If you’re a 90’s kid like me you’ll probably have watched Keenan and Kel.

And if you haven’t Kel has a little phrase that crops up almost every episode. It goes a little something like this:

Who loves Orange Soda?
Kel loves Orange Soda!!!

*It’s very long and dramatic whenever he replies*

And that ladies and gentleman is like me; but with cake!
Just the word cake gets my ears pinned back, and my heart singing with joy!

And i’m excited to tell you that the lovely people at Baker Days have let me try one of their delicious letterbox cakes!

And oh my, they did not disappoint!

Baker Days have a brilliant website, that is completely accessible with screen readers, so I was already in a very happy mood before I even started looking at personalising my cake.

I placed my order of a vanilla sponge cake with Smiling face with heart shaped eyes, and waited not-so-patiently to arrive! I had a confirmation email telling me that my cake had been dispatched and it would be with me very soon.

They were right, it arrived the next morning!

I heard a thud and knew it was my lovely little cake coming to greet me!

I did have to wait until 6PM in the evening before I could open it though, because I wanted to tease Gary 😉

Even though it was addressed to me I really wanted to see his reaction to the cake…

He got excited thinking the cake was for him.

HAHAAH silly man, I am a cake fiend. you’ll be lucky if you get a crumb! 😉

Cake tin which says "just For You" in a white box with candles

As you can see above the box was dinky and came with complimentary candles and party blower.
Inside was also a leaflet of the service Baker Days provide as well a small blue card with 5 lit candles of varying colours. Inside the card it said “Enjoy your cake from BakerDays” which added a nice touch.

The cake tin itself was compact and pretty, also having little holes on the lid allowing the cake to breathe.

The cake itself came neatly secured in plastic wrapping, and without even unwrapping it,I was already salivating 😉

just for you tin lid and cake With a smiling face heart shaped eyes emoji in a plastic wrapper

The cake even had a little tab that said pull upwards gently to release the cake… I am a moron and managed to rip the tab off, so had to turn the cake upside down just to get it out of the tin!

Don’t fear, my little friend was not harmed in any way during this transition!

The cake smelt absolutely delicious, and was presented beautifully! The printed decoration was exactly what I ordered, and gave me a good chuckle, when I revealed the message was to me, from me, and not to him!
The icing covered every inch of the cardboard cake, and there was even tactile markings around the outer layer of the icing.

picture of cake saying: to the one i love have a wonderful day. With a smiling face heart shaped eyes emoji

But Sassy I hear you shouting at your screens what did it taste like?!

Well friends, it was utterly divine! Gary and I even did the cake test to see if it was perfect, because, you know, i’m a cake connoisseur;) and it was!
The sponge was light and fluffy , with that perfect moisture.And the icing was soft and tasty, Gary and I were both exceptionally pleased, because neither of us actually like icing, but this was the perfect amount!
On the bottom of the cake was a thin layer of buttercream which added to the perfection of the cake for me, buttercream is a massive love for me!

a side view of a slice of cake

Personally, there would be nothing that I would change about the cake!
You may ask, but why is it £14.99? Think of the quality of the service you are receiving as well as it being completely personalised and tailored to you, alongside the packaging and the added extras that are included within the price!
Certainly a lovely gift for someone, as well as it being a little different from the generic gifts!.

Onto the scoring.

Accessibility: 5/5
I was able to navigate, choose and place my order with ease on the Baker Days website. The explanations of each personalised picture you can choose from was also explained, and this made all the difference to me as a blind person ordering a product online.

Hospitality: 5/5
Although they are not a venue I visited, communication and punctuality of the Baker Days team was brilliant, I felt I was truly a valued customer. And as I mentioned above, sending me a confirmation email was also a great touch.

Quality of Service: 5/5
I was extremely pleased with the service I received. the cake was delicious, came packaged carefully and the prompt delivery is unbeatable.
If you order your cake before 2PM, it will arrive the next again day!

I would certainly be coming back for more cake in the future!


And here comes the best bit my lovely friends: you can get a chance to win your very own personalised Baker Days Letterbox Cake!Simply follow Myself and BakerDays on Twitter, and retweet the tweet I send out later on today with the hashtag ILoveCake and on Friday 6th May at 6PM I shall be randomly selecting a winner!

So get following and retweeting, and who knows you could be having your own Kel moment 🙂

*Open to UK and Ireland residents only*
You can find and contact Baker Days on the following:

Website: http://www.bakerdays.com/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Bakerdays/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakerdays

***Disclaimer*** I was sent this cake for review purposes, but all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.

11 comments on “Who Loves Cake?”

  1. Sassy, this is the best Bakers Day Cake review I have read yet! You sound like a proper cake expert and had me laughing when I read this review. I am off to peruse their website now! 🙂 x

  2. Great review made me laugh! I too am love cake and cross my fingers every birthday that I get one of these through the door, might have to treat myself this year as no one gets the hint!

  3. Wow Sassy I think you could get a job as a cake connoisseur to the Queen – cake is a serious business and you do the best job! Love this review, lovely #passthesauce

  4. Actual cake? Coming at me, through my very own letter box, into my home, for me to eat and everything!? *swoons* My postman would become my very best friend! (Although I would possibly get into trouble for pouncing on him as soon as he leaves the depot?) These look delicious! Thanks for sharing with #passthesauce lovely x

  5. Clearly I am old as have no idea who Keenan and Kel are! I am so annoyed that Baker Days don’t make egg free cake! I absolutely love the idea of a cake arriving through the post! A brilliant review, thank you 🙂

  6. This is a fabulous review – mine came this morning and after reading your post I don’t know if I can hold out for my friend to come tomorrow and share it with me!! #passthesauce

  7. Me! Me! Me! You know I LOVE cake…This is really such thoughtful gift idea! There is always cake for every occasion and everyone loves it. I much rather receive cake than flowers! Thanks for sharing with #PassTheSauce

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