Hello Diary!

I can’t believe how cheery I am today 🙂 I think it’s because i’m excited to share my week with you!

Life has been busy, but in a good way. And most of it blogging related!
I’ve decided that even though I’m enjoying my weekly diary entries, I don’t want it to go stale, so I won’t do a play-by-play every week…

But this week I have to say, i’m pretty proud of myself, I wrote a post, that’s different to my style but still inclusive of expressing it from a disability perspective.

if I choose to share more personal things, and more lifestyle related things, instead of constantly throwing heavy context down my lovely readers throats, it’ll not stray too far away from the reasons I created the blog, it’ll just take a back seat now and again,. I want to do things for/ about me. I don’t want to bore myself, or my readers, so I think it’ll be a nice change of scenery once in a while 🙂

So anyway, typical rambling Sassy!

I published a review of a beauty treatment I received last month, and how accessible it was to me as a disabled person. Click here to read it. 🙂
I was particularly proud of it, because I feel like I gave an honest and informative account of my beauty treatment, so if anyone had wondered was it would be like to have eyelash extensions, they can check it!

It’s been shared and read loads, and i’m just so happy!

My readers/ followers are slowly increasing and I can’t help but smiling, I hoped that I could spread my message of talking openly about disability, but I didn’t really know how I would achieve it, but people seem to be reading, and coming back! So it’s just a lovely feeling!

I also have secured a few more guest posts woo! And, even got asked to guest post for someone else! I feel very honoured, and rather excited! Someone asked me, to guest post for them… If you didn’t know, it’s a pretty big deal 😉

I do have something really exciting I want to share with you, but I don’t want to jinx myself, so I shall keep schtumm – I guess you’ll have to check back in next week to see what went on! 😉

Gratitude List
Tribesters, yes OK, I know it’s been said before, but really these women are amazing! I had a very low point in the week. and they picked me up, dusted me off, and just were amazing!
I think at different points this week, it’s bee pretty tough for us all, but having and giving each other that support has been invaluable to me!
Sunshine – Mr Sun had his hat on this week, not only do I love being in the Sun because of it’s happy powers but because it’s the time I can see the most 🙂
Cake! Oh and Waffles, and Mars Ice creams… can you see where i’m going with this? Puddings!! I’m gonna be a right chunky monkey soon!!
* Spending quality time with friends – One of my close friends came round on Saturday, and we chatted the day away and got a cheeky takeaway 😉 It was so good to be in her company chilling out and hanging out. Those are the times I treasure most with friends!
* I don’t mean to wish the time away, but I cannot wait for Summer, I’m going to meet a bunch of my favourite bloggers, as well as some of the Tribe (not that they aren’t fast becoming my favourites,) but it’s the excitement of meeting people you’ve been following since beginning blogging! I just can’t wait!
OK i’m a little concerned, a lot of my happy diaries posts seem to be focused around food! I think I need to be getting my butt back to the gym or i’ll be rolling everywhere!

Until next time!

Much love, Sassy x

3 comments on “Happy Diaries #5”

  1. Great week Sassy! I’ve been following your progress. It’s been a tough one and well done for coming through the other side! Getting to meet friends and sunshine are real mood lifters aren’t they? Thanks for sharing your week x

  2. Can’t beat a bit of sunshine and friendships to raise a smile and improve a week. Glad the Tribe have been there for you, they really are a great bunch. Hope this week turns out as good 🙂 x

  3. Ah your happiness emanates from you’re writing, 🙂 Its the tough weeks that make the better weeks feel worth while! Nothing like meeting up with great company and having cake. I had a whole cake (8 person cake I might add) to myself last week so I’ll join you at the gym!x

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