Think of the carers.
We all know that carers are the unsung heroes of today society! They look after their loved ones with no thought of themselves, no rest bite, and very little recognition for all their hard work and effort.
Most people would say it’s all in a days work, especially if it is their child that they care for. But I believe they deserve recognition for what they do.
If you are a parent/carer of an unwell/ chronically ill/ sensory impaired or disabled person I would love to hear from you.

I would like to hear your side of the story; how the diagnosis made you feel, what it means for you as a person, and tasks you have to do on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis just to support a person you love
This guest series is about hearing disability from the carers perspective, and I hope to raise awareness and understanding of all that you do.

If you would like to participate, I would love to have you! Please contact me on the following:

Much love, Sassy X

3 comments on “Join My Campaign: Think of The Carers”

  1. This is such a good idea Sassy – I can only think of members of the tribe that we both know but if I hear of anyone else I will let you know! I totally agree that they need recognition and understanding.

  2. What a fab idea – it’s great that you’re offering carers a chance to share their stories, as often they have no real outlet to talk about what they do
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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