Standing on the precipice of existence ,
wondering if I can claw myself back from the abyss..
Emotions enveloping me,,
Thoughts and feelings suffocating my happiness, my love, my hope,.

Engulfed in the frustration and desperation
To be free, to b better, to be whole.

Each day brings a thicker layer of despair,
Zapping all energy
Stealing my smile, stealing my laughter, stealing my joy.

As a ray of sunshine breaks through the darkest cloud,,
The light penetrates the fog of my mind.

The tide begins to turn,
The pressure released.

I smile, I laugh, I am joyful
I feel happiness, I feel love;
I have hope.

16 comments on “Pandora’s Box”

    • Hey,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m not the best at poems, ubt that one just came to me as I started writing.
      I’m proud of it and yes did find it therapeutic 🙂 xxx

    • Hey Pat,
      Thanks so much for leaving me a comment! I’m glad things are on the up too 🙂
      Big Tribal Love to you xxx

    • Oh thanks so much Lucy!!
      I’m actually terrible at writing poems haha, this one just happened to write itself!
      Big hugs 🙂 xxx

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