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With modern day life becoming more and more demanding and stressful there is no wonder that the number of people suffering from anxiety is rising. Anxiety is an issue that can affect anyone of us and anyone that has suffered from it will know that it can be debilitating, upsetting and, at times, downright terrifying.


If you are suffering from anxiety and are struggling to find your way through it then read on for our top four ways to work through it and begin to feel like your old self again.


Spend Time with the Anxiety

Now this sounds scary, we know and maybe even ridiculous, however hear us out. Psychologists and therapists who deal with chronic anxiety say that the best way to overcome it is to face it head on. We know that when we feel anxious about a certain situation or environment our basic reaction is to avoid it. However that fear and subsequent avoidance is merely avoiding a situation short-term which will just allow the anxiety to grow over time. Spending time with anxiety by exposing yourself to the thoughts and sensations you feel in certain places or around certain people will allow that anxiety to subside over time.


The Aware Steps

The best way to approach spending time with your anxiety is to create a set of awareness steps that will help you to feel more confident about the process. Facing your anxiety head on can be a very scary process so creating awareness steps for yourself will help to reduce the anxiety you feel about this process. This can come in many forms and is dependant on your specific and individual anxieties and more information about how to go about creating your own awareness steps can be found here.


Reach out for Help

Sometimes reaching out to a specialist is one of the best things that we can do. Organising an appointment with a clinical psychologist or maybe a therapist that specialises in stress and anxiety can be the first very important step in understanding the root cause of your anxiety and therefore getting a hold on how to control it. Seeking professional help will allow you to really explore your triggers and the environments and situations that bring out your highest levels of anxiety and from there you can receive professional guidance on practising the techniques to overcome these feelings.


Patience and Self-Love

With all the above steps of confronting your anxiety, one step at a time, you will begin working through the triggers and causes of your anxiety and therefore the steps that you can make to begin reducing the level of anxiety that you feel in certain situations. However whilst you work through your process of healing you must always be sure to be patient with yourself and to fill your life with positive affirmations and positive support from those around you. Being patient and positive with yourself will ensure that you can face this process with bravery, confidence and determination.

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