My BML Experience.

Friday 24th June was the beginning of the BML weekend.

The Friday night fringe party was hosted in the Locke In camden. For the first time since booking my ticket I was beginning to get nervous, how am I going to find people, how do I explain to Gary what the Tribal girls look like when i’ve never seen them myself?

But I needn’t have worried from the moment we walked in Nadine Hill, an editor for BritMums, approached us and introduced herself putting me instantly a ease. After chatting for a few minutes, showing us where to create a badge and saying that she would be around all weekend if I needed anything, she left us to it, wishing us a pleasant weekend.

As Nadine walked away I was greeted by none other than Pink Pear Bear! I hadn’t even adorned a badge yet, but I guess that’s what you get for being the blind one with the white cane! 😉
Instantly we fell into chatter about our blogs and the fabulous linky #BigPinkLink she co hosts with the lovely This Mum’s Life.
(who was also in attendance). I was babbling away at such a rate that Gary had to interrupt me to ask if I wanted a drink and that he would collect my badge!
It was so great to meet someone who is not only as amazing and charming on her blog, but in real life too. 🙂

I could probably write an entire post of how brilliant it was hanging out with Pink Pear Bear, but i guess i shall quit while i’m ahead!

After parting ways with Pink Pear Bear (i’m sure I bored her almost to tears) I used my trusty eyes (Gary’s not mine) to go in search of the Tribal girls.
This was when I met Susanna; the creator of Brit Mum’s: a truly wonderful lady! After talking the hind legs off a Donkey Susanna was saved by the Tribal Girls Island Living 365, Bridy By The Sea and Mumzilla!

It was exciting to finally meet face-to-face with the ladies i’d been chatting to for months!

Lots of chatter from me (can you tell the running theme here?) 2 glasses of champagne and a glass of wine later I decided I had enough Dutch courage to stalk, I mean find, two women I was looking forward to meeting: Cuddle Fairy and Sons Sand And Sauvignon ! Gary spotted them outside and like the bossy boots I am; got him to say that I wanted to say hi. At this point I was left alone and thinking: Sassy what an idiot they probably don’t know who you are, let alone want to talk to you… thankfully I was wrong!

They indulged my fan girling and babbling and it was just awesome to say I had finally met them!

Just as we were discussing that we should find some more people Absolutely Prabulous came over, I got a little over enthusiastic and tried to give her some clues of our previous interactions. She had no clue… And although friendly enough, I felt like an utter Muppet!

At this point the Tribal girls arrived and fan girled Cuddle Fairy , so that made me feel better haha!

After returning to the bar area, Gary scanned the room for me again and when he mentioned Steph’s 2 Girls was just behind us, I practically dragged him over there. Steph and I are finalists for the Inspire category! Not only is her blog just brilliant, but she too is just as lovely in person!
I really enjoyed meeting Steph an the lovely ladies she was with 🙂

Personally I think that is what is so wonderful about the blogging community; everyone is super friendly, inviting and just what I hoped they would be like in person! 🙂

Gary and I were invited to join the after party at All Bar One with a group of bloggers but as we were traveling home and I had an early start we decided to head home.

Read Brit Mum’s Part 2 to find how I got on at the conference itself! 🙂

12 comments on “My BML Experience”

  1. Love it. Your enthusiasm shines through! Was so lovely to meet you and Gary, glad you enjoyed the event as much as I did 🙂 Congrats on being a Finalist too, I still can’t quite believe I was in that list. Hope you’ll be back next year x

    • Hey Steph!
      It was so great meeting you! Glad you had a great time too!
      Congratulations for making the finalist, it was amazing to be in the same category as you and the other fabulous ladies! I’m so proud of where we got to, because I never expected to in a million years!
      Not sure if I will be back next year, it was far too hectic for me on the Saturday 🙂 Although I absolutely loved Friday! 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh you sweetheart! It was so lovely to chat to you too, I was equally excited about meeting you you know! I’m not sure how I recognised you but it wasn’t the cane, I heard you introduce yourself as I was getting a drink I think, then hung around slightly awkwardly waiting to jump in when your convo had finished!xx

    • Thank you for helping make my BML experience so fab 🙂 so glad we got to hang out and chat! 🙂 I have a massive smile on my face from reading your comment! 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend? 🙂 xxx

  3. Don’t be silly obviously I know you! Lol I always enjoy your posts & our Twitter chat. I was delighted to be summoned to you! It was a great night I’m so glad we got to chat. Thank you for the lovely mention xx

    • Haha I was really nervous standing there by myself lol.
      It was so great to finally meet you! I love your blog and our Twitter chats too! Congratulations on being made a finalist 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend? And thanks for coming to say hi when you saw me on the Saturday 🙂
      Big hugs 🙂 xxx

  4. Oh no I’m sorry you thought that! I definitely knew you were a BiBs finalist but if it’s any consolation, I had a hard time recognising most people as it’s actually a real onslaught of faces and names in a short space of time. Even though I knew a lot of people going, I actually barely met anyone and was even convinced I didn’t meet people I did! Duh! I need another BML…it was all such a blur. I’m glad you nevertheless had a good time.

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