I was in Malta, it was the day after my best friend got married, I was sitting in a local cafe looking forward to having a catch up with a blogger I admired and who had gone out of her way to support Gary and i when we were in a tricky situation just a week earlier.

I had technically met this lovely lady previously in the year at BML where I was a finalist in their prestigious blogging awards, in the category of inspire. I did not win, but she did for being the best writer… If you don’t know who I am referring to then you should certainly check out her blog: Absolutely Prabulous; it’s full of wit… sincerity and a few awkward moments.

Gary and I had just ordered cocktails, well we were on holiday and it was after midday; it’s got to be done!
Within the space of a few short minutes my life and our holiday turned upside down…

I fell backwards off the cafe wall, dropping 3 or so feet onto solid concrete.

I had broken my leg:my tibia, and fibula and crossed over one another, my patella had shattered and bits of bone debris were floating around in my knee.

Ct scan of a fractured Knee

I was treated well by the staff at hospital, and stayed their until my flight home 48 hours later.

I had my operation on August 3rd 2016, and needless to say it was a long and arduous recovery; being blind, needing crutches and in turn no balance and use of my hands made life very difficult indeed.
I was physically stuck in my home for 2 weeks because I had no grab rails to exit my house safely, no wheelchair and simple tasks like taking a shower and making a cup of tea were practically impossible.

New black brace with soft padded supports and clear plastic dial.

Gary, my parents and a few special friends were physical, mental and emotional support all rolled into one.

I had several other complications during this time including my cast cutting off my circulation, my knee healing in the incorrect position meaning my leg bowed out, and, no physiotherapy or hydrotherapy to aid my recovery because of the positioning of the leg.

It was a tough year with 6 months of intense slog and pain.

The accident itself was an accident, but in actual fact it was something that could have been prevented. The cafe had no barriers to protect anyone in a wheelchair, small child or anyone other falling over the edge. There were stone steps with no handrails, and no ramps for persons in a wheelchair to attend the cafe without the assistance of another person.

I got in touch with several personal injury firms who agreed that health and safety was lacking but because I was not in the UK when I broke my leg, and not on the hotels premisses either, there wasn’t anything in their jurisdiction to support me in making claim and taking the cafe to court.

I got in touch with Maltese networks but hit dead ends.

My next plan of action is to contact the British Embassy in Malta to see what can be done in reporting the incident and taking further action.

Breaking my leg has changed my life and impacted negatively on my quality of living.
I walk differently, I now have Osteoarthritis in my right knee, and my general rheumatoid arthritis has been more severe because it takes the weight and strain from my right leg.

Although I’m happy to report I am recovered to the best extent I ever will, my life and business was pushed back and put on hold.

My life has certainly been a roller coaster from the age of 7, and I highly doubt I haven’t got more twists and turns coming my way.

But there are a few pieces of advice I’d like to share with you from my story and this journey of mine

  • Always take out insurance when you travel outside of your home country. You never know what’s going to happen, and having any medical issues or disabilities may have an impact on you and your travels.
  • Appreciate those you have in your life, when it matters you’ll know who you can truly depend on.
  • If you live in the UK be extremely thankful for the NHS, yes it’s not without it’s problems but for someone who has a long term disability, the help, care and support I received from them is a benefit of our country and we take it for granted far too often.
  • If something is worth fighting for, try your hardest to not give up… My accident could have been prevented if there were adequate health and safety requirements in place.

I want to take the cafe to task for it’s inadequacies and I endeavour to get results because accessibility, inclusivity and equal treatment is for all.

Have you had any holiday mishaps?Have you ever sought the support of a personal injuries specialist? If so, what were your experiences?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

*This is a sponsored post.

2 comments on “A disaster I didn’t Forsee”

  1. Oh my, how very awful! What a terrible story, and to not have any support from this cafe. It’s horrendous! Fight the fight, and most importantly, feel better. Your challenges are significant and I am heartbroken for you that this happened. #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  2. It is horrible that an accident like this can occur, that no safety was in place. I am so glad you are recovering, continue to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally as things like this can really take their toll. I am glad you have great support xx #ablogginggoodtime

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