Welcome back to my disability Q&A . Today’s interview  is brought to you by Holly, some of you may know her on social media as life of a blind girl.

Hol and I met on Twitter, we got chatting and soon realized that we both had a passion for changing peoples’ perspectives.

She is caring, bubbly and funny and I am proud to call her one of my closest friends!

Over to you my lovely…

Tell me about yourself:

Hello I’m Holly, I’m 20 and live in the United Kingdom. I am currently a student, studying Children, young people and families in the hope of working with blind and visually impaired people when I graduate. My hobbies include playing the flute, seeing friends, listening to music and all sorts of stuff really.

Now we know the basics, can we learn a bit more about you?

What is the medical reason you have a disability? Retinopathy of prematurity

Have you had your Visual impairment / disability from birth? Yes

Which terminology do you prefer: Partially Sighted, Visually Impaired, Sight Impaired, Severely Sight Impaired or Blind?

Severely sight impaired or blind

Do you have a cane, Guide Dog or neither?

I have a cane.

If you could extinguish your disability, would you? – If not, please explain why.

Yes I think I would.

For those who do not know much about your VI what can you see?

Not a lot…light and dark and close up hand movementsF.

How has your disability affected you?


I have felt socially excluded/isolated at times.


Nothing really


I have had a couple of really low points but have got through them and I accept my disability so much more now. I do have my down days but I know how to deal with them so much more now.

Do you think your disability has made you who you are today? Please give a positive example of how this has done so… Example: Not judging people by their appearance

Yes it has definitely made me who I am today and shaped me in so many ways. A positive example is that I have learnt to not judge others and really get to know them. ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’

Is  there a particular question you get asked often because of your disability? If so, please explain below.

‘What can you actually see?’ because I have such little vision.


What are the positives of having a disability?

There are quite a few positives of having a disability. Discounts on various things, being able to help other blind/visually impaired people are just a couple.

What are the negatives of having a disability?

Not being able to see the beauty in this world, not knowing what my friends or family look like.

What would you say is a difficulty for you being VI / disabled?

Not being able to go to anywhere I want; I have to learn routes.

As a person with a disability, what are the things you face on a daily / weekly basis that frustrate you?

In your home

Cooking things sometimes

Outside your home

Planning ahead for things such as train assistance, I can’t just make an instant decision of going somewhere. Also, sometimes mobility.

Are there any tips or tricks you use in daily life you’d like to pass on to another VI/ disabled person?

Keep clothes colour-coordinated. When applying make up maybe count how many times you need a certain thing on such as powder.

Do you use Assisstive technology in your daily living? c.

I use a lot of assistive technology.

Screen-reader: Jaws and apple VoiceOver, sometimes NVDA.

I use a braille display.

There’s loads of apps that I use to help me in my daily living. Tap Tap See, Cam Find, KNFB reader or other apps that do the same thing. I also use Ariadne GPS, BlindSquare and apps such as National rail, The Trainline etc.

I sometimes use a liquid leveler and talking scales.

What piece of advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed? Or going through a deterioration in vision / or mobility?

Admit that you need help or support; it doesn’t mean that you’re weak or struggling. Also, as hard as it it is at times don’t let your barrier be a barrier.

Any advice you’d like to give to a person with sight / no disabilities?

Don’t just assume, ask.

Did you seek out any specialist services / charities to help you and your family deal with your situation?


I haven’t used them a great deal but the ones that I have used are The Amber Trust, RNIB, Action For Blind and Blind Children UK.

Where can people find you out in the world?

Blog: http://www.lifeofablindgirl.wordpress.com

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/lifeofablindgirl

Twitter: Hollynataliet

Instagram: lifeofablindgirl

Email: lifeofablindgirl@gmail.com



Thank you Holly for sharing your story, I hope people find your tips and explanations useful!
You can find out so much more about Hol, her disability and how she hopes to support others by visiting her fabulous blog!

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  1. So lovely to hear from your friend Holly – what an amazing girl and love the fact that she is studying to help others who are visually impaired – what an inspiration. Love the way that she talks of counting how many times you apply powder when doing makeup – great tips! Thank you for sharing your story with us Holly! And Sassy so lovely of you to share her story here #DreamTeam

  2. Great interview Sassy and fab to know a bit more about your visual impairment Holly. I find it fascinating to understand more so hopefully I can be more helpful to those who need it in social situations. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

  3. Great interview! Holly is such a brave, strong woman! I was glued to this post because I really felt I was getting insight into Holly’s life – it’s great she has so many positives too, because life is for living! These interviews are truly inspirational!

    Thanks for linking this to #AnythingGoes Janet

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