I’m a lover of Christmas, and the weather is part of the magic for me. Thick woolly jumpers, hats, scarfs and gloves walking briskly with the chill biting your face, don’t get me wrong, having a disability that is very much affected by the cold weather really can be tough to manage. But as long as I keep mobile and don’t allow my body to seize, there’s something beautiful about the frost on the ground and people wrapped up like Eskimos.
We Brits aren’t known for dealing with cold weather and if you are one of the many people dreaming of a last minute winter getaway to a warmer climate then I have the perfect solution for you: Holiday Gems are a low deposit holiday company striving to give you the package you require but without it burning a hole in your wallet.

A tunnel of trees covered in snow

Having a disability can often mean a lot of pre-planning is involved and usually a large upfront cost just to secure your trip.
Companies such as Holiday Gems want to make travel available and affordable to all. You can connect with their customer service via phone which is a positive for those with disabilities that might need the extra support in booking a holiday, Being able to talk to a human and discuss options can ease the stress of staying in a place that is accessible and comfortable.

If you want to book a holiday in advance or even a last minute escape then low deposit travel companies are the way to go.

I now have serious wanderlust, and should stop myself from booking a long weekend somewhere warm…

Two Palm trees support a hammock suspended above the white sandy beaches and a stones throw from the crystal clear sea

Are you a fan of the British winter or do you prefer a last minute getaway to warmer climates?
And do you have any recommendations? I would love to know in the comments.

*This post is in collaboration with Holiday Gems.

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