It’s finally here!! The season to be jolly!! Oh I absolutely love Christmas! There’s something about walking round in the freezing cold, wrapped up, weaving in and out of shops, all playing Christmas music, it just puts the biggest smile on my face!

Decorated and lit christmas tree infront of a lit fireplace, decorated in stocking and more lights.

Today is the day I begin my Christmas tradition: i play Christmas music , I write out all my Christmas cards, and I put up the decorations, once that is all done, I settle down to watch a Christmas film 🙂
I do wear Christmas jumpers, but I only have 2 so it’s hardly a thing to call a tradition yet.
I play Christmas Music everyday,, even if it’s just a few songs in the morning as i’m getting ready. I also try and watch a Christmas film every evening too. This year I have decided to introduce my tradition to my partner, he is not as excited as me, and asked me why I have to do it… I shall take none of his nonsense, December is one of my favourite months and he is going to join in with my traditions whether he likes it or not! Haha, we did come to a compromise and only watching 2 Christmas films a week, as he thinks one every night is a bit too much… *Bah Humbug!*
I am so excited for him to come home so we can decorate and prance about the house playing Christmas music!! I don’t think i’ll ever grow out of being such a big kid at Christmas!!

New York Ice rink and tree,

I love Christmas for 3 main reasons:

As the carol says ’Tis The Season To Be Jolly!! People have this friendliness about them, I believe it to be the Christmas spirit. People are far more cheerful, kinder, chattier, and in general much more smiley!

People give more; we understand that Christmas isn’t so jolly for everyone and we should help those less fortunate than ourselves. People donate more: clothes/food and money to local shelters and charities.
And if you haven’t; please do! Clothes you don’t wear anymore? Those tinned cans of fruit/ soup/ peas you never eat?Go give it to your local food bank, trust me they would greatly appreciate it. Most big superstores have those recycle bins out front, so if you can’t make it to a shelter, pop down to your local, and donate something, anything. You don’t realise just how much it will mean to those in need!Gary and I are planning to do this in the next week or so, we’re going on a mini supermarket shop and donating it to our local shelter. I would suggest that you check out your local shelter website if you are planning on donating food: food banks especially ask for tinned or dried food such as cereal as they take a lot longer to perish.

Giving to family and friends… Christmas is so special to me because I get to spoil those I love most. I enjoy finding that perfect gift for a friend, wrapping up the present, while blasting Christmas music, in my warm cosy home. I care about my friends and family deeply, that I enjoy giving them something that will put a smile on their face, whether that be a specific present, a written note or just a text to say I love and miss you.

Christmas is that time of year that we should be truly grateful for what and who we have in our life. Please spread the love and joy!

Christmas lights above a London street.

Are you excited for Christmas? Do you have any random traditions?

I’m not joining in with Blogmas this year as I feel I am not organised enough, maybe next year? 🙂
A very Merry Christmas to you all!

Much love, Sassy x



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