I definitely think I’m in for the shot of the next big poet, what do you think?


I’m blind and cannot see,

And encase you’re wondering I do watch TV,
I prance around dance and sing,
But when life throws a curveball it makes you tough,
Apply for a guide dog and you’ll have a life long chum!
I know this is extremely cheesy haha, but I came up with it yesterday morning. The inspiration came from fellow blogger rhymingwithwine as I think her blog is great and her writing style is funny and unique 🙂
I know that it’s terrible but I just want to put some humour into this blog! I do want to educate people on disabilities, especially visual impairment, but I believe that you’ve gotta live life to the fullest and not take everything so seriously, laughter has definitely been my best medicine over the years!
Any daft musings or poems you’d like to add?
Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!
Much love, Sassy x


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