Hello Diary,

It has been a busy and productive week 🙂
I won’t bore you with the details, but the volunteering and general blog stuff seems to be keeping me busy which is great 🙂

I’m so glad the weather is finally acting like it’s supposed to! It means that Gary and I can go on nice long walks 🙂
I always prefer it when it’s warm and dry 🙂

don’t you?

I baked banana bread yesterday, very tasty even if I say so myself 😉

Gratitude List

*I feel like my blogging mojo has come back, i’m looking forward to writing and publishing over the coming weeks
*My new sofa is heavenly! Everyone loves it, so it’s not just me 😉
*Receiving a massage from my very good friend who is a qualified sports therapist. My Arthritis is a bit rubbish at the moment, so it’s good to have some pain relief and relaxation 🙂
*People appreciating my blog; i’m always so happy to receive comments from people saying that I have educated them! It makes it worthwhile! So thank you for your appreciation and support
*It’s only 10 days until Gary and I go abroad! I’m so excited, I need some proper sun in my life! – I’m so grateful that Gary and I can afford to do such things, because I know that not everyone can. So

I hope the sun has been shining for you?!

Until next time!

1 comment on “Happy Diaries #15”

  1. Blogging Mojo and banana bread, awesome already! Where is my warm weather?! It’s been positively raining here for ages. I’ll come and harass you on whatsapp to find out where you’re going on holiday… #triballove x x x

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