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Ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there in the first place? Have you gone to the supermarket to pick up a pint of milk and then walked out of the store with everything but your daily quota? If so, you clearly have some problems with your memory, but don’t panic! This problem is common to most of us. It’s probably not a symptom of mental illness or the onset of dementia, but rather an issue of age or a busy lifestyle that stresses your mind. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see a doctor if you have particular worries about your memory, but more often than not, the issue is less serious than you would think.

So, what can you do about the issue? Thankfully, some simple lifestyle practices will boost your memory and stimulate your brainpower. Read on to find out more.

Give your brain a workout

The more you use your brain, the stronger it will become, and you will be better able to remember information. Therefore, use brain exercises that are challenging and intellectually demanding. It’s no good doing something you are already familiar with, as you won’t be stretching your brain’s capabilities. Rather, do something you are unfamiliar with, and that requires a lot of thought in the process. As with any muscle, you need to keep pushing the brain to get stronger.

Give your whole body a workout

Improving your memory is not only about mental exercise. Physical activity will also keep your brain sharp by reducing the risk of health conditions that can affect your memory. Exercise is also a good way to combat stress, which is another factor in memory loss. So, when you wake up first thing in the morning, and your head is muggy from sleep, embark on a few minutes of exercise to alert your senses and prime your tired mind. Activities, such as aerobics and running, are perfect for getting the blood pumping from your heart to your brain. Exercises involving hand-eye coordination are also beneficial to your brain, so try the occasional game of squash or have a game of catch with your kids.

Focus on your diet

A healthy diet not only acts as fuel for the body but the brain as well. Therefore, focus on getting your essential vitamins and nutrients. Foods high in omega-3 are ideal, such as fatty fish, spinach, and broccoli. Green tea has properties that will enhance your memory and slow down brain aging. Black maca is an essential memory boosting vegetable, and can be eaten whole, or taken as powder or pills. Then limit foods that are known to impair memory, such as those high in saturated fats, including red meat and ice cream.

Get plenty of sleep

You probably already know this, but you won’t function at your best if you don’t get enough sleep. We need between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night, so avoid sleep inhibitors, such as caffeine and computer screens before you go to bed. It has been scientifically proven that

sleep deprivation will compromise your memory and thinking skills, so cut out on those late nights and get your z’s.


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do you have any tips or tricks that you use to boost your memory? Post them below in the comments, I would love to know 🙂

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  1. Great tips! I agree with doing the brain exercises to help with memory, and I certainly manage much better now that my children are older and I’m usually getting a decent night’s sleep!

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