The Holiday I’ll never forget.

We all look forward to a holiday don’t we? Whether it’s a cruise, beach/ poolside lounger or even a little weekend cottage We all look forward to a change of scenery, a bit of me time and most importantly a chance for you to do what you want when you want.

And for me that is no different. Personally i’m a big fan of lying by the poolside in a hot country lounging, and hopefully tanning, depending on how long I go away for I do try to explore the area and culture of that town, city or country.

You may have read that i’ve mentioned going to Malta for a sunny getaway, and most importantly my best friends’ wedding.

I was excited to watch my oldest best friend get married,spend some time soaking in the sunshine and generally enjoying a different country with Gary.

on the 16th Gary and I got a bit of a shock; Low Cost Holidays, the company we had booked our holiday through had gone into administrations… 4 days before we were due to fly out to Malta!
Even though we paid off everything back in May, Low Cost Holidays had taken our money, booked our flights, and not our hotel; the most expensive part of the holiday.
What were we going to do?

Understandably Gary was extremely frustrated and considered cancelling the holiday altogether,through some persuasion on my part, and a lot of help from the lovely Absolutely Prabulous Gary and I booked alternative accommodation, much cheaper than our original hotel, and a lot less than we originally wanted for our stay.

But we decided to keep an open mind and go with the flow.

The most important things were; attending the wedding and being able to have a relaxing time.

We arrived at our hotel Primera in the town Buiggbaa in St Pauls’ Bay.
Our room was much bigger than either of us expected and aside from having a view that consisted of a triangle of wall, we were pleased with the room.

When we went down for breakfast the next day everything seemed good, just on a smaller scale than previous hotels i’ve stayed in whilst abroad.

They did a continental breakfast daily that swapped between having bacon and sausage on alternate days and different types of eggs on alternate days also.
The staff were friendly and polite, and the food was pretty decent.
Because of the change in circumstances of our hotel accommodation, Gary and I decided to take everyday slowly and decided not to book any excursions, the only thing I wanted to do was go to the water park, and we decided to leave that until the very end of the holiday .

Malta is a lovely island; and although we didn’t go on excursions we managed to see a bit of the island by traveling on the local buses. A big disappointment is that where we were staying specifically was not blind or wheelchair friendly.

The pavements were very narrow, making guiding difficult, and even worse when there were people coming towards us.
The pavements were very high; and not every pavement had a slope; so it would make it extremely difficult for someone in a wheelchair to navigate safely.
There were a lot of grates and uneven paving so my cane tended to get caught; even though I deliberately have a large ball on the end.

View from the hotel roof with a view of the sea and the main town area

Due to the change in our circumstances Gary and I dinned out each evening, we went into the Plaza filled with different restaurants; most places offering similar menus’ but each had a different vibe and atmosphere 🙂
Although it isn’t how we planned to spend our holiday eating out every night, it was nice to try the different restaurants, enjoy the vibrant Plaza, and gave us time to be a couple. We both enjoyed each place we went to for dinner, but our main dislike is the encouragement of smoking, ashtrays were at every table; and in some circumstances the tables were so close together it felt like we were with other people when we were eating.

If you like Indian cuisine then my highest recommendation is to go to Grannies Indian Breeze, the food was absolutely delicious and the staff were fantastic!
I ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala hot with rice and pashwari nan bread; Gary laughed at me, because it’ is what I always order, especially if it’s a new Indian I haven’t been too before.

I told him I do it because I like to taste the difference between different restaurants of my favourite dish,; and I am so glad I did; it was absolutely delicious: the best Chicken Tikka Masala i’ve ever had!

When Gary tasted it, he even said it tasted better than his!
Who’s laughing now Gary Jones? 😉

The wedding was lovely; there were about 20 of us so it was very intimate, which was great. It gave Gary a chance to interact with everyone, and the whole day felt very relaxed and enjoyable 🙂
Congratulations to you both, it was a great day:) and i’m glad you make each other so happy!

Roxy and Nic exchanging vows

Gary and I had organised to meet the lovely Prabs the day after the wedding, I was looking forward to meeting Prabs, mostly to say a big thank you and buy her a coffee for all her help when we were stressing about accommodation, but also to chat to her in person.
The 3 of us had met face-to-face at the BML Fringe party but it was brief; so I was looking forward to chatting an relaxing in the sunshine together.

We arrived at Las Palmas, said a quick hello to Prabs and got ourselves seated on a separate table while Prabs had lunch with a friend.
Gary and I decided to have a cocktail as we waited, he told me there was a beach that was slightly rocky just at the end of the cafe, and we nattered away sipping our cocktails 🙂

A long island ice tea on the left and a Singapore slingshot cocktail on the right

View from the cafe looking out to the sea with sunbeds and tables on a small beach

As we were sitting at a 2 person table and the aisle was far too small to accommodate 6 of us we decided to move.

And that’s when the fun began.

I stood up, swung my cane as I took a step back.
*Oh crap, there’s nothing under my right foot, i’m falling, oh god when am I going to land? This is such a drop, brace yourself!*

OUCH! That wasn’t nice, OK Sassy get up quick, walk it off you’ll be fine.
In an instant lots of people were by my side.

Oh Sassy well done, you look like a right blind idiot in front of everyone.

OK my right knee hurts, like really hurts; I think i’ve done something to it.
It’s OK, it’ll be fine, it’s probably just your Arthritis shouting at you for being a fool, just stretch your knee out, we’ll move to the seating and all will be fine….

Are you OK?
Someone call an ambulance!
Oh no, don’t be silly, i’ll be fine in a minute.
That was a really nasty fall, you should really go to the hospital and have an x-ray.
No, i’ll be fine; I just need to stretch my knee out.
*Ice on knee*

No we’ve called an ambulance, it’ll be here really soon.

I just need to stretch my knee.
OK i’ll help you.
OUCH!! No don’t touch the knee.
There’s something really wrong!
*The adrenaline is wearing off, I’m shaking and can’t hold my knee up myself any longer*

I’m in shock, i’m going to be sick, OH MY KNEE.

Gary spent a lot of that time making jokes, ones which in the moment annoyed me, and didn’t find very funny… Poor Gary, his way of coping is to make light of the situation, an me going from laughing to silent only encouraged him further…

When the Paramedics finally arrived, they slightly straightened my knee as I yelped in pain, strapped my knee and put me on a stretcher and took me to hospital.

The ride to the hospital was agony, trust me to injure my knee and Malta to have the bumpiest roads known to man!!

It got to the point where Gary had to shout at me to breathe because I was holding my breath but managing to make this horrendous noise…

When we arrived at A&E I was seen pretty quickly, given an x-ray and CT Scan,my knee put into plaster, a lot of OUCH, OUCH, OUCH from me, and a lot of OK, OK, OK from the people yanking at my leg.
They were making me so mad with their constant OK’s. It’s a good thing I was in too much pain to say anything else!

Right leg in a plaster cast

I spent the remainder of my holiday in hospital with Gary at my bedside ( I don’t know what I would have done without him!)
We’re home and i’m waiting to go into surgery this week sometime. Apparently there are 6 levels to a fracture, and I managed to get to level 5… Ooops!

Needless to say; it’s a holiday i’ll never forget!… Continue Reading My Holiday disaster: The 4 Star Hospital Stay

28 comments on “The Holiday I’ll never Forget”

  1. oh dear! I was wondering where this post was going…… I didn’t guess a fracture! One day you’ll look back on the whole trip and laugh – maybe! #bigpinklink

  2. Oh Sassy… What a dreadful thing to happen on holiday… I hope you have a speedy recovery. On the upside-the pictures look fabulous, and the way you describe the food was making me very hungry, now I quite fancy a tikka masala!! Those cocktails look amazing too! And you got to see your best friend get married, which must’ve been wonderful for you-I hope the bride and groom had the best day ever. If it hadn’t been for the fracture, it sounds like you had a good time, let’s hope your next holiday runs a little more smoothly!!

  3. Oh no! I was reading and thinking ‘What a great holiday. In the end they managed to go and it must have been fun…’ Well the end is not the happy one but the pace looks gorgeous. Good luck for the rest. #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. Oh no! What a nightmare. I have to say, Malta is on my to do list, photos look fab aside from the last one! Hope you’re better soon #sharingthebloglove

  5. What a holiday! Sounds like it was jinxed from the start. Hope you make a swift recovery, my mummy has just undergone surgery and is at home on bed rest. So knows what it’s like to be stuck indoors xx Hope your ok x #Sharingthebloglove

  6. First off I completely agree. I am more of a sit back on a beach chair in some glorious sunshine type of person, but a break is a break! Malta sounds absolutely wonderful. Level 5 fracture? Oh dear, I do hope you aren’t too uncomfortable. Not many people go away for a relaxing back and come back needing surgery. I do hope you are able to look back and laugh, rather than wince in agony, one day when you are all healed! #sharethebloglove

  7. Oh, you poor thing! I was sensing something bad was coming – what bad luck! Still, at least you can say you really went for it and achieved level 5! I hope the surgery goes smoothly and you make a quick recovery. It sounds like you both need another holiday to recover from this one! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. Oh lovely that’s awful – what a way to disrupt your holiday that seemed to be just perfect! Hope you are recovering well – I have been to Malta with my family and really enjoyed my time there. Thank you for linking up with #dreamteam xx

  9. Oh what a nightmare! I hope your ankle is recovering. I’m glad the wedding went well, but everything else sounds like a disaster!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  10. Oh no Sassy!! You poor thing. It must have been so stressful when you heard about low cost holidays. What a nightmare. I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding and everything, but so sorry about your leg!! Wishing you a full and speedy recovery my lovely! Ellen x

  11. Oh Sassy you poor poor love – I’m shocked that this happened to you and you were so looking forward to the wedding. I really hope the recovery is going ok and that you’ve got plenty of help and support around you. Sending love xx

  12. Oh no! What an awful thing to happen on holiday. You poor thing! I am so glad that you got to go to the wedding okay though before the hospital visit. I am glad you are now home for the surgery and hope that you get lots of support to guide you through the recovery, especially the first few weeks. Sending big hugs xxx

  13. Oh gosh what a holiday! At least you made it to the wedding!I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly. #EatSleepBlogRt

  14. Aww, I was not expecting that. When I got to the part where you fall, I expected it to be funny [like fell in to water or something]. I hope you surgery was successful and a speedy recovery.

  15. Oh no Sassy thats terrible – I was expecting a lovely little post about an amazing holiday and then this 🙁 I hope you make a very speedy recovery xx #EatSleepBlogRT

  16. What a holiday! Scale of 5 on a fracture from a fall is really something. :(After a nice wedding, that’s not funny at all. The mention of Malta would never be the same again but perhaps there’ll be a 2nd chance down the road.

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