I’m a girly-girl at heart, especially anything beauty related, getting my hair done, nails done, waxing, massages, spray tanning and most recently getting eye lash extensions.

And this hasn’t changed just because I can’t see anymore.

There’s nothing I like more than getting pampered, especially if it is for a special occasion!

With last month being no exception 🙂 I turned 25 in March and decided to go back to Cornwall to see friends and family for a big meal out, naturally I wanted to look nice and feel pretty. I had my hair done, and then popped over to the new Salon called Lashing of Beauty and Training where I got eye lash extensions.

I clambered on to the massage bed and lay down. Aisha asked if I was wearing any make up or skin products to which I said no.

I opted for the classic lashes as I wanted a natural look, and didn’t want my eyes to look too heavy.

I was asked to open my eyes as wide as i could and look up to the ceiling as she was going to put tape on my lower lashes to stop them interfering with the eyelash extensions.
My eyes watered slightly as she did this, but Aisha gently wiped away the moisture and asked if I was comfortable. I put my eyes watering down to having extremely sensitive eyes because of my eye condition and not because I was feeling uncomfortable.
After the tape was placed on, a cotton pad was placed on top and I was asked to close my eyes so the treatment could begin.

Aisha applied one lash extension per eye lash, using tweezers, which takes a lot of skill and precision. Music played gently in the background, and we chatted away merrily about my upcoming birthday meal, I felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole treatment.
The treatment lasted around an hour, on average it’s about 1.5 hours.
Time flew, it really didn’t feel like I was there that long at all.

Throughout the treatment Aisha was very friendly and chatty, checking in regularly to make sure I was comfortable and I didn’t need a break.

When all the eyelash extensions had been applied I lay there for around a minute to confirm the glue was dry, and then Aisha gently combed my lashes with a special eyelash brush.
She then removed the cotton pad and slowly and gently removed the tape. This is ever-so-slightly uncomfortable, but again I put this down to my eye condition, and the skin under your eyes being the thinnest on the human body.

I opened my eyes and felt the sensation of something being on my lashes, after a few blinks, the weightiness disappeared.

Closed Eye with long eyelashesOpen Eye with long eyelashes





Instantly my Mum was pleased: Sassy they are gorgeous, and they really open your eyes and make them look bright!
She was right, my eyes felt far more open, alive, and even though I couldn’t see them, I instantly felt prettier!

Things to know:
You mustn’t shower for at least 24 hours of having the eyelash extensions. This gives the glue time to set correctly.
* Brush your eyelashes daily with the wand given to you. It stops them from getting tangled, and over time it will remove the extensions that fall out naturally along with your eyelash.
* Keep lashes as dry as possible, use a hair dryer on the coolest setting to dry them
* Avoid oil based make up products. This will help the lashes last longer.
* Never use eyelash curlers when you use extensions. You won’t need to!
* 3x a week mix a solution of baby shampoo in luke warm water and sterile bowl and use a clean foam eye shadow applicator to apply to apply foam to the lashes so it can dissolve natural oil build up. Let the foam sit for a few minutes, gently rinse and dry lashes with cool air.
*Plan to come back for fills every 3-4 weeks. Depending on how quickly the eyelash extensions shed.
Classic lashes cost £40 for the full set, and £20 for infills.
Russian lashes cost £65 with £30 infills. Russians are fan fined lashes normally 2-6D fans for a full and fluffy look.

Full set and individual Classic Lashes

Full set and individual Russian Lashes

I absolutely loved my eyelashes, and although the majority of my extensions have fallen out with my natural lashes now, a few are still clinging on!

I truly felt prettier and more womanly having the extensions, and I felt that I needed almost no make up to go out anywhere. I would absolutely visit again, and would recommend anyone Visually Impaired or not to have treatment.

If eyelashes aren’t your thing, Mollie runs a nail bar in the salon; with hundreds of colours, stencils and styles to choose from you will certainly leave feeling glam, even if you can’t see them.

Light pink nails with purple,silver and blue glitter on. Gems are dotted around the nails. Skin tone nails with an intregate white patten on the middle finger

Now onto the scoring.

Accessibility 3/5
There is a a step leading into the building, and a further 2 inside if you needed to access the toilet.
If I were a full-time wheelchair user I would not be able to access the property. However I cannot blame the tenants of the salon, as they are not entitled to planning permission to change the building.
However as a cane user, it was more than accessible, and I was guided adequately to the bed/couch and the toilet.

Hospitality: 5/5
The staff were all very friendly, welcoming and informative when guiding me around the salon,

Quality of service:5/5
I was extremely pleased with my lashes, and the service I received when having treatment. Aisha was especially attentive to my needs as a Visually Impaired person, I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable throughout my entire treatment.

Venue Details.
Name: Lashings of Style and training Torpoint

Address: lower Office 13 Fore Street, Torpoint, Cornwall, GB

Telephone: 01752 946175

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Envyhereyes/timeline

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  1. Fab review! Really informative. I love how the eyelashes look and I am now desperate to get my nails done, having painted nails always makes me feel good even when I have unwashed hair and awful ‘mum’ clothes hehe. I think you’ve got a long reviewing career ahead of you!

  2. Great review! A lady I work with just got extensions- she loves them. But, I had no idea about the after care. There are a few things to keep up with afterward. They look amazing though!

  3. These look absolutely stunning! If I didn’t have such an obsession with rubbing my eyes I might be able to have it done! xx

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