Thankfully the world is beginning to realise that mental health isn’t just something that can be shrugged off. Unfortunately, this is happening due to the recent losses of life that we have seen in the media due to depression and anxiety. Here are a few ways that you can help yourself in a more natural way when it comes to fighting your mental health and coming out on the brighter side of life.


  1. Talking
    Talking is one of the most powerful tools that you can use when it comes to your mental health. You may feel like it’s not going to solve any of your problems, and while that might be true, sharing your problems with someone else and helping them understand why you’re feeling the way you do can help the way you feel tremendously. Try talking to a loved one to release some of your inner demons and let them help you fight this.

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  1. Supplements
    If you’re not keen on the idea of medication, that’s fine. We all have to deal with our mental health in our own way and in a way that we are comfortable with. Consider taking supplements like adrenal balance which will help restore the chemical imbalance in your brain; therefore making you feel happier, sleep better, and also feel less fatigued and more ready to face each day.
  2. Understand
    Try to understand that each person is different, and even if you’re dealing with your mental health quite well, it doesn’t mean that everyone will find it as easy. Depression and anxiety can affect us all in strange ways, and everyone has different coping mechanisms.If you’re lucky enough to have not suffered with any mental health issues and a loved one has opened up to you about how they are feeling, don’t shrug off their insecurities. Just because depression isn’t visible, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.It’s understandable that if you’ve not experienced it yourself that you might find it difficult to know what to do or say to that person. Simply being yourself and being there for them is enough. They know you can’t do anything to help them, but they’ve trusted you with something that many people can’t admit to anyone.
  3. Push Yourself
    It’s easy to want to stay inside all day when your mind isn’t right, but pushing yourself to go and experience our wonderful world might just help you on the road to recovery. Even if it’s something simple like taking a walk with a friend, or joining a local sports team for some fun, you will find yourself enjoying things more than you used to.


Even though these ideas will help you feel better mentally, if you’re struggling please visit your GP for some help and advice to get yourself feeling better again. Mental health is a nasty thing to have to deal with, so don’t struggle alone.

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4 comments on “Let’s talk about mental health”

  1. Fab advice. Mental health is something that isn’t talked about enough and I think a lot of people struggle to support a loved one through it simply because they don’t know how to

    • Thanks Debbie, yes you are definitely right. I think people struggle to support their loved ones because they don’t want to do something wrong or offend the person xxx

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