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If you aren’t the healthiest of people, getting on top of your healthmight be a bit of a nightmare for you. It is viewing the task as daunting that stops a lot of people from even attempting to tackle their demons. But your health should always be your number one priority, and it often is at this time of year. One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to get healthy, or change certain aspects of the body. But as common as they are to make, they are just as common to break.
We set goals, resolutions or plans at the beginning of each year with the hopes of improving ourselves. For most people they do not achieve what they wanted to because they did not take small but actionable steps to make it a habit and employing a lifestyle change.

Not this year though, this year is going to be different. All you need is a little bit of help and you’ll be on top of your health in no time. Read on to find out more.


Major Issues


If you go through life shrugging off some of the major health issues you might have, you are really wasting your life.
Your body should be your temple, so figuring out the source of major issues should always be the most important thing to you. Let’s start with one of the most common; in countries such as the US and UK. Obesity. It is a bigger killer than anyone will ever realise due to the many health issues it also brings with it. Risk of heart attacks, and extremely high chance of getting diabetes, and heart disease.
All you need to do is make small and simple life changes to change your outcome. The first is obvious: cutting out all the fatty foods that is going to be clogging up your arteries. This is something that people in the US find particularly hard due to the number of fast food restaurants there are. But just cutting them out by half will make a massive difference. Start by reducing one takeaway meal a week, then work down until you’ve cut out nearly all processed meals, Couple it with exercise, only light to begin with, and you should start noticing a difference straight away. Heart disease is such a big killer, don’t let yourself fall into the statistic.


Minor Issue


Then there’s the minor niggling issues that you really could sort so quickly if you know what to do. As we age, one of the most common things to deteriorate is hearing and sight. They might not seem that important in the early stages, but early treatment can help you in the long run. If it gets to the point with hearing where you are really struggling, you might need a hearing aid to help you in life. You can read hearing aid fitting faqs here. Prevention is better than cure, if you start to notice a change or deterioration book an appointment with your GP to get your hearing tested.
Then there is your sight: taking a yearly trip to your optician is an obvious solution. Regular I tests are good for keeping on top of your eye health.
We live in a world where we are bombarded by technology and use it on a daily basis. Taking regular breaks from sitting in front of the computer screen gives your tired eyes a break and reduces eyestrain, and years of eyestrain can lead to small deterioration in sight having the need for glasses in later life.


Trying to keep to a healthy lifestyle in the form of eating well, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep and seeking medical support and advice when necessary will keep you on track for getting and staying on top of your health.

Do you have any plans to improve your health and lifestyle?
What advice would you give to others just starting out? I would love to know in the comments.

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