Driverless Cars: The Pros and Cons.

Driverless cars are similar to that of Auto Pilot on planes. Technological advances are fast becoming popular for the public
meaning that they are in demand,Countries such as America, Sweden and Japan, already have Driverless cars. This technology allows the car to be controlled by using technological systems such as sensors, computer vision GPS and lasers that track illuminated light.
These systems work in accordance with each other and control the cars’ movements including steering, accelerating, indicating, cruise control and self parking.

With most cars already having these technological features including cruise control and self parking it seems logical that more would be yet to come. Google released the driverless cars in 3 cities in the UK, and the majority consensus was when are they coming to Britain full time.

So what are the pros and cons?

Driverless cars can save lies, road trafficc accidents (RTA’s) are caused by human error: lack of concentration, alcohol and/or drug consumption, carelessness and fatigue. 24,582 people where killed or seriously injured in 2014.By allowing robotics and sensors to manage movements and routes there will be far less accidents on the roads.

Driverless cars are more fuel efficient: robotic cars that follow an exact route and even knowing where the nearest parking spaces, there will be no getting lost, or wasting fuel; on continuously driving around looking for a space.

Safety in numbers: The more driverless cars that are on the road, the more communication will flow easily between the cars themselves, Each driverless car would interact with one another, adjusting their speed and fluidity of movement, with each car knowing when to slow down, and even stop if there are obstacles in their path.

Time will be saved: less congestion on the roads because the cars can communicate with signals ahead of time, they will reduce speed appropriately.


Security flaws; cars that are primarily equipped with computer technology, whose computer systems can be hacked. Which has already happened, meaning that manufactures need to safe guard the systems from being hacked further.

More people will be out of jobs: people that earn a living from driving:Taxi Drivers, Lorry Drivers and other jobs such as mechanical engineers will be out of work and out of pocket.

Computer systems crash and have errors too: what if the system breaks down and the car stops on the middle of a busy junction?

Present technology also means that tasks such as driving in the rain and snow are not doable, cars cannot detect hand signals from humans to indicate where they should be going,, for example road workers pointing left.

The cost of these vehicles are not going to be cheap, so where are
people supposed to get the money from to be able to afford one?

With this level of technology, ever advancing and Britain changing it’s road laws to allow driverless cars to be available, the next hope for the future would be blind people being able to have their own cars.

Watch here to see a video of a blind man testing the driverless car.

But what in reality would that mean for the blind community?

The advantages would be 10 fold if you are visually impaired; no need to plan routes and journeys constantly, or waiting around for buses (which may or may not turn up!).
Secondly, VIP’s wouldn’t have to rely on family or friends to take them places that are non negotiable by public transport (specifically buses). The freedom and ease of having a car, going anywhere at any time without hesitation, and finally, more independence which couldn’t be achieved beforehand.

However let’s be really logical about this; in California the laws are: *there needs to be a fully qualified driver at all times to take over the car encase of unforeseen circumstances.* This then means that blind, and visually impaired people who do not have a license could not ride unaccompanied.
Secondly, If a totally blind person were to have their own self driving car, how will they then know how to find their car after they have parked up and walked away. Just because the car has given them more independence doesn’t mean they aren’t still lacking vision in order to get back to the car safely.
What if they got lost? Generally totally blind people wouldn’t know the make/ model or even the colour of their car, let alone their registration plate; so how could they even ask for assistance to get back to their car?

I am completely blind, and personally I wouldn’t trust myself alone in a driverless car, and I certainly wouldn’t get in a car with another totally blind person.

Maybe technology will combat this and have clever vibrating
detectors, built into a car key or something similar, but by the looks of it, having totally blind people own a car would not only add to the traffic, and pollution to the planet but they are still not safe to be behind the proverbial wheel of a car, to see what is going on around them.

Maybe technology will advance and i’m just being a downer on the subject but I just don’t see giving blind or visually impaired people a driverless car is beneficial to anyone but the individual.

What are your thoughts and perspectives on this topic, i’d love to know!

Much love, Sassy x

9 comments on “Driverless Cars:The Pros and Cons.”

  1. The idea of it scares me. I understand that most accidents occur due to human error, but I know how unreliable computer tech can be from just owning an iPhone, I don’t think I could completely trust a car on the road. There would have to be a lot of fail safe testing to get me on board with this one!! x

  2. I don’t know what to think, you make good points on the pros and cons, I think maybe they would make us even more lazy in the world we live in there is tech to do almost everything for you lol. Also maybe they will make people more irresponsible e.g driving under the influence xx

  3. My first reaction is also to scoff – I’d imagine no matter how advanced the technology gets there will always need to be an override function and an able driver to take over. Imagine what a kid could do if they nabbed the keys!

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