Twisted Tales: A Book Review.

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I’m excited to be introducing a lovely lady, writer and now author!

Debbie is a blogger, and just happened to be one of the first people who I found on Twitter who I reached out to.
Debbie hosts her own Linky every Monday called #AnythingGoes and again, this is one of the first linky’s I ever joined as a blogger!

Not only is Debbie very friendly, welcoming and helpful but her blog is a place where she shares her thoughts and opinions on everything from budget holidays to book reviews to Politics!
Debbie’s blog is eclectic and one of the main reasons I keep coming back for more!

In April Debbie took part in the A-Z Challenge, where she wrote short stories, every title starting with each letter of the alphabet, her theme was flash fiction; the darker side of human nature.

I absolutely loved reading every piece that Debbie wrote for the A-Z Challenge, and if i’m honest I was sad when the challenge was over, I along with quite a few other bloggers said that she should write a book.
When Debbie announced she was not only releasing a book, but it was an extension of her A-Z short stories I was really excited, when she declared that there was an opportunity to review the book, I jumped at the chance!

Twisted Tales is a collection of twenty-seven short horror stories. Ranging from crazed stalkers, killers, dealing with the Devil and everything in between, this collection shows the darker side of human nature in all its black glory.Journey through the twisted minds of the central characters as they make their choices, and watch their lives spiral out of control.Hate them, empathise with them, and stay on your guard. There’s a dark streak in all of us just waiting to come out.

My Thoughts:

My curiosity was peeked from the very first story. I couldn’t put the book down. It was easy to get lost in the storylines, and it gave me a rollercoaster of a ride I will never forget!

I was utterly gripped by every plot,, just when I thought I could guess what was coming, the characters took me down a winding path further into the depths of darkness and insanity. Some real heart stopping moments!
If you are into horror; this is a must read! With each story being bitesized you’ll keep turning the pages!
My personal favourites were: Gaze, Jump and Done Deal


Twisted Tales is available to buy on Amazon now!

I would Highly recommend this!


Interview With The Author:

what is your favourite genre to read and why?

1. I read so many genres – horror, YA, crime, and I’ve just started reading fantasy too. I think my favourite would have to be horror though. I like that anything can happen within the genre, and you don’t always know what’s coming next. Plus, I love the feeling you get when you read something that’s genuinely creepy!

If you could spend a day with any author Dead or alive, who would it be and why?

2. This is a tough one. My favourite author is Stephen King and a day picking his brains would be amazing, but I’d be worried I ended up all tongue tied and looked ridiculous. I just have visions of ending up acting like a teenager at a Justin Bieber concert haha.

How long does it take you to write one of your stories?

3. The length of time depends on what I have going on. If I can sit down and write in one session, it takes me probably two hourish for a five thousand word story, and then maybe another half an hour to edit and polish it.

For you,are your characters/plots clearly defined before you are writing or did you have to think about them when you extended them for Twisted Tales?

4. I usually have a rough idea of where the story will go when I start it. Honestly though, it’s very rare it ends up there. All the advice says to have a clearly defined plot outline, but I feel too limited when I have that. I often start out with a certain ending in mind, and as I write, something better comes along. Often the way a story turns out is as much a surprise to me as it is to the person reading it.

If you had to choose just one favourite which story from Twisted Tales which would it be and why?

5. I think it would have to be Gaze. I love that character, she is so ruthless and twisted, but she doesn’t see it that way. She thinks the ends justify the means. I think to an extent, we can all relate to that story. Who hasn’t spotted a stranger across the room at some point and found themselves imagining what it would be like to be with them, although, I hope no one has gone to the lengths the girl in the story did!

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you! It was great to hear your thoughts!
You can find Debbie on the following:


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