Eynsham Hall Oxfordshire: A Review.


Eynsham Hall with a blanket of snow covering the grounds

Eynsham Hall Oxfordshire is a Georgian building dating back to 1700’s set in a beautiful landscape of 3000 acres of land.
originally a Georgian house, it was demolished in 1904 and rebuilt as a Jacobean style mansion in 1906-8, it manifested itself over the years becoming a maternity ward in WWII and then a police academy for over 30 years.
Although a grade 2 listed building it has been refurbished many times and is now an open yet intimate setting for tourism, business and more sought after a wedding venue that will capture your attention and make you never want to leave.
Driving up the winding grounds. during a dark stormy Autumn evening didn’t detract from the beauty or wow factor Gary and I felt.
With disabled parking at the front of Eynsham Hall, it took just moments to reach the entrance, fitted with a stable and smooth ramp.
We were welcomed politely and got checked in straight away by the lovely receptionist.
Gary and I were greeted warmly  by Kate from Coconut PR and said that she and the others would be in the main hall waiting for us after we dropped off our bags.
The receptionist gave us detailed instructions of how to get to our room, as there were no lifts available.
It was quite the maze and a few million steps later (just kidding) we found our room.
The room was grand but cosy hosting a queen sized bed, triple wardrobe, a desk, a 2 seater sofa with a coffee table and large TV. There was also a stocked mini bar and tea and coffee options.
The bathroom was large, bright, white and thoroughly  cleaned. Not only did we have the option of a deep bathtub but  a walk in rainfall shower.
Ambient light and the radio played softly as we entered the room.Needless to say, Gary and I were very pleased and left our room with big smiles on our faces.
We met with Kate, and some of the Eynsham Hall team; Tom, Laura and Lisa-Marie the wedding coordinator.
A tall christmas tree fully decorated with red and gold ornaments. Presesents in red and gold wrapping paper are under the tree.

The library.

Chatting briefly about Wedding plans and such like we were then taken to the library room.
Lisa-Marie gave a great introduction and history to Eynsham Hall as we sat drinking our orange juice.
The library room was large,but homely .

The Red Room.

We then made our way across to the Red room, this is where people choosing to get married on site would go to be legally wed and sign the registry.
There were by folding doors which meant that if you had a large reception, the doors could be folded back to create more space.

The Gun Room.

The next room we entered was the gun room, another quirky but relaxing atmosphere winning an award for the interior design.
The gun room had a small bar situated along one wall which looked out towards the numerous seating available. There was quite a selection of furniture ranging from arm chairs to sofas to suit all tastes. The two main chandeliers where of a spiderweb design picture a cobweb casing the whole of the chandelier. There were multiple fake antler lights on the surrounding wall all with a dimming function change the mood.

The Brasserie.

The Brasserie Is the main dining room, this has two main center benches with backboards. This created a partition in the room which made it feel more private, as if the right side was an entirely different room to the left. Along the right hand wall was the fireplace which was made of stone.
On the left hand side of the room was a small bar made of copper piping which we were told was a big hit with the groomsmen when taking pictures. At the far end of the room was a large window.
The Brasserie, there are Red benches on the left and a stone fireplace on the right with a large window at the end of the room


We were then taken upstairs to view other rooms that would be available if you booked your wedding party to stay in the hotel.
With it’s unique style and gracious space, each room could hold a family of 4.
Unfortunately we were unable to view the Bridal suite but I have it on good recommendation that it is every bit as grand and gorgeous as the  others, with the addition of marble bathroom and copper bath looking out onto the grounds.
Gary and I were also shown to the bridal party room, exclusively for the bride and her party to get ready in, adorning big mirrors and windows, perfect for the natural light and everyone to get ready together.
Eynsham Hall can tailor make a package to suit the happy couple and their nearest and dearest.
Extra special touches such as breakfast and luggage taken to retrospective rooms  for your guests staying on site is a perfect way to enjoy your morning getting ready in an environment of your choice.
Of the the dining rooms set out with white wedding furniture, two decrotive fireplaces can be seen one on the right hand wall and one on the far end wall.
There is also a 2nd room hosting the same features, for the grooms party too.
The tour was great and the team answered all our questions and potential anxieties about accommodation for people with disabilities.
saying goodbyes, handshakes and a goody bag later Gary and I were left to our own devices…
Grabbing a drink at the bar.
Our table was booked for 7PM so we took the opportunity to grab a drink at the bar. The gun room wasn’t busy but it had a lovely hum of chatter and people ordering food.
Within moments of us sitting down a waiter came over and offered us the food and drinks menu.
Gary ordered a Guinness whilst I went for a festive cocktail, OK, it was more like a pudding but it was delicious!
The waiter was friendly,chatty and very courteous.

Dinner at the Brassrie.

We headed next door to the Brasserie and bid our farewell to the lovely waiter.
Just moments after we stepped into the Brasserie, the same waiter appeared and showed us to a table, right by the open fire.
The gentleman explained that he would not be serving us, but his colleague would be over soon to take our orders.
We were greeted warmly by our new waiter who took our drinks order and left us to check the menu.
The Brasserie was quiet, and with music playing softly and the fire at my back Gary and I soaked up the atmosphere.

The Food at Eynsham Hall.

Tasty bread and butter was served as we waited for our drinks and starters to arrive.
Gary ordered the prawn cocktail and I ordered goats cheese and
Both came swiftly and presented well on the plate, o and the food was lovely too!
Prawn cocktailGoats cheese starter
 For main Gary ordered the sausage mixed grill and I opted for the steak frites
My steak was cooked medium rare, the only way to have steak in my opinion but it was also suggested on the menu.
The steak melted in the mouth and the garlic butter was just delicious! It came with chips and salad which I managed to wolf down as well.
Mix Grilled Saussage on a wooden plate with colesaw in a little saucepan
Steak Frites and fries with a rocket salad on a wooden plate
Gary certainly enjoyed his main, and the bit i tried was flavoursome and meaty.


For dessert Gary and I shared a raspberry shortcrust pie with clotted cream ice cream. Gary took this opportunity to eat as much as he could without my noticing…The pie had a sweet sharpness to it which the ice-cream  complimented perfectly.
 Rasberry dessert on a white plate with ice cream and a mango sauce
Throughout our entire meal the waiter was extremely attentive, and very friendly. He made sure we were never waiting long, but also didn’t hover.
Gary and I also thought it a nice touch that he returned to the fire a few times to replenish the firewood and kept it glowing.
After lots of delicious food and laughing all evening Gary and I headed up to our room.
With thanks to Gary’s camera skills I jumped on Instagram and gave a quick live about our wonderful evening.

@eynshamhall Had a fantastic night sleep,breakfast was delicious and here is a quick tour of our room

A post shared by Sassy Wyatt (@sassys_blog) on

@eynshamhall Had a fantastic night sleep,breakfast was delicious and here is a quick tour of our room

A post shared by Sassy Wyatt (@sassys_blog) on

I clambered into bed while Gary took the opportunity to have along soak in a bath he can actually fit in. Being 6”1 and having a sink for a bath at home, Gary revelled in the luxury of a bath.

Our sleep.

The bed was luxuriously large, extremely comfortable and full of plump pillows. Because my arthritis had been playing up I woke up every hour or so to readjust my position. Gary however slept soundlessly all night and only waking after Ida decided she was going to bark at the people out in the corridor. Sometimes I think she thinks she’s a guard dog, not a guide dog!

The Bridal suite with a large bed on the right a nice feature wall with a large mirror with a fireplace is to the right of the bed. A large window is lighting the room.


in the red room. The room was transformed into a bright area where you could help yourself to a cooked breakfast; sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, beans and fruit or cereal was optional.
The male waiter that attended to us in the morning was chirpy, polite and very friendly. After taking our order of tea, he offered to pour it for me, as Gary was attending to Ida at the time.
Even popping bak over to tell me exactly where my tea was on the table as he must of noticed I hadn’t touched it.
We chatted briefly about how long he had been working at Eynsham Hall and how much he enjoyed it.He too was very attentive as we ate, coming over to check if we wanted/ needed anything else.
A wedding table set up in the red room with a view looking out the window on to the back lawns of the hall
Gary and I checked out at 10AM and took Ida for a quick run on the lawn before heading home.
I would highly recommend staying at Eynsham Hall Oxfordshire if ever you are in the vicinity. It is certainly a contender for our wedding!
Gary and I had a truly wonderful time, and attending in November Eynsham Hall had gorgeous Christmas spirit.
Although we didn’t have time to explore, Eynsham Hall does offer a swimming pool and other sport facilities.

Quality of Service 5/5

Everything at Eynsham Hall was clean and very comfortable. The front of the building was very well lit making it easy to navigate around without any issues. The temperature of all the rooms we spent time in were just right, it wasn’t freezing as one would expect from such a large old building.

Hospitality 5/5

The staff were extremely friendly, welcoming and knowledgable about Eynsham Hall. Nothing was too much trouble the staff were also very aware that they shouldn’t distract Ida as a guide dog.

Accessibility: 4/5

The grounds were pretty flat and there were ramps at different entrances of the building enabling anyone in a wheelchair to move freely around the ground floor.
The disabled toilet was expansively equipped with grab rails and manoeuvrability .
As the building was made in the 1700’s and grade 2 listed, there were only stairs as an option to access the upstairs floors.
alongside the bridal suite and changing suites being upstairs for anyone who has limited mobility this could mean that they wouldn’t get the same experience.
Eynsham Hall have made suitable accommodations by creating a fully accessible cottage with a wet room with grab rails and emergency button.
Venue & Details:Eynsham Hall Hotel
North Leigh
Witney, OXF
01993 885200


*Gary and I were invited to Eynsham Hall for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

*Images courtesy of Eynsham Hall, we didn’t think we could do it justice.

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