Hello Diary,

This weeks’ post is going to be short and sweet as I really don’t have much to report, my cane tip broke last Sunday and I didn’t get a new one until Friday, so it just wasn’t safe for me to leave the house and go to the clubs I volunteer at.
I’ve enjoyed going to the gym, it helps keep me more positive, and gives me something different to keep focused on. Gary and I did manage to not use one of the tricep equipment properly and the gym staff came over and interrupted us to show us how to use it properly! 😂

I attended my Spanish lesson on Friday which was great, and the weather made the day much better 🙂
Gary and I went for a walk around the block a few times over the weekend, I know this sounds strange but i’ve never actually explored that part of the area I live in, I’m out constantly and walked almost everywhere else, but i’ve not been round the block so it was nice to explore; and of course another place to go for a little walk.

One super exciting thing happened this week; my business cards arrived for BritMums! I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks to go! Having them arrive got me even more excited!

business card with my logo and social media


Gratitude List
Friends, i’ve always treasured my friends, yet this week I have a new level of love for them. I love you all very much 🙂
Going to my Spanish class and learning new things!
Receiving my business cards in the post 😍

Spending time with Gary going on random walks
The sunshine, it’s been rather hot this week, I just love summer!
Thunderstorms, I really enjoy them, it’s so fun to hear nature go crazy. As well as clearing out the mugginess in the air!
So that’s it for another week!

Until next time 🙂

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  1. Hope you get out and about volunteering this week. Are you enjoying Spanish? My son has just done his GCSE and I’m hoping he will continue to A level in September.

    • Hey,
      I did manage to get out and about which was great! Nothing worse being stuck indoors especially when it’s sunny and you have things to do!
      I’m loving Spanish, my teacher is brilliant and really makes learning enjoyable! 🙂
      I hope your son does take it on to A Level, it’s a fantastic language to have under his belt! 🙂 xxx

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