So as you can guess from the title this is going to be a post about my mishaps as a blind girl, and the funny situations i’ve gotten myself into! I have to thank Molly as i’ve totally jumped on her bandwagon!   I was thinking of how to condense times like this and she wrote it perfectly as a hashtag #BlindGirlProblems,

so without further ado.
1. Trying to get into your best friends’ car, but completely facing the wrong way, I fell between the back seat and the front passenger seat. #BlindGirlProblems

2. Getting into the back of a taxi thinking it was a black cab… I took a massive step and couldn’t find the back seat to sit down, turns out I was standing on the back seat! #BlindGirlProblems

3. Walking into a pole in the dark and shouting at my now partner that it was his fault 😛 #BlindGirlProblems

4. Face planting my living room door because I thought it was open. #BlindGirlProblems

5. Misjudging the step and falling down half a flight of stairs. #BlindGirlProblems

6. Walking slap bang into my partner because he was playing ninjas with me, and clearly won!

7. In full conversation my partner in the kitchen, when he sneaks around me and lets me jabber on to the microwave, thinking i’m still talking to him! #BlindGirlProblems

8. Stood waiting for 10 minutes at the bus stop, turns out I was about 20 yards away from the bus stop. #BlindGirlProblems

9. Walking past my own front door because I wasn’t concentrating. #BlindGirlProblems

10.Using my cane and still managing to slip off the kerb, shouting SHIT very loudly, much to my Mother and Sisters’ amusement! #BlindGirlProblems

11. Taking a mirror photo of yourself and sending it to your best friends to show them your new hair do: completely miss myself out of the picture! #BlindGirlProblems

12. Having one of those bump into, trip up, and knock things over days… #BlindGirlProblems

13. Putting my slippers on the wrong way around. #BlindGirlProblems

14. Wearing my underwear inside out for half the day before I went to the toilet and realised… #BlindGirlProblems

15. Going to take a drink, missing my mouth completely and spilling it down my front. #BlindGirlProblems

16. Sitting on the corner of two sofas pushed together, as they were black and I was in a dark pub I threw myself back thinking it was a proper chair, I fell backwards and smacked my head on the floor. #BlindGirlProblems

17. Taxi driver dropped me off not outside my house, I tripped, and fell face first down the grassy hill, I was also rather drunk haha. #BlindGirlProblems

18. Dropping an item on the floor beside my drawers, pick it up and stand up, only to smack my head off the open drawers! #BlindGirlProblems

19. Writing a birthday card to my Mother, only to realise i’d written it upside down… #BlindGirlProblems

20. Eating raw sweet potato thinking it was the raw carrot i’d just chopped up! #BlindGirlProblems

21. Talking excitedly in a funny voice to my partner about a card, turns out I was talking to a woman, my partner had waked off, but heard the whole conversation haha! #BlindGirlProblems

22. In a building I visit every week, go to the toilet, and end up in the shower instead!#BlindGirlProblems

23. Standing in a clothes shop, talking to a mannequin thinking it’s my sister. #BlindGirlProblems

24. Found a big carton, container in the fridge, open it excitedly and prod my finger in it; turns out it’s the margarin… #BlindGirlProblems

25. My Mother throwing a pillow at my face, because she knew I wouldn’t see it coming! #BlindGirlProblems.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these as much as I have remembering and writing them! I’m sure there’s plenty more I could come up with if I asked family and friends.

Any blind moments you wish to share? Or just daft mishaps?
Thanks for reading 🙂

Much love, Sassy x

19 comments on “My Top 25 Blind Girl Problems”

  1. I might just have to follow in Gary’s footsteps at some point and leave you to talk to a random woman or mannequin to get a giggle.

  2. I’m a mucky toad because I wondered what sort of pole you were referring to, I immediately thought of pole dancing 😉 I enjoyed reading this and as someone else has already said, I’m sure I’ve done most of these and my eyes are sort of ok! Oh once there was an enormous spider climbing up the wall next to me and my husband warned me NOT to put my glasses on so “I could see it a bit better”…! #triballove

  3. Ahhh I love this I have been laughing out loud, you’re brilliant Sassy! As many others have said I think I’ve done half of these with only clumsiness and alcohol to blame. Love the idea of your partner just sneaking off occasionally and letting you talk to random people or inanimate objects haha. #FridayFrolics

  4. Ahaha, this made my laugh and I too have done most of these, like other people have said. One I do quite frequently is talk very fast and at a very high pitch at someone, to then realise they are not who I thought they were. I do it all of the time! Thanks for linking up lovely! #FridayFrolics

  5. This is brilliant Sassy! Very funny…I do love the sound of your partner and his ninja skills. I often talk to people in shops that I think are the people I’m with. Oh and I’ve walked into a lamppost and had absolutely no one to blame as I was on my own. It was in a really busy place too…eek!! #FridayFrolics

  6. Love it! I very much hope that your sister was elsewhere in the shop & not just watching you talk to the mannequin but not saying anything! I do 5 & 9 all the time, & I’m not visually impaired – I have no excuse at all!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time!

  7. I am low vision so I have some sight and one time, I was leaving work. I thought my friend was out there waiting on me, well it turns out the vehicle was very similar to hers so I just opened the door and sat right in some strangers car and was like “Okay I am ready to go home.” LOL! Lets just say that person was like ummm wtf, but they were very nice about it and turns out it was co-worker anyway! 🙂

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