Hello happy Diary,

If you are a regular reader (thank you), and follow my ramblings on FaceBook, you’ll know I posted on my Facebook page last week of how I was feeling. Unfortunately my depression hit me quite bad and I didn’t want to do anything really except sleep, therefore I hadn’t written a Happy Diaries post.
I’m glad to say towards the end of last week I felt like i’ve gotten back on track and i’m feeling in a much better place!
So without any further ramblings from last week I shall give you a round up of this week)

This week has been a great one for me, i’ve been getting a lot more shares of my post via social media, i’ve been interacting with different bloggers, getting feedback and support, as well as getting to know them better. So it’s made me feel really good!
As I am a disability blogger, I have started to Tweet my content out to RNIB, RNC Official and a few other blind and disabled communities. From that I have gained lots of shares, and new followers on Twitter which i am really pleased about! It means not only do I get to interact with new people, who have disabilities but also i’m getting a little more traffic to my website, and making new friends. It’s an all round positive experience for me!

I hope to gain a little more exposure in the coming weeks and months, and who knows? I may even get the opportunity to have contact with Charities and campaigns for local, and national interactions and contact with any disability or mental health charities.

I certainly don’t claim to know much about anything really, but if I can show my support, or become and advocate or campaigner for Charities in the disability or mental health sector, I would absolutely love to do so! 🙂

Currently I have 2 of my best friends staying with me, so getting to have quality time together is really fantastic! Tonight we are also going out for a meal with more friends, which I am really looking forward to!

I feel this week has been far happier and more productive in an emotional and physical way!

And i’m really proud of what i’m doing with my blog; raising awareness of disabilities and mental health issues! 🙂

Much love, xxx

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