How to wrap presents when you are blind

*If you prefer watching videos then I have included a tutorial of how to wrap presents when you are blind below. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, or use the rotor with the buttons feature and it should take you straight there.

If you have never wrapped a present before, have no fear, I have written out an instructional guide for you to follow.
Some people such as myself find wrapping presents therapeutic, others find it stressful…
Whether you are wrapping a Christmas gift, an engagement gift or a birthday present for your loved one, my walk through should have you wrapping presents confidently in no time! 🎁🎁🎊

What you will need:
Wrapping paper
Wrist tape dispenser (optional)
Palette knife (optional)

  1. Start by removing sticky labels attached to the item, this is usually the price tag. Sometimes they will be stamped on So if you’re unsure ask someone to double check. 🙂
  2. Unravel the wrapping paper on a flat surface, make sure to have the role in your non-dominant hand. This will become clear in later steps.
  3. As you are doing this the pattern side of the wrapping paper will be face down against the flat surface. You should be able to feel a slight texture difference between the patterned side and the plane side.
  4. Lie the present flat on the paper making sure to leave at least a hand span between the edge of the paper and the gift.
  5. Measure the wrapping paper against the present by holding the role and folding it over to meet the edge of the present.
  6. Make a sharp crease where you need to cut the paper, if the present is a box for example you can use the edge of it to help create the sharp edge by folding it over the edge of the box
  7. Once you have made your sharp crease in the wrapping paper, unfold it back down on The flat surface.
  8. Holding onto the Roll of wrapping paper in your non-dominant hand Insert the scissors or palette knife in the fold with the blade against the crease
  9. Hold the paper in place and slowly pull the knife outwards against the creased fold to create a straight cut.
  10. Move the role of wrapping paper to one side and then put the present in the middle of the paper you have just cut.

    Now you will need the Sellotape and scissors

  11. Using the widths of your palm as a guide cut strips of Sellotape and attach them loosely to a plastic operative surface such as a table or chair… Make sure that the Sellotape is dangling otherwise it will stick to the object you will need approximately six Sellotape strips.
  12. Depending on the size of the present, you may need longer or shorter strips, this is just a rough guide. Also your object that is holding the Sellotape strips must be in easy reach for the wrapping to run smoothly.
  13. However if you have a handy wrist tape gadget, you can skip this step!
  14. depending on the size of your present, grab one of the longest lengths of your wrapping paper and guide it towards the gift you are going to wrap.
  15. As you have folded over the paper, there will be a lot of excess,So what you want to do is have the wrapping paper over the edge, let’s use the example of the box,Slowly pull the box towards the middle of the paper, keeping it as straight as you can Stopping as the paper becomes taut over the box. Make sure the paper is flat, with only a little overhang of wrapping paper at the side of your box.
  16. Grab a strand of Sellotape and tape the wrapping paper to the box. This will make your paper neat and hold it in place as you continue.
  17. Bring the existing piece of wrapping paper up to meet the corner of the box, where the Sellotape is holding the wrapping paper in place.There shouldn’t be too much XS paper, if measured correctly it should meet with the other wrapping paper and sit neatly on top.This is where you would add another strand of Sellotape to hold it in place.

    Now to fold the edges…

  18. Turn the present length ways and start by folding the edges that are furthest away from you. Don’t push it too hard, as you don’t want the box to move.
  19. Push the top of the wrapping paper to lie flat against the edge of your box, so it is covering it.
  20. Again gently, push the right hand flap in towards the box keeping it flat. This will make a sort of triangle shape.
  21. Repeat on the left hand side Gently pull the flap that is lying flat against your flat surface up towards the box pressing it flat.What should happen is the bottom flat should create a triangle over the other three flaps holding them all in place.
  22. Using two strips of your Sellotape, place them from the bottom edge of your triangle up to the point making sure that it is touching both edge of the triangle and flaps.The Sellotape should be halfway between the triangle edge and the side of the paper that is tucked under from the steps above.
  23. Repeat on the other side making sure that the triangle flat that is lying against your flat surface is the last to be pressed against your gift.

    You can add finishing touches such as bows, ribbons and tags

  24. Take your ribbon and place it in the center of the box, this part can be a little fiddly but you are just getting a rough size.
  25. Hold your finger on top of the ribbon to keep it in place and unravel the ribbon to go around the entire length of the box so it comes back to meet the first half.You will actually want to go a little further and extend the ribbon past the lengths of the box by a few more inches.Make sure the ribbon is straight and flat, and lying underneath your present.
  26. Extend both sides of the ribbon so that they are meeting in the air, and both ends are of equal length, Cross the edges of the ribbon over each other and gently pull so that the ribbon makes a plus sign on your box,For extra security you may want to tug the ribbon a little tighter before the Next step.
  27. Holding the ribbon taught you want to flip your present over so the plus sign is on the bottom of the box,Hold both pieces of the ribbon and pull them across the length of the box to meet each other. You will find a piece of ribbon sitting in the centre of the box. To create the plus sign effect on the top of the box, you will need to tuck each strand of ribbon underneath the line already sitting across the top of the box.Making sure they are going in opposite directions. Once this has been pulled taught you can bring the edges of the ribbon together and tie a knot in the ribbon.
  28. Place a bow on top of the not, make sure to peel off the paper on the little film Square, this gives the sticky side a chance to hold the not in place whilst sitting neatly upon the ribbon.
  29. After writing out your gift tag, place it on top of your box and add a little Sellotape to hold.
  30. And now your done 🙂 !


Alternatives to Wrapping presents when you are blind.

If you are worried about wrapping your paper round the wrong way, you can buy double sided wrapping rolls from places such as Amazon and Costco.

Tissue paper is also a fantastic alternative to wrapping paper as it comes in sheets and for the majority of presents this will be the perfect size to wrap any gift.
You can just follow the instructions above without the hassle of cutting your own!
Gift bags also work well, especially if you have more than one present. Add some shredded tissue paper, chocolate and confetti for extra sparkle!
For a special gift you could use a gift wrapping service, Amazon and some retailers offer this service, depending on where you purchased your present.

I hope you found this guide of how to wrap presents when you are blind useful.
Let me know in the comments if you have given it a go? Or if you have any other techniques!

Happy wrapping!

If you are more of a visual learner I have also included a YouTube tutorial: How to wrap presents when you are blind. It’s not as descriptive as this blog post, if you have some site it could be useful. Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

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