, but what I will say is: everything is relative. Your children having tantrums is never an easy feat for a parent! We can all have our down days about the way we look, but i’m sure your Husband loves you for exactly who you are, wobbly bits or not! 🙂 xxx

  4. So pleased you’re back – I’d wondered where you’d got to! I can imagine how difficult it must be to have hearing problems – I had a really nasty ear infection at the end of last year where I lost the hearing in one ear, and my eardrum burst. It was horrendously painful, and far more difficult than I imagined not being able to hear. And I still had the hearing in the other ear, so nowhere near as bad. Hope you’re feeling much better today, and it’s so lovely that you have such great family and friends to support you. #bloggerclubuk

    • Hey Katie,

      Thank you for your lovely comment! Wow, that must have been agony! It’s amazing how much we rely on our hearing isn’t it?
      Making cups of tea were a nightmare, I couldn’t hear the water being poured into the cup so I would either burn my finger or overflow the cup, usually both 😉

      It’s strange my hearing has come back, but my ears are still crackling, and still haven’t popped!

      Hope you are having a good day? xxx

  5. Counting your blessings sounds like you have dealt with it all pretty amazingly. The last couple of weeks must have been really horrible, I hope you continue to feel better and the doctor had some answers and help…particularly about the hearing.

    • Hey Lovely,

      I owe you and the #Tribesters big love to, giving me support and well wishes when I was being miserable!

      Glad i’m back to health, so I can spam the chat 😉 xxx

  6. It’s great that Gary & your family have been so supportive! I’m sorry you were so ill, that’s awful about your hearing! I hope all is sorted out now hun. Focusing on gratitude in difficult times can be a big help. Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk

    • Hey Becky,

      Yes I am very lucky I have such a brilliant support network, Gary is a little star!

      Thank you for your well wishes, I think i’m back to normal, what ever that means 😉

      Thanks for having me 🙂 xxx

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