The Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch: A review.

It was a Friday evening when we headed into the-place-to-be in East London, Shoreditch boasts a vibrant nightlife along with an eclectic array of places to visit and eat.
It’s cultured and an experience like no other

Gary and I headed into Shoreditch this particular Friday evening as we were attending the Ballie Balerson event hosted by Holiday Extras in Shoreditch.

We walked into a club with blaring music. people in costumes and grown adults frolicking around in ballpits! I never knew a place like this existed; well that’s Shoreditch for you.


We had the best evening meeting new people, swapping contacts and making friends; shout out to if you read this.

I love meeting new people but when faced with a wall of sound, and squeezing through the throng of people, being 4”9 and people in little groups already chit chatting I felt a bit uncomfortable and nervous to say the least.

I shouldn’t have worried my superstar Ida caught everyone’s eye with her cuteness so they couldn’t help but come over and say hello to us! The perfect segway into networking!

The evening was full of pizza, wine, plastic balls flying everywhere and making new friends.
The event was a success and we ever-so-slightly stumbled back to our resting place for the night: The Hoxton Shoreditch.

Arriving at the Hoxton hotel Shoreditch.

Gary and I had arrived an hour or so before the blogging event.

A reception desk on the left and seating for customers on the right.

When we walked in it was like we were transported into a relaxed club; music was pumping and people were sitting around in comfy looking chairs mingling and enjoying a Friday night out.

Checking in.

We were checked in swiftly and warmly by the members of staff at the Hoxton.
The downstairs waiting and social area of the Hoxton was stunning, there were a number of sofas laid out all with their own accompanying tables. A big fireplace and a long work table/bench made the area cosy and inviting people to sit and use their laptops.

The Hoxton shoreditch lounge area, multiple arm chairs and tables arranged in front of a fireplace.

We were given 2 room keys and told of the breakfast options for the morning.
There is a restaurant/ grill attached to the Hoxton Shoreditch but it is run as a separate entity to the hotel. This means that meals are not included in your booking, but we could visit the restaurant for food if we chose. The Hoxton Grill a large bar on the right hand side. Tables for the restaurant Are on the left hand side, customers are sitting at the table enjoying their meals. width=

Although this was a little disappointing to hear, being told that we could have a healthy breakfast option delivered to our door in the morning at any time we wanted made us both rather excited.
You filled out a form choosing your healthy breakfast options; yoghurt, granola, a piece of fruit and fruit juice.
You then choose a time you want it to be delivered and hang your form on your door outside. And like magic a bag containing your goodies will arrive at your door promptly. A bonus of having this is even if you chose to have an extra half an hour in bed you wouldn’t be disturbed by someone knocking on your door.


Our bedroom at the Hoxton hotel Shoreditch.

As we opened our bedroom door we were greeted by soft lighting and the radio humming along.

It was strange to walk into a UK hotel room and not feel carpet under my feet but the flooring complimented the ambience of the room.
The room was spacious, clean and inviting. It had a large double bed in the center of the room with glass bedside cabinets on both sides. A large comfy leather chair was situated to the left of the room with a desk and desk chair opposite the bed.

Leather Arm Chair and desk in the hoxton Shoreditch hotel room. There is a large window facing out to the street.
Off to the right was an impressive bookshelf that boasted plenty of books to take you to another place,this was also accompanied by a large TV and tea and coffee making facilities. On the right hand wall was a big circular mirror giving the illusion that the already spacious room was even bigger. The window faced out towards another hotel so it wasn’t the best view of shoreditch unfortunately.

A large Bed with white sheets, a large circular mirror is hanging on the wall in the left of the picture.

Apart from dumping our bags, the first thing we did was enjoy a hot cup of tea. Well it’s got to be done hasn’t it? 🙂

The bathroom was bright, and clean. It had a spacious feel and a big rainfall shower to match.

The bathroom in the hoxton Shoreditch hotel room. There is a walk-in rainfall shower on the left and the sink is on the right, black tiles cover the floor and walls

Our Sleep.

We didn’t come back particularly late from the blogging event so it gave Gary and I time to chill and watch tv in bed.
The bed felt spacious and had lots of soft pillows that were great at propping us up to watch tv. They were so comfortable I fell asleep 10 minutes after getting into bed!

Gary and I both slept well due to the comfort of the bed. I however did not sleep as well as I hoped because the flooring wasn’t carpet, and Ida being in a new environment she got up a few times in the night and pottered around, her little nails clip clopping on the floor, this meant I was dozing most of the night rather than in a deep sleep.

We ordered our breakfast to arrive by 08:30 and as Gary went to take Ida outside to use the toilet he said it was there waiting for us.

Being unable to sleep fully with thanks to my little wonderer Gary let me sleep for an hour or so before waking me and supplying me with my breakfast goodie-bag.
It was very relaxing having breakfast in bed and watching morning tv.
Apart from the hotel door slaming that you get anywhere you stay, we heard no noise, being on level 5 probably helped with the noise cancellation. 🙂

Checking out of the Hoxton hotel Shoreditch.

We were checked out quickly and efficiently by the staff and they even apologised for not being able to accommodate dinner as part of the review.

As I mentioned we were on the 5th floor so I enquired about disabled rooms, I was informed that the rooms were large, had plenty of Manoeuverable space for wheelchairs and had lots of grab rails in the bathroom, all situated on the ground floor.

Gary and I really enjoyed our stay at The Hoxton Shoreditch Hotel.

I do feel that as the Hoxton is a well established Hotel, having your meals as part of your booking would make good business sense; especially when you factor in the price of your stay for one night.
The grill itself seemed very popular and giving a discount to those staying in the hotel as part of the booking would keep people on the premisses.
We would definitely stay at the Hoxton hotel Shoreditch again… I just want to come back for the nightlife and the cocktails in the bar! 😉

Hospitality: 5/5

The staff were extremely accommodating, polite and friendly. Even when I asked a barrage of questions during check-in and checkout. I was aware that their local knowledge of Shoreditch was great too.
Breakfast was delivered to my room at the time we asked for and the staff did not disturb us in any way when dropping it off.

Quality of service:4/5

I really enjoyed the hotel, it’s atmosphere and accommodations for people all walks of life.
However, as I mentioned previously, the restaurant/grill was a separate entity to the hotel and was not included in your booking meaning you would have to pay more money if you chose not to have the healthy option for breakfast.
Personally I enjoyed the breakfast, but it would not be to everyone’s taste, and especially if there is a restaurant situated within the hotel, there should be a breakfast option included in the price.

Accessibility: 4/5

Although I did not stay in a disabled persons room I felt that the accessibility of my room, moving around the hotel and the different sections of the areas provided were more than suitable for a blind person.

As a disabled person with a service dog, there was no clear indication of where I could spend my dog. The Hoxton Shoreditch is situated on the main road and there are buildings either side.
When taking Ida to the toilet we had to walk to the end of the street on the right and up a side alley to find some gravelled path where she could relieve herself.
The staff did not indicate that there was any specific place to take her, and if I were by myself, I would have had to take her onto the main street which would not have been pleasant for anyone.

Have you ever stayed at the Hoxton? Or visited Shoreditch? What was your experience?
I would love to know in the comments. 🙂

*We received a discount for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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