Get the look for less: Prince Harry’s engagement.

Ding dong wedding bells are ringing! Prince Harry has announced his engagement to Canadian actress Megan Markle! Hollywood royalty and real royalty have found love and got the world excited when they formally announced their engagement.

They both look stunning in their attire and if you want to look as dapper as Prince Harry but without breaking the bank; you can get the look for less with Dobell

Prince Harry and Megan Markle engagement photo










When Gary and i announced our engagement to friends and family earlier this year, we had not 1 but 2 engagement parties!
As you can guess it was enjoyable and wonderful celebrating with our loved ones, it’s just a shame we didn’t do a public engagement shoot, because we certainly would have given Harry and Megan a run for their money! 😉

Gary Standing next to Sassy Wearing Dobell's Dark Blue Tailored suit. Sassy is wearing a black and gold sequin Dress with spaghetti straps

Although I love the Royals’ Harry and William in particular, their style is always so sophisticated, but real and relaxed meaning that you can get the look for less… And let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to look as swish as Prince Harry, but knowing you got yourself almost identical attire but getting more bang for your buck.

Gary’s Thoughts:

I thought the suit was extremely well made. I could feel the difference when compared to a cheaper suit I own. The Jacket fit perfectly, it wasn’t too tight or too heavy which is a good thing when you will be wearing a suit for most of the day at weddings or in the workplace.The trousers were comfortable and durable, the material was also lightweight which is what I prefer in suit trousers.
The colour of the suit was smart and could be used as a wedding suit or workplace attire. Overall the suit was well made and looked excellent. It had the look of an expensive suit without breaking the budget.
If you looking to get yourself a suit I would highly recommend Dobell.

Get the look for less: Prince Harry’s engagement.

*This post is in collaboration with Dobell but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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