With the party season in full swing there isn’t a better time to look and feel fabulous, whether you are a sequin kinda girl or a jump suit lover Quiz has the perfect party wear for any occasion.

Being so petite it’s hard to find brilliant party dresses that make me look my age alongside making me feel glamorous . My wardrobe is basically dedicated to Quiz’s party dresses so I was thrilled when I was contacted by Quiz and asked to take part in their secret Santa gift exchange!

i got matched with the lovely Rhian, we were told to choose an outfit for one another and share our experiences on our blogs.
I chose Rhian a red floral sweetheart dress with silver DeMonte block heels and a black velvet clutch bag; you can read Rhian’s Quiz secret Santa post here.

I was gifted a pair of jeans, scarf and boots, Rhian had opted for the casual look as she wanted me to get good wear from my outfit.
Unfortunately, as I keep Mothercare afloat 😉 the boots did not come in my size and the jeans were far too long. As it had a flower at the bottom of the jeans it would have ruined the look to roll up or take up the jeans so I spoke with the PR about swapping my items.

Sassy in a Black and gold Dress it is sequined with spaghetti straps

I was gifted a black and gold sequin split side dress.
The texture felt really strange under my hand, and being blind this is the first look I get from an item of clothing. When I put the dress on I instantly fell in love; it was figure hugging, showed off my cleavage and covered up my arthritic knees; an absolute bonus in my book!

It just so happened that I was travelling down to Cornwall too attend my Sisters’ Hollywood glam birthday party, a perfect excuse to wear the gorgeous dress.
I had many a compliment wearing the dress, and although I didn’t (well couldn’t) wear any glitzy heels to complete the dress I still felt great!

I love my dress and i’m looking forward to getting an excuse to wear it again!

Sassy in her black and gold dress looking off to her right
Are you a fan of quiz clothing? Do you dress up at Christmas time? Or do you go for the more casual look? I would love to know in the comments!

*This post is in collaboration with Quiz.

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