Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Get the look for less: Prince Harry’s engagement

Get the look for less: Prince Harry’s engagement. Ding dong wedding bells are ringing! Prince Harry has announced his engagement to Canadian actress Megan Markle! Hollywood royalty and real royalty have found love and got the world excited when they formally announced their engagement. They both look stunning in their attire and if you want […] Read more…

A Autum woodland tail with a fallen tree in the background

Don’t Let Your Disability Stop You Taking Those Autumn Strolls

#AutumnStrolls with Fenetic Wellbeing. As the leaves change colours and fall to the ground, quietness echoes all around, The fresh brisk air and the crunching of nature under my feet, As the nights draw colder and the light decreases I find solace in the silence Allowing the scent of bark and dewy grass to envelop […] Read more…

Getting Help When It Comes to Your Mental Health

Mental health is serious. It is a serious affliction that can result in very serious consequences for those that are afflicted with it. And because mental health is so serious, it needs to be treated seriously and seriously treated. Specifically, it needs to be treated by a professional in the field of treating it. And, […] Read more…

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