Hello Diary 🙂

I’ve had another productive and therefore happy week, i’m thankful to say!

A poster has been created for the Charity/ Social group I have been involved in curating 🙂

I had yet another fun Spanish lesson! My Teacher really is fab, and helps me out so much sending me WhatsApp recordings of the key points of the lessons as she knows I cannot see to read print, and as my Spanish is not advanced enough, I can’t read or understand Spanish with VoiceOver just yet… There will come a time though 🙂

What i am most pleased and excited about is I had my first Guest Post on my blog (for those who don’t know, it’s another person writing content for your blog, or allowing you to use their previously written content to host on your blog).
I am extremely grateful to Michael for being not only my first Guest Poster: but the topic he covered was deep and extremely personal to the both of us. It’s called Suicide if you would like to read it… Please do!
Together we aim to end the stigma around talking about mental illness, and more specifically suicide, as it really is still a very taboo subject in today’s day and age, which is extremely saddening!

i’m so happy to be part of such a great Tribe! I’m so proud of all the Tribesters and what they have been achieving with their own blogs! I also have to say a huge thanks to them all; giving me advice, support and resources to seek out to enhance my blogging.

So fingers crossed to the next few months, who knows what’s going to be on the horizon! 🙂

Gratitude List:

Tribesters – you Ladies rock!
* Soap and Glory products; I was kindly given a gift set at Christmas by Gary. I’ve only just started using them properly today!
* Technology – the new Facebook and Twitter features including accessibility to VI people like myself! I shall be writing a post about it next week so don’t want to bore you now!
* Music – it’s great just putting your iPod on shuffle and seeing what golden oldies I have stashed away 🙂
*My Neighbours’ – they are extremely friendly people, and very caring an considerate towards me, often asking me if I need anything, not to hesitate in asking!
*Date Nights – Gary and I were meant to be going to the cinema this weekend, but that fell through, but we still decided to spend quality time together and ordered a takeaway… I know it’s not about spending money but the Chinese was so yummy!
So that’s a look at my week 🙂

Until next week!

Adios amigo,
Sassy x

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  1. Much love my friend. I truly am grateful for the opportunity you have blessed me with to be able to guest post on your fabulous blog, to share a piece that is so very near and dear to my heart. You’re awesome, there’s no doubt about that.

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