Meet The Tribe!

You’ve probably heard me banging on about My Tribe, Tribesters, or something along those lines.
So I guess you’re wondering what a Tribe is?

A Tribe is a group of likeminded individuals who support, share and engage with one another.

So here’s my Tribe story:

There I was, plodding along, scrolling through the Linky I was on,, when I came across this post: Personal Ad, Blogger Seeks Tribe.

It caught my attention so I gave it a read, I will admit I read the first few lines and thought huh? I haven’t heard of a Tribe on the Internet.
The only Tribes i’ve ever heard of is Aborigine and Indian Tribes… Anyway I carried on reading.
I enjoyed her sense of humour and found myself nodding enthusiastically along with everything she had to say. Especially the fruit/ nuts in food! Common what’s the need? you’re just spoiling a good piece of cake/ chocolate!

I got to the bottom and went to leave her a comment…
Nope sorry no comments allowed here! *Typical Screen Reader problems*

So I became a stalker, I asked the host of the Linky if she could tell me this Mummy In A Tutu’s Twitter handle, as I couldn’t find it.

And she did! 🙂 – Bloggers are ever so friendly you see 🙂

I couldn’t tell you our exact conversation, but I’m sure I moaned about not being able to comment on her blog, but that her post was funny, and a great idea. She mentioned a Twitter chat at some point, and I said yes.

And as they say the rest is history 🙂

This Twitter chat thing (another thing I wasn’t particularly savvy about) started one Tuesday at 7PM aptly named #TribalChat the first week was exciting to say the least, there was 12 of us answering Katie’s questions, and responding to each other. I felt like a young kid making new friends in the playground, it was fun and amusing to say the least.
Over 2 months on and we have a 50 strong hold of fantastic #Tribesters and it is growing weekly!

We help each other out with blogging problems/questions, I say we, I mean Katie, and a few others, and I sit there reading and absorbing all this new and exciting information!
We give each other moral support, and not just on the blogging front.
And there is a lot of talk about cake, wine, and breastfeeding! Not only do I enjoy joining in on the first 2, I have learnt so much about breast feeding, from these fantastic women and their stories 🙂

We really are a bunch of liquorice all sorts! Not even sure why i’ve used this phrase, I think liquorice is disgusting!
A lot of the blogs may be similar with what they write about, but each is unique and extremely interesting in their own way, oh and very funny of course… And I don’t just mean mine! 😉

It’s great to be part of such a big community of love and support, and it’s great to watch each other grow and making their own mini communities in the forms of Linkys and, co-hosting, and guess posting on each others’ blogs.

Last week our Tribe broke Twitter, we reached the allowed limit of being part of a Direct Message Group (DM). To the point we had to move platforms! Not many of us could get our heads around the lack of notifications, and different platforms, so a decision was made to move back… The group consensus was that of joy and happiness! Who knew we could all be so excited and relieved to be back on our old stomping ground! 😉

A few of us even natter away from the DM, with the DM chat moving so fast, and some being nocturnal,, maybe through no want of their own, having babies does that to you! it seems almost logical to have a place where these Mummies can share their sadness of their sleep deprivation!!

Katie has done a fantastic job of creating a supportive and loving Tribe, so much so, that I enjoy referring to her as Queen. She’s bashful about it, but hey, we’re all Queens in our own right, she’s just extra special!

If you haven’t heard, there’s this prestigious blogging thing going down, it’s called the blogging awards; BiBs and MADs to be exact!
And if you haven’t? That means you haven’t voted for me yet in the category of INSPIRE, you’ve got less than 24 hours left, so what are you waiting for? 😉 totally smooth right? 😉
Ever the fantastic nutter that she is, Katie has created our very own #TribalChat Awards, with the winners being announced live tonight! Although the voting has closed, you are welcome to check out the nominations here 🙂

They are going to be announced live tonight during our #TribalChat
* 8-9PM every Tuesday :)*

To say we’re excited, is an understatement, This is like a gold star for adults! Some have even resorted to bribery from what i’ve heard!


I can’t believe how fast our friendships have solidified, there’s even a few of us going to Brit Mums Live in June! I’m beyond excited to meet the women I have been chatting to since March, and people I actually call my friends!

Who knew that putting out an Ad asking for friends, would actually work?

I’m grateful to Katie for having the confidence to reach out, even if it was in jest… So many bloggers are in a similar place and mind frame, and it’s great that we’ve formed this not so small community of like minded-people, wanting to make friends, and support one another! 🙂

So thank you Katie, you and the other girls, are the reason i’m smiling everyday!

All hail Queen Katie!!

Big love, and hugs to you all!!

Good luck for tonight all 🙂 you are all winners to me! Except you Frank! You are banned!

Sassy x

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14 comments on “Tribal Love: My Tribe!”

  1. Lovely post Sassy! The support from the group and the advice is extremely valuable.
    And yes…so smoooth! Eek 24 hours left, I’ll make sure I do a spot of RTing for you today…best of luck and SEE YOU IN JUNE!!! (I shouted that bit!) Lucy x

    • Hey lovely,
      I will sound all gushy saying this, but so happy to have found you all, I always wanted to make a few blogging friends, and i’m now unedited with them 😉 the Tribe will always hold a special place in my heart!
      *Passes you the sick bucket*
      Thank you for the votes and RT’s, I’ve got my fingers crossed we make it to the finals together! 🙂
      Can’t wait to see you either!!! xxxxx #TribalLove

    • Yay to Tribe!
      I’m awfully glad didn’t make #AnythingGoes appearance! We’ve escaped for another day! 😉 xxx #TribalLove

  2. Yay! Love this Sassy. What a lovely post, Katie is wonderful and I am so glad we have all ‘met’ as you guys are such a great support and encouragement. It’s hard to feel lonely when you come to a phone with 50 messages in an hour!!

    • Woo to #TribalLove 🙂 I know exactly what you mean, I really never feel lonely anymore, and it’s such a lovely feeling!
      I came back to 3330 in the DM that was over 5 hours! Haha!
      Big hugs! xxx

  3. Hahahaha – LOVE this! I can’t believe the tribe has only been going for two months – it feels like so much longer with all the chatting and the messaging and the general sharing of love, wine and tweets. What a great bunch of people – except for Frank. Frank sucks.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!It feels like we’ve all been friends for years doesn’t it?
      Yes, Frank sucks! He’s also banned from any Tribal event we ever host! xxx #TribalLove

    • Hey Louise,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
      I know, I can’t believe we are such a happy go lucky bunch! It’s so nice to have such a supportive group of people, spreading the blogging love! 🙂
      Yay for Queen Katie! 🙂 xxx #TribalLove

  4. I commented earlier but it seems to have disappeared! I just wanted to say how great it’s been to be part of a tribe of such smart, talented and supportive ladies who share blogging tips, laughs, and virtual wine and cake. Everyone is awesome – except Frank. 🙂 #triballove

    • Thank you for having the dedication to write such kind words again!
      My favourite bit definitely has to be you shaming Frank though! 😉
      I also second everything you have put in both comments!xxx 🙂 #TribalLove

  5. Hi Sassy! I really enjoy the madness of the Tuesday Tribal Chat- so much fun and I always find myself crying with laughter. It’s really great to actually be able to join in with tribal chatter even if I am rather quiet in the group DM! It moves so fast! The group message might be great for tips and laughs but terrible for my phone battery! I have never had to recharge my phone as much in it’s life! Worth it though! #triballove

    • Hey Lauren!
      Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂
      I know exactly what you mean, i’m always howling with laughter every Tuesday! Don’t worry if you are quiet, don’t feel like you have to get involved in everything 🙂 But we are always here when you want to be! 🙂
      I also second the phone charging! Definitely worth it! 🙂 xxx #TribalLove

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