How to throw a fabulous engagement garden party.

  1. Choose the garden you want to host your engagement party at.
  2. Invite all your loved ones to your fabulous engagement garden party.
  3. Get some show-stopping decorations to make your engagement party look swave and sophisticated
  4.  Have alcohol that reflects your sophistication; in my case that will be rosè wine
  5.  Have someone cook all the tasty food that you and your guests are going to consume during your fabulous engagement garden party; thanks Mum!
  6. .Have 2 engagement garden parties because you are just that popular and loved… Nothing to do with the fact your family lives over 250 miles apart.
If you know me then you’ll know that i’m not posh at all. sophistication is a word I can spell but that’s about as far as it goes. And with regards to being so popular and loved; i’ll leave that one to Gary… Only one of my friends bothered to turn up to my engagement garden party!
Sour grapes, me? No not at all… 😉
In fairness Gary and I had an absolutely wonderful time at both our engagement garden parties.
We were blessed with scorching weather in August, and a newly refurbished back garden to host our delightful engagement garden party and most of all we had amazing company that made it so special.
In October, our 2nd engagement garden party, we were lucky that the rain stayed off and my lovely Mother-in-law to be spent an entire afternoon cooking and setting up the garden including our cute as cupcakes bunting from bags of love.
It’s very pretty isn’t it? It’s just a shame Gary doesn’t know the difference between plum and mulberry! 😉
Bunting with Silver and Purple Triangles, on the Purple Triangles. There is a G and S in silver and a Black Heart underneath
We were treated to lots of gorgeous and thoughtful gifts from our friends and family; with the tastiest addition of not 1 but 2 engagement cakes; it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed scoffing them both.
Which was probably a good thing because I was a lightweight and felt pretty drunk after my first drink!
We are utterly blessed to have such caring, supportive and beautiful people in our lives!
Thank you to each and everyone who not only attended our engagement garden parties. but most importantly being such a massive part of our lives, it wouldn’t have been the same without you there.
Without wishing the time to fly by, here’s to 2020 when we tie the knot!
A 5 layer cake made of chocolate sponge and vannilla sponge with vannilla buttercream icing piped on the top
If you are looking for beautiful bunting that you can customise yourself then bagsoflove is the place to go.
The service is quick and efficient and it is durable meaning you can reuse it again in the future or have it as a keepsake if you so wish.

The only drawback I have of this website is that it’s not fully screen reader accessible, it has a drag-and-drop system which is not compatible. So in this instance I needed visual support to create the bunting.

Are you engaged? Have you thrown an engagement party? Was it and engagement garden party? What was your theme?

*This post is in collaboration with bagsoflove.

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