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You get married for one thing, right? Yep, everyone gets hitched because they have met the person of their dreams. So, all the stress and hassle of planning a wedding, it’s worth it when you get to say “I do.”


Well, it turns out there is one more reason to walk down the aisle: your health. Although it doesn’t feel this way, a wedding is an excellent way to boost fitness and well-being. Couples who tie the knot, according to studies, tend to be fitter and healthier than their counterparts.


Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

Lower Stress Levels

Okay, so getting married can be a stressful and demanding time of your life. However, a study by the University of Chicago found that cortisol levels in married couples are lower than singletons. For those who don’t know, cortisol is the hormone which regulates stress. Too much of it in the body and the levels will rise and you will feel the adverse effects. Apparently, having a bond with a person, as well as a sounding board, is an excellent way to deal with other pressures in a person’s life. Considering healthline.com say stress is a killer, this is something to celebrate. Who’s got the second bouquet?


Get More Sleep

The majority of people would think that a wedding wouldn’t affect sleep. Indeed, having someone sleeping beside you is worse! However, Wendy Troxel found that married couples are better off in the sleep stakes. When a person is happy and content, they sleep through the night. So, a happy marriage is a vehicle for people, particularly women, to get 40 winks and the rest. Seen as sleep helps regenerate cells, repair muscle tissue, and improve a person’s mood, it’s an important part of everyday life. Just make sure you don’t interrupt your eight hours a night with too much hanky panky!


Reduced Health Costs

Healthcare is costly, and the price is enough to exclude some people from having coverage. Even those with a policy might not be able to afford a comprehensive one. This doesn’t apply to married couples. According to csmonitor.com, it is cheaper for married couples because they can combine their plans. A quick look on healthinsurancequotes.co will show this to be true. How does this help people’s health? Well, a comprehensive policy covers more ailments and helps people recover more quickly. When a person has a quality healthcare plan, they are likely to get better.


Live Longer

Last but not least, it’s longevity. At the moment, the rest of your life is a long way away. But, studies show that married couples tend to last the test of time. Not to be morbid, but Ilene Siegler says that unmarried people are more than twice as likely to die early. Apparently, the changes in marital status in midlife affect health risks for the better for those in a marriage. So, the big day is an investment for the rest of your days. How romantic!


When you look into your partner’s eye, remember that a wedding is about more than love.

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